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Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin July 6th 2010

just got in..long effing trip!!! had to endure a damn weasle in the ferry port..anyway..moving on... not much to report yet..going to take a tour tomorrow to kilkenny..and other places...just slept all day really...too tired for other stuff...watched the football game during dinner..very the meantime..enjoy the pics... read more
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Europe » United Kingdom July 5th 2010

so for the past 3 days weve been visitng our now good friends vicki and gerlad matthews in hindon england..(its close to bath and stonehenge basically) so weve been really enjoying their company. these 2 wonderful people opened their doors and whole world to us for these days..amazing english breakfasts ...huge affiars with giant yummy buttery toast, sausage, beans and roasted mushrooms and toamtoes, tea and coffee.......followed by them driving us all over england basically..seeing the sights...they even had a friiend get us a free pass to all english heritage sites! free castle ruins (cant remember the naem just yet..they are right by hindon tho) bath....and best of all....we went to their community club they belong to...met everyone in the most levely picturesque little village you could ever hope for. met all the wonderful people.....played ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Avebury July 1st 2010

well all we can say about today can better be told by looking at the pics.....had breakfast...headed off to ride our bikes first to west kennet long barrow. of course we got sidetracked all the way there...first we came across st.mary's old saxon church..brilliant place..amazing..been a church there since ad 1000.....of course it said go see the rectory just behind the we take the path behind the church..behind a little row of trees and pop the bigger church that overshadowed that little parish church for a few hundred years.....not as old..but really old still as well...and beautiful! nice big bell tower....and a yew tree on teh side..that is 1700 years old......i stood inside had become almost 2 trees its so big and old.....awesome. ok continue on up a hella big hill...but finally ... read more
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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Pewsey June 30th 2010 we get up today and almost stay antoehr night in the inn.....after checking the exchange rate tho...uhhhh yeah no. so we head out to the train station to get tickets to pewsey..(near avebury and the west kenne tlong barrown adn ..yeah yeah you know all thats here) and to look for deals on tickets for friday from there to tisbury..where we meet our friends.. get a great deal on a tickets..and even better cuz i think i bought the wrong ticket as it was only 17 pounds for both of us from st.albans to pewsey....but it was ok cuz noone looked at my tickets anywhere because... the local from st.albans..noone came by to check....and at london ...paddington station...big place....all trains delayed..because??? they found a body on the tracks around by the time (1 hour ... read more
athelred and his bros meeting place when going to fight the danes

Europe » United Kingdom » England » London June 29th 2010

before we catch you up on what weve been up to...let me tell whats been up today and yesterday. so we head out of hertford on the bikes...biking toward st.albans...basically we made it there..about 15 miles we think..about.....not too shabby especially for us....we feel like were in loads better shape now than when we started....grizz in particullar is really loosing his feel like i look the same even though i know i dont....but i do feel stronger and were biking up hill we never would have thought we could at the beginning of this trip. anyway....starts getting late and were hungry and dead tired..look for a spot.......nowhere...finally find a field with a ditch beside it..but after we cook dinner there we realize its too close to the bike path..and grizz cant handle the idea of ... read more
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Europe » United Kingdom » England » London June 28th 2010

i know we havent updated in a while only because internet is hard to come by..camping and all..the camping palce didnt really have it...the museum, in town did..but we can only stay on so long. anyway sitting now in the salsbury arms hotel..formerly the bell built in 1525...oliver cromwell stayed here during the uprising.....hertford town (pronounced hartford) is where the founder of the quakers is from....and he founded hartford conneticuit....and the castle here is on a site where there has always been a castle....and parliment was moved here when the plague forced them to move to a safe place..this town! so lots of history..the town over queen elizabeth was staying during the whole mary queen of scots thing....anyway....were fine.....hated to ask fro the money but it has so helped out.....gona bike and camp by the biking ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam June 24th 2010

when we last left our intrepid adventurers...rocky and bullwinkle were stuck in amsterdam, down on cash and not much looking up..... after returning from the library where we enjoyed free internet, we rode our bikes back to the camping palce..cooked a nice dinner of spaghetti carbonara and yeast rolls. afterwards we went to the camping place's bar to watch the soccor game...where we sat directly behind this nice older couple who just happend to be from las vegas!! they told us they heard us talking the other day when we were watching the game..but we were gone by the time they tried to go over and talk to anyway.......they just sold theyre they will be going to england next...and will be returning theyre rented camper the next we want to hitch a ride ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam June 23rd 2010

well hwey everyone! hows it going?? things are way better here..i look like a plague victim with all the spots adn dots and crud all over me....but the itching has stopped..which is all that matters. finally able to go out and see some stuff..we biked all around amsterdam and saw the sights....bought a sightseeing card for cheep...and did a canal cruise...a bus trip to some windmills where we saw a demo of shoe making, cheese making and got to crawl all around a windmill in a living history outdoor type was awesome.....went to the albert cruyp market....and saw the our lord in the attick church...back in the 1500's when catholicism was outlawed..thjis one wealthy merchant took matters into his own hands and built a church in his was realy nice....theyre renovating it..but we still ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam June 20th 2010

so yeah.....the bedbugs suck......really bad.... the only mercy about them is that you can scratch you episdermis off and not spread poison ivy..which i am also highly alergic to.....ugh... evidently not grizz tho..looked it up today and some people arent alergic to em..he must be one of those. anywya its bad....its all over my body...and it is horribly itchy and fun.....the pills are working tho and the cream....but i still itch all over but it is getting better and i can hopee it will be gone by gets a bit better as time goes by..yesterday all i could do was try and rest all my brother cadfael book in between dozing off......and applying cream all the time....luvky me..... anyway so were out now...i am a bit better to be able to go ... read more
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Europe » Denmark June 19th 2010

Some time in the last few days Afira found some "bed bugs". She broke out with bits the other day, last night it was pretty bad, I gave her some hydrocortizone which helped a little. This morninbg she woke me up said something about "Apothacary and Hospital" She couldn't take the itching any more. We road our bikes to the nearest apothocary, which was closed on Saturday (of course), I walked across the street to the bakery and asked an elderly woman, she gave us directions to the one that would be open. We had to wait 30 minutes, so we had coffee. The lady there gave her an oral med and a cream, she was concerned that we should get our money back from the insurance. We don't have any... It came to $15.00...That's less ... read more

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