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May 10th 2012
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today we got up early ( iwas awake at 5 am....oddly it is nice i wake up this early again, and i got to listen to npr, make coffee and breakfast in plenty of time to relax, listen to bbc....nice to just be quiet in my room and not wake the roomoes)

get to the site and watch some presentations on bioarchaeology, which is what i am interested as well, the one girl who is alike a supervisor, thats her specalty, and is doing research on the skeletons from angel mounds in the 40's. watch another one about the palisades ( the giant walls around a site with bastions for protection) theories about that, more history, very cool. then to the site....time ot clean those walls up, dig out the backfill and get teh walls and site ready to do real trowling on the wall. ya gotta have a clean place to work in, and to be able to see the stratigraphy. thats really about it that we did for the day, it went fast, it was hard work, and before we knew it, it was time for lunch, and then more work, and suddenly it was time to go
our meeting palce rock in the morningsour meeting palce rock in the morningsour meeting palce rock in the mornings

this is where we meet to get a ride to the site in the nice!
home. even tho the shoveling was hard, i love this, i gotta get in better shape, but thsi will help me do that. even got to do some troweling to learn to do that on the south side of the wall..its has been backfilled, and some is still in palce, but its out of contexts somewhat so its not being used, so it was used as training for us. very cool. and yeah i found shells, and some bones ( animals im sure) and some pottery pieces, but again, its all out of context, so its not usable..but still cool! and my first finds! so woot!

came home, cable is working! i think my roomies are leaving for the weekend, so i get this palce to myself, and i will get to watch f1 this weekend on cable! instead of my usual vpn through britain as i usually but other than that, for weekends, its the pool with my friend jasmine and anyone else who doeant go back home. of course i will be hiding in the shade.

i did forget my hat today, ugh..i wont make that mistake again, but a nice guy...whos name escapes me right now..loaned me his. i will have to write everyones name down and learn them. i also broke my belt at the very end of the day...yeah i know what your thinking..well it was the crappy pleathor that gave way ..not that i was fat enuf to break the there!

finally home and showered..dinner tonight is steak and stir fry veg with goat cheese, coconut oil and worchestersire and just a hint of connamon. noms.....was invited to go to the pool...but i think i will be late for that.....maybe another day. as i am more interested in going to the bar near here tonight with a lot of the others.. the bar is called the duck....and its a 5 buck cover charge...but penny beer trying to make friends here and be social.....pat me on the back! love having the internet in ths place now.....people with stupid easy passwords are so awesome....enjoy the pics.

oh also my friend jasmine is in charge of waterscrening..shes gona be awesome..shes here to do some research for her senior nt that so cool? shes going on th graduate going to do an internship because honestly..ive been in school too long.and im too old..i just wanna go work fianlly!! ill go back to graduate i can do more than be a shovel bum....after working for a just too old to not start doing this.....

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