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Europe » Norway November 18th 2010

Thanks for reading my blog! I have moved my travelblog to another site - if you want to follow my future travels, check out http://elinsworld.wordpress.com/ ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi February 28th 2010

I spent my last few days in Nairobi with Sarha, Anne, James and Urbanus. It was indeed some great days enjoying some big-city life and walking in the wonderful parks. We stayed in Africana, and had a good laugh about the rooms….the shower and the toilet worked in both – not too bad! My bed was hard as a rock, Sarah´s bed was smelly but very soft. We both chose to keep it as it were. It´s something about hotels in Africa – you know what you have, but have no idea what you might get! It was time to do some shopping, and I bargained rudely in the Maasai market. To my luck it started raining, so they were eager to sell as much as possible before they had to pack up. We had long ... read more
In the memorial park of the bomb blasting of the american embassy. An ice park to take a rest in this hectic city.
The train station.
A fully loaded vehicle in Uhuru park - pushed by manpower, not the engine!

Africa » Kenya February 24th 2010

I continued straight to Malindi when I got back from Tanzania, and then I stayed at a nice hotel outside the city centre, close to the village of my friends. It was so nice and quiet there, and the room was kind of cool compared to the wall of heat that met me once I was outside.Heat usually don’t affect me much, but after the malaria I really struggled! But I had some nice days just sleeping a lot, taking walks to the beach, and having Amons nice dinner every evening. One of the days I went to Watamu with Ken, Amon and Ben – and Ben was so excited to go for a trip! We went by matatu, walked around a lot and spent some hours on the beach. I was not so impressed by ... read more
At one of the beaches in watamu.
A guy in Malindi entertaining with hos "dancing doll".
The botanical garden in Egerton.

Africa » Tanzania February 17th 2010

I was recommanded by a friend at home to step by Tanga on my way to Daar Es Salaam, so I did. I went there with a bus company called Tahmeed, which was a good choice. I had no idea where to stay when I arrived since there seemed to be a whole lot of expensive resorts, and most phone numbers from the guidebook was not working…but I went to the cheapest place mentioned in the book. Ocean Breeze hotel showed out to be a nice place in the middle of town, and the first thing I stumpled upon was Ellen – a Norwegian girl who ran a tour company called Ilaya tours with her boyfriend. I didn’t do any trips with them except for arranging to be driven out of town to spend a day ... read more
A view over the river at  TICC.
Be aware!
A niceplace to realx in Dar Es Salam.

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa February 10th 2010

Arriving in the heat of Mombasa was not too bad after I spent some days in almost 40 degrees in the desert. I stayed in the Beracha guesthouse, which is an ok place in the middle of everything, and not too expensive. I met with my friend Ken the next day, and had a great day walking around in town. I really love the markets - especially the nice fabrics, the fruits and the smell of different spices. Mombasa is a beautiful town, and so many great places to just walk around. Especially beautiful is the route from the Likoni ferry along Mama Ngina Drive - a nice and cool breeze and a wonderful view of the sea, and I also like the narrow streets of the old town. From Mombasa we continued to Diani beach. ... read more
A market street in Momobasa.
The old town of Mombasa - a nice place to just walking around in the narrow streets.
Mombasa from a roof terrace in the old town.

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Turkana February 3rd 2010

The rough guide initiates its description of Lodwar like this: “For most Kenyans, mention of Lodwar conjures up remote and outlandish images of the badlands, an aberrant place where anything could befall you. And the Turkana District capital is, to put it mildly, a wild town.” Well, its not really that bad, but it’s a dry and dusty place where there is really nothing going on except from NGO´s and government organizations trying to bettering the conditions for the locals, and my impression is that the main task for all the people working there is to plan how to get away from there as soon as they arrive. Anyway - even after my 17 hours bus ride up these bumpy road last year I decided to go back with James and Sarah. It took us 17 ... read more
One of the dry rivers - there are a lot of them on the way north, and during the rainy seasons it can be difficult to pass, and one can be stuck between the rivers for days due to flooding.
A typical street of Lodwar town.
Splash hotel - a very nice place!

Africa » Kenya » Nyanza Province » Kisumu January 31st 2010

For a few days I was rushing through Kenya. I had a small stopover in Nakuru and Egerton Unversity, where I met up with James and Sarah. I discovered a very nice hotel just outside the gatre - much cheaper than the one in the university area (Im down in 40 NOK per night!), and it was very nice and the staff were so friendly. It was nice to meet up with Sarah again, and the morning after all three of us continued to Kisumu. Last year i was visiting the cousin of James and stayed with them for a weekend, and this time when I arrived there was a new baby in the house named Elin Mirell. That was nice :) In Kisumu we also had a small reunion from a UMB summercourse I joined ... read more
Denis and his daughter Vicky came over from Uganda to meet us.
Fresh fish from lake Viktoria for lunch.
Sarah was wondering how to eat when there was no plates, forks or spoons.

Africa » Kenya » Central Province » Nanyuki January 29th 2010

Since I have been very bad at writing my blog and also my diary I dont have a very good summary of my days here in Kenya, its too much going on and I always have something to do or somewhere to go. I stayed with the organization for three weeks, but since there were not really any tasks for me and just occassionally something going on in the field I felt I was just idling around. It was actually not bad, the people were nice, I saw some interesting projects and met some of the farmers around in the area I, and the other volunteers were also fun spending time with. I have learned how to grow mushrooms, and the organisations factory producing biodiesel is really good, even though not very efficient compared to european ... read more
Visiting the farm of Peter mushroom.
Big sunflowers!
The local fruit stall.

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Malindi January 25th 2010

I have had a break from the cold weather in Naro Moru and visited the coast, and had a very nice trip. It’s a long journey, first three hours to Nairobi, then another seven hours to Mombasa, then two hours to Malindi. I spent a night in Nairobi on the way, and have managed to find a good and cheaper hotel in town, in the area where all the buses and matatus depart from. Its placed in Dubois road, it’s a secure and ok place with nice staff, and a very nice breakfast included - and also a lot of places to eat in the area. It’s a long journey to the coast, 7 hours by bus. But the big bus companies like MASH and Coastbus are usually almost in time for departure, and the buses ... read more
A smashed mosquito decorated the bathroom wall (but it wasnt me!!)
Parts of the new vegetable market in Malindi.
Taking dinner outside - inside the house its too hot, especially after cooking.

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province January 18th 2010

During my weekends I will try to visit friends, as i realize that two months are not that much time! There are so many places I want to go and people I want to meet. This weekend I went to nakuru. That’s the town where I stayed with and organization last year. When I was there I met a Norwegian woman who´s lived in Kenya for 15 years, and I celebrated christmas with her family last year. I travelled from Nanyuki, the nearest town. It took more than one hour to wait for the car to fill up, and the “direct express” transferred us to another empty vehicle in Nyahururu, and another hour to wait. When I finally arrived in Nakuru it had taken in total 6 hours to travel the 200 kilometres. On the way ... read more
Fresh mixed juice at the ethiopian restaurant - a must if you visit nakuru!
Peter and a friend playing around.

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