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20th June 2014

Traveling the World
We love trains and Mongolia and Russia are on our list of must see places. Your plan is best. A shower and a nice bed is a grand idea. Eager to hear more details and stories of your trip and the people you are meeting along with a description of the towns you are staying in.
16th May 2014

Area of Siberia
Hi there, I realize it's probably a typo, but Siberia is about the size you stated, only its in square kilometres (not Square metres)... It is indeed about 5,000,000 KM2. Rather large I would say... Great journeys by the way! I love everything about Russia and especially the Siberian part... Stay safe out there!
17th May 2014

Thank You
Sorry about the typo. Thanks for catching it, nobody else did!!!!
23rd April 2014

Michigan is really significant. it's beauty is embedded. there can't b any place like it. worth reading your post, i really enjoyed everything Gerry. thanks for sharing :)
21st April 2014

Congratulations on visiting all 50 States...
now to visit the territories...U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam...nice tropical destinations!
22nd November 2013

Good article
Very goog article. Remembered "Bandeja paisa" very tasty meal. Alex Hotel de Ela
9th November 2013

Andrew Zimmern
I only started watching Zimmern's "Bizarre Foods" about six months ago, now it is my favorite show on TV, bar none. I've watched many back episodes. It's so much more than about is a geography lesson, a cultural lesson, a lesson in interpersonal communications as he shares food with natives in each of these interesting countries. There's great humor, too. It's a vicarious adventure I treat myself to almost every day.
From Blog: Ecuadoran Escape
8th October 2013

Sunglasses and Seattle
I can explain the sunglasses phenomena, as I have purchased no fewer than three-dozen pairs in my life and currently know where only one of those pairs is. You need sunglasses one day, so you buy a pair. But then you don't need them the next day. Or the next week. By the time you need them again, you've misplaced the last pair you owned. So you buy another pair, always cheap and disposable because - hey, they're not going to last long. When I moved to a city where I actually *needed* sunglasses, regularly, I couldn't find an inexpensive pair that looked good, I couldn't accept that a decent pair might be worth the money; I squinted for two years. Enjoy Seattle!
From Blog: Seattle Seems
7th October 2013

We love Snoqualmie Falls
We lived in the Seattle area for seven years and loved going to the falls a few times each year. It is different every time.
12th April 2013

Great Info
Perfect! I was wondering if a train connected from MTZ to Seattle, so the information was perfect. I appreciate the observations of the different types seating/sleeping arrangements.
22nd February 2013

I wonder if Jimi is one of those dead celebs making more $$$ in death (through licensing) than he did in life. If so, what an envious way for the heirs to coast through life.
24th February 2013

Most Likely
Jimi's non blood sister, Janie now controls his estate and runs his foundation. If this estate is anything like Elvis and Graceland, I am certain it is worth more now.
18th May 2012

Error on number of Japantowns and Little Tokyos
You mentioned how there are a number of Japantowns and Little Tokyo's in the United States. There are only three, as mentioned in the first paragraph. There are Japanese enclaves, but none that constitute its own clump and design aesthetic as the three in California.
23rd April 2011

Hello, drove by friday night but was to late to stop...and now I just remembers you will be closed tomorrow to Easter...dang... Well I hope to come this way again in the next week or two... Sun Maid has been something I have loved since I was a little soon to be 54...oopps did I say can't wait to come visit. Thanks Pamela Warren.... didn't even know you had a factory store...\ 909418-4423
23rd September 2010

No problem!
I appreciate all of you out there who read my blogs.
23rd September 2010

They Made Me Do It!!!!
I had to remove the naked photos!!!!

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