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Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg May 20th 2010

wandered all around salzberg looking for a camping place that turned out to be kaput...gona..nothing there...very frustrating. but we finally got a place that was closer. i was worried it didnt allow tent camping..but they did..and its nice...camping ina nice soft pitch..pool..but its too rental...helpful nice place...mostly older motor home campers. to the hellbrun palace yesterday...the guy who like to play tricks on his guest by spritzing em with water..all over....really nice palace. after that we had our ordeal fnding a place......after that we needed a beer off to the augustiner brew hall/monestary.....just like in the is our beer and lots of good cheap food.... enjoyed the atmosphere....went to the table behind us which had some friendly guys..and struck up a conversation... moved over to them and made ... read more
salzburg 017
salzburg 018
salzburg 029

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Salzkammergut May 19th 2010

salzberg: took a train late after standing at the bus stop at the bottom of the konopiste castle....beautiful..and free wifi from the pensione across the street..but a 2 hour wait...then a long train..which had problems adn they had to bus us to another stop...then back ona train...which when that arrived...we missed our connection..another wasnt for 3 hours.....but it was a nice train and direct to salzberg.......electrical plug ins and our own cabin...comfy..good cuz our feet..oh man what a glad we had our own cabin...arrived in salzberg at 1 online for free at a mcdonalds right by train station..found the yoho international youth hostle...just a 10 minute walk away....laundry..accepted cards....shower...good breakfast considering its kinda skimpy...but good.....laundry almost dry....and will be packed..trying a new configuration with the on... read more

After getting up yesterday in kutna hora….where some older german travelers didn’t get their shower tokens from john, the guy behind the bar at camping santa Barbara…coming out of the bathroom to be accosted by a naked 80’s something german woman wanting you to talk to her about something..while your trying to talk and look away..while shes trying to get you to look her way and talk is unnerving to say the least….we had 1 token left so we found it and gave that to her…went to kutna hora proper for one more look around and to take a few more pics….we were on our way to the train station to go to konopiste of the castles for franz Ferdinand….lots of trying to find a bus station…hike to bus station…and wait for hopefully the correct ... read more

more pics? ok heres some of the graveyard by the camping place.... read more
kutna hora 2 083
kutna hora 2 082
kutna hora 2 079

Woke up this morning and had a nice breakfast of food bought the previous day, bagels, nutella, long lady finder like rolls with cheese and bacon baked on the top, coffee…and the yogrt we thought we bought turned out to be sour cream..i still had a nice helping of it as some dairy was good for breakfast. Packed up our stuff and out the hostle door by 9:00. Took the subway to the main train station, bought tickets to kutna hora and on the train by 9:30…very efficient and it. Train experience was awesome….nice clean train, if not kinda old and soviet era type…lots of molded green plastic and old metal….but nice….most comfortable seat ive had all week…the seats on the train were so comfortable and relaxing..watching the countryside go by…lots of old houses with ... read more
more kutna hora

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town May 13th 2010

one more day in prague..gotta see strahov abby with its odd natural collections and over 12,000 medieval books on display ..and the jewish quarter....then off to kutna hora... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town May 13th 2010

on to kutna hora tomorrow. today it was the astronimical get a good video of it doing its thing, strahov abby and up the hill on a funicular to the tonight! went to the market by the clock for some fruit and chocolate for a nice! not sure about internet access for a enjoy the pics and vids so far... vids posted at so ya for kutna hora! and its bone chapel....looking forward to the train ride there and the relief for our feet for an hour.... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town May 12th 2010

well day 1 basically in being able to actually see things and do stuff. nice firm mattresses at eh hostle..we slept like logs....slept from 8pm to 9 am here....finally woak up grizz and got some breakfast..nice selsction..heavy on carbs of course...great cheese tho and oj and nutella to be had....the strawberry dannon yogurt was awesome tasting....i think everything must taste better here cuz i drank a whole mug of dark beer adn loved it at u flecku bar! so its just america where stuff tastes i expected. anyway got going about 10am.......walked all over gods green earth i swear! but feel much better and feet dont hurt now only 20 minutes back in our beds as i write this... trams are fun in otehr languages......luckily we ask people and point to where we need to ... read more
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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town May 11th 2010

so we are finally here in prague. the flight on british airways was amazing.. good wine with an amazing meal, with coffee afterwards, drinks with option for alcohol before and after, and about an hour before we left, a box with a danish and orange juice, amazing. of course our bodies turned to rock being so cramped but after we touched down in prague, a bit of walking for the subway and tram worked wonders. we were completely lost at prague airport, it looked like the remnants of soviet era planning in that airport and so nothing was displayed properly, we wandered around a bit looking for the atm machines and where to get on the bus, but finally was directed toward everything by people working there who spoke just enough english. of course we found ... read more
our room

so i tried to update the map today..wont let me for some reason....we can do another one as we go. we have decided to skip italy....instead we can focus more on austria and especially hall, which is around innsbruck. we are going to do some hiking into the meadows way up in the mountains and get fresh food and milk from the local farms of people who live there. it sounds awesome....check out the rick steves for austria on to see where we will be going. anyway we can focus more on that stuff..and after gimmelwald go onto metz france....then paris....more time for bruges...the beer sounds awesome. and of course we might get lost somewhere in germany instead......yay adventure! 3 days to go! think my head is gonna pop off with all that needs to ... read more

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