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9th November 2010
YMCA Nairobi - and imagine, even though there is a pool both here and in my hotel in Egerton I have still not been swimming!

YMCA pool
The pool has changed a bit. When I was small, there was just the big pool and diving boards. Seems to have been updated, since we were there in the seventies.
9th November 2010
YMCA Nairobi

happy memories
I used to live in Nairobi. My brother and I would go swimming at the YMCA pool. It looks just about the same as it did away back in the 70's.
3rd November 2010
A MASH bus, a comfortable way of travelling in Kenya.

u hav grown big
i used to work with mash long time back at mwembe tayari office an makupa office and i can see so many changes new buses gud servives an every thing seem to be cool big up msiache watoto wajuzi wamusumbue barabarani i wish i could be working with u guyz.WE LEAD THE LEADERS
3rd November 2010
A MASH bus, a comfortable way of travelling in Kenya.

wonderful bus
the buses are so comfortable. and they are secure. i normally travel to mombasa with it at least 6 times a year.
15th May 2010

Hi. Thanx for the story, im so impressed! Keep it up...im proudly samia, have never stayed there, didnt know much about it, its kinda a shame an outsider knows more...atleast i've learnt a few things, thank you.
9th April 2010

I've never been to Africa ... But I started considering it for quite sometime .. and I'm a bit torn apart between Kenya and Mali ... Anyway , I will be following your blog entries to see what it is like n there ! Have fun .. be safe. Regards , Ahmed, Riyad
26th March 2010

Great album!
hi, just wanted to say nice work, and I hope you liked the trip!
1st March 2010

Nice :)
You went to the right place in the right time, we are till stuck with ice everywhere up here.. I wouldnt mind some dust right now :D
4th February 2010

Cool !
Seems like youre enjoying your trip :) Less snow than in Norway though.
3rd February 2010

wow your hair
hi elin, sa da gjorde du virkelighet med pletting av haret ditt? ser fin ut, haper det kjennes ogsa bra ut......klem anne
25th January 2010

Cool :D
That dog doesn't really scare me though!
14th January 2010

Travelling relaxes ones mind
13th January 2010

Hi, its such a long time since I was there, I do not remember how much I had to pay....
13th January 2010

Sorry forgot to include my full email in the last one!
13th January 2010

Hey, I was wondering who you went through for the mountain biking tour/rental and how much it cost you. I'm getting ready to embark on a long trip and year without biking on the mountain has me ancy :P
11th January 2010

the guesthouse in Muyenga
I also loved the place, especially the rooms upstairs and the verandah by the entrance. And Maimuna and mzee the housekeepers. And the helpful people in the office.
5th January 2010

Nice !
Keep us posted with photos.. and enjoy your stay :D Oyvind
5th January 2010

Merry christmas in kiwsahili: kristmasi njema.
6th December 2009

how do you say merry christmas in Kenya
15th October 2009

Facts about Busia .
Busia is the main town in Busia District the home of Basamia tribe of the larger Baluya tribe which cuts across the common boarder with kenya.Indeed, this boarder is an artificial one created by the colonial rulers.The Town of Busia is a metropolitan beehive of social and Economic Activities with almost all tribes in the entire Uganda found here.It is one of the districts with the highest concetration of elites in the country.It is mainly Agricultural at subsistance level with no major Industries apart from Gold mining at Tiira Gold mines and a fish factory on the shores of Lake Victoria in the South.
8th January 2009

Kan'ke spise giraffen!!!
From Blog: Maasai Mara
1st January 2009

Giraff i solnedgang!
Hehe, måtte le!! Men det er fryktelig godt å vite at du er på utkikk etter en giraff i solnedgang. Tror det hadde passet så godt i glass og ramme! ;-) Godt nytt år, Elin!! Klem fra Janne
26th December 2008

Looks like a nice trip. As the manic wikipedian I am (and not to mention, thy master of useless information :P), that volcano seems to have erupted as late as 6050 BC.. merry x-mas!
From Blog: Menengai Krater
22nd December 2008

Way cool!
Must be great to be there at last, wish I was there too.. what am I doing here gazing into a PC screen anyways :D Glad to see you made it, hope everythings goes well. I want a cheetah for xmas! Keep us informed, and take care.. Oyvind
21st December 2008

I just wanted you to know that I'm going green with envy right now! Have a good time! Lukas

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