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This is another port and adjacent port area that has been built with mooring so the ship has no need to use tenders to reach shore. As we have done various organised trips every day so far, we thought we would not have one today, and stay around the port instead. This proved to be extremely relaxing and great fun. We had a wander around all the normal tourist shops around the port. Within the port shops there were several interesting items that been put out for photograph opportunities. Many of these were comical character feet or bodies with heads missing. One object that caught George´s eye was a cake that opened up, like you would get at a birthday party. He found that there was a door at the back of the cake to enable ... read more
Carnival Glory
Mahogany Bay - Roatan
Theresa at Mahogany Bay - Roatan

We were about an hour late arriving into Belize, so the wonderful Carnival organization dream team kicked into place yet again, ensuring those with booked trips got off the boat first. They do not look kindly at queue jumpers. This luxury ship has every facility you could possibly imagine, even a proper cell. More specific information on the ships facilities and further / other interesting data follows on the entry dated Saturday 8thMarch 2014. Whilst all those who had tours booked were waiting in a room together, we met up again with the policeman from Michigan and his partner. George and he were talking work and he presented George with a police badge that he had collected from Grand Cayman. Today the journey into port was by fast tender that was about 20 minutes. These tenders ... read more
All dressed up and ready to go get wet
Getting wet - we´re at the back

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cozumel March 5th 2014

As we travel further South into the Caribbean down towards South America, we are experiencing blissful 90+ degree temperatures. Life in Tenerife means we are already pretty acclimatised to this with plenty of hydration, sunscreen, common sense and shade when required. There is a very constant reminder that the sun must be respected at all times. We have already seen many passengers of all ages on board that have fallen foul of this. Our tour today was not due to start till 11.00 am this morning. We arose at a reasonable time and had a lengthy breakfast and coffee in the Lido. We should have arrived in Cozumel at about 10.00 am this morning, but this was delayed to about 10.45 am. Not sure as exact times as we are without watches, but we were obviously ... read more
Snake handler George

As we had to be off the boat early this morning, we decided to try the room service breakfast. There is no extra cost for this and they will deliver as much food and drink as you ask them to. It arrived exactly as ordered at 6.15 am. We should have ordered more. The ship docked in Grand Cayman at 7.30am this morning. The dock here is not big enough for these huge cruise ships, so we docked out to sea and got tenders to transport everyone onto the island. We have a trip booked to a turtle farm this morning that starts at 8.00am so are some of the first people off the ship. Those with booked trips through Carnival, always disembark from the ship first. They are very strict about this. With so many ... read more
Largest Green turtle in the park
6 month old turtle
6 month old turtle

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico March 3rd 2014

Today was the day that we were not really looking forward to as we were not sure how it would feel being confined to the ship. As it turned out, the time was gone before we knew it. We had a small lay in to be rid of any remaining jet lag following our three days of travelling, but were excited to get on with whatever the day had to offer. We had a walk around the ship and tried to familiarize ourselves with the vast layout. We found it would be initially easier to just use a map when we wanted to go anywhere. It was very easy to get lost on board. We made a visit to the Guest Services desk to find out how the internet works in case we need it and ... read more
We are out enjoying the ship
Many people enjoying themselves - Aft end
Dress code advise for restaurant

North America » United States » Florida » Miami March 2nd 2014

Fun Ship Facts statistics: Valued at $500 Million – Made in June 2003 – Top speed 22.5 Knots – 1160 crew – Nationality of Officers, Italian and Croatian – Nationality of Hotel and Cruise Staff: International : 110.000 gross tonnage – 952 feet in Length – 116 feet Beam – 27 feet maximum Draft – 3,700 total guest capacity across 13 Decks. 2,900 guests were on board during our week. Today we head out on our very first cruise. This was a trial to see if we like cruising. We have booked a seven day western Caribbean cruise through Carnival. It looked ideal for us as it did not have too many long periods at sea, just has two thirty six hour periods of continual sailing time. The cruise takes in Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Mexico, Belize ... read more
Carnival Glory
Meat selection in steakhouse
Theresa´s minature tomato soup

North America » United States » Florida » Miami March 1st 2014

We caught the hotel shuttle bus back the airport at 7.00 am this morning for our 10.30 am flight to Miami. We tried to check in at one of the American Airlines terminals, but as we have USA entry Visas, and not an ESTA travel authority, it would still not allow us. It is at this point, we normally try to purchase Group one boarding for a low fee. The person that checked us in advised that she could not sell us our requested Group one boarding, normally issued at the machine, but instead gave us free Group One boarding as a compromise. – Result. This is better than priority boarding. Note to self - Remember how to get this free next time too. It saves the stress of wondering if there will be any overhead ... read more
2014-03-01 12.28.04

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid February 28th 2014

The first of many pleasurable travelling days commences today that will take us into early April. We need this break, although it was only nine months ago that we did another month long holiday elsewhere in America. Thank you to our local friends in the village for taking us to the airport. We had an early morning start today and were collected from home at 8.00 am sharp. They took us to Tenerife North Airport for our relatively short flight into Madrid Barajas Airport. Alas, the flight was not a good experience. Note to self – Always try and avoid sitting next door to the complaining passenger from hell. The said British passenger found some chocolate on her seat and moaned about it for all of the flight to everybody. Any reasonable person would have just ... read more

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Tenerife February 27th 2014

Our Travel Blog is on the go again for this large trip. Welcome back to all our readers and our new members and friends. We are off on our travels again, and have decided to restart population of our Travel Blog again. We are going in search of more sun, sea and relaxation after nine months of intensive DIY work at the Villa. We now have just one large bedroom left to complete. We are currently designing what we need and plan to commence this in early May. It will be looking very nice by June. For those that have helped us design this, and will be working on this project, thank you. 15/3/2014 - We have been without a good Internet connection so there has been a delay in publishing this. We have various photographs ... read more

Good evening Folks This blog has not been updated recently, as we have spent a period of time relaxing in our new home. We have decided not to continue this blog. We shall, instead, be adding some small details of our travels onto Theresa's Facebook page. If you do not have a facebook page and would still be interested in seeing details of our travels, and you need any assistance setting up a Facebook page of your own, please contact us by email.... read more

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