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Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam July 18th 2007

Nighttime Photos with some quick stories: Sam's Visit: My uncle Sam came to visit while he was doing business in Europe. We went for a delicious steak dinner and then out to Dancin' Bij Jansen. This club was the Thursday hang out with 1 euro beers. Lance Vegas: Lance Vegas was the name of my first bike and by far the best. It was named Lance Vegas. Lance because like Lance Armstrong my bike was a champion and Vegas because it was purple.... read more
Sam's Visit

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam July 18th 2007

Daytime Photos with some quick stories: Golf: After school ended Ross and I had been doing lots of the same thing. One morning we woke up and wanted to do something different and fun. We found a golf course, called and booked a tee time for 45 minutes later! (The club was 45-50 minutes away). We got dressed, packed our bags, with heinekens of course and made off for the course. We got there, missed our tee time and ended up at the bar. After some more henies we headed for the course and had a great time. On the back nine we had run out of balls so we started searching for them in the rivers and canals so we could play on. ... read more
Ross Holding the Empties
Empties 1
On the Beach

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam July 18th 2007

Being on exchange in Amsterdam over a six month period was out of this world! The next three entries compose mostly of pictures from my experience that don't fit in an entry of their own. I have divided them up into three simply because there are so many photos. Overview 1: Amsterdam, Vondel Park and Views from Ross's Window Overview 2: Daytime Excursiouns Overview 3: Nighttime Adventures... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam April 11th 2007

My friend Jawina took me Pesach shopping! Amsterdam only has a limited number of kosher restaurants, grocery stores and bakeries. (Even fewer for Pesach) Given this, I expected the price of food to be high so I only picked what I needed. I did have to make one exception for gefilte fish. 80 euros later, I walked out with some matza, a bottle of King David wine (most easily comparable to Manischewitz) and a few other essentials like jam. Spending Pesach in Amsterdam was an interesting experience. I ate using plastic plates and cutlery and my room mate Ross was more than understanding and accommodating. I even did b’dikat chametz. Ross and Sean hid the bread for me around our apartment. I really missed being at home with family around the usual Seder tables. For the ... read more
Pesach Shopping
Pesach Cleaning
Pesach Cleaning

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Leeds April 4th 2007

I went to Leeds to visit Gali who was there doing her exchange at the University of Leeds. Our two exchanges were opposite in many ways. Gali lived in an American Style dorm complex with British students, Leeds is considered a student city by many with a growing economy and job market, and the University of Leeds has a huge campus comprising of many different faculties and disciplines. On the other hand, I lived in a single building that housed only exchange and international students, Amsterdam is a historic city which once had the biggest port in the world, the city continuous to boom however due to its geographic size, that growth is limited, and my school had only one building, with one faculty. While walking the streets of Leeds, it really did feel like a ... read more
Out in Leeds

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Leiden March 30th 2007

This weekend was one of the highlights of my exchange. Gali and I traveled to Leiden and to the Keukenhof. As many of you know, Holland is famous for its Tulips and its Windmills. This trip consisted of both of them. Leiden is a small city in the south of the Netherlands. As you walk from the train station to the center, you pass Leiden’s windmill. We went inside and climbed to the top, learning about the different windmills and the development of the windmill. From the top there is a magnificent view over parts of Leiden. The old area is made up of small streets and canals with tiny shops throughout. Walking through the streets is very scenic, romantic and relaxing. We ate lunch in a citadel at the top of a little hill in ... read more
View of Leiden

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Val Thorens March 27th 2007

Val Thorens is part of a resort area called “Les Trois Vallees” which literally translates from French as the three valleys. Each of the three valleys has a town with a ski resort. Together they make up “Les Trois Vallees”. Ross, Dan, Mike and myself went to Val Thorens which is the highest resort in Europe at 2300 meters above sea level for our spring break. The bus ride was long but we met some Dutchies who kept us entertained, especially Ross and Mike. For the 10 day period, the weather could not have been any better. Upon arrival, we were graced with a beautiful blue sky. We took advantage as we sat outside and relaxed for a little. In the early evening the snow started and didn’t really stop for a week. Every morning we ... read more
Mountain View
Bus 1
Bus 2

Europe » Netherlands » Limburg » Maastricht February 17th 2007

Think of craziness in the streets (not a violent craziness - just people having fun in costumes craziness) - The picture in your mind should be Carnaval in Maastricht. This Carnaval brings out all crowds and all kinds of costumes as you can see in the pictures. Many celebrations of Carnaval worldwide are known for their parades, Maastricht's Carnaval is known for its elaborate costumes. Some families work on theirs all year.... read more
Bus Ride
Blue Steel and Magnum

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam February 13th 2007

On a dark and stormy night... We came back to the room and Ross was fast asleep. Julia and I decided to have a little fun. It started with a few articles that were lying around. Some were taken from his room, and some from the kitchen. When Ross didn't move, we felt obligated to keep going. As you can see from the photos, Ross ended up with an empty cupboard and a full bed.... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam February 12th 2007

Road Trip: Summary: Top 10 Europe » Netherlands » Amsterdam By Seth Abbey March 27th 2007Here is the top 10 from the Road Trip:... read more
9: Seth and Red Lights
8: Chelsea's Expanded Vocabulary
7: Bond, Ross Bond

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