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North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas June 29th 2012

Today we shopped!! When we were at the outlet mall on Wednesday afternoon we noticed that the 4th of July Sale was running from 6/29 until 7/4 i.e. the 29th of June until the 4th of July. So we decided to make Wednesday a reconnaissance mission, while we waited for check-in time at the MGM Signature, and return to make our purchases today. I think that was worthwhile as they had quite a few shops with 'bogo' deals - buy one, get one half price. By the time we bought a pair of shoes each at a couple of shops we had purchased some pretty cheap shoes. Driving back along Las Vegas Boulevard we stopped to take a photo of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign along with the hordes of other tourists and one bridal ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas June 28th 2012

And so the morning of my 50th Birthday dawned although, arguably, I had already been 50 for 17 hours because I was born in Australia!!?? My birthday greetings have certainly been spread out, with the first ones arriving earlier in the week and continuing throughout today. I indulged myself this morning at the MGM Grand Spa with a pedicure, waxing and a facial. I am not even going to record how much that cost - only that it was lovely being pampered on my birthday. I had thought about leaving all of these personal services until I was back home, but my beauty therapist is on maternity leave so I decided, what the heck, pay twice the price and spoil myself on my birthday! While I was as the spa, Bernie played blackjack. He managed to ... read more
Bellagio Fountains
The Birthday Girl
Looking down the strip

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas June 27th 2012

Having spotted a Barber's Shop only a hundred yards or so from the Boulder Dam Hotel, Bernie headed there after breakfast for a trim. After the ministrations of the Turkish Barber, it was a very quick, very standard going over with the No.2 comb!! With Bernie's grooming taken care of we made our way down Highway 93 to Hoover Dam. When we checked in yesterday afternoon we discovered that the new Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge (Colorado River Bridge) includes a pedestrian walkway so we were keen to check that out. In fact, we had been told that if we wanted to see anything, we would have to get out and walk because the concrete sidings on the bridge actually prevent you from seeing anything as you drive across. After walking to the mid-point ... read more
Hoover Dam
Sandals in different States
Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge

North America » United States » Nevada » Boulder City June 26th 2012

Today we headed in the wrong direction (again!) so that we could visit the Mojave Desert and then head on up to Las Vegas for a few days before concluding our journey through middle America on Route 66. After taking a few photos this morning in downtown Barstow, we drove east along I-40 back to the entrance to the Mojave Desert National Preserve. We drove in the Kelbaker Road towards the Kelso Depot Visitor Centre making a stop at the Kelso Dunes along the way. These are huge sand dunes in the middle of the desert that are made by the wind blowing sand from Soda Lake, a dry lake, near Zzyzx. The sand laden winds hit the Granite Mountains and dump the sand in front of them thereby creating the massive sand dunes. You can ... read more
Route 66 Motel, Barstow
Heading for the Mojave
Faces in the Rocks, Mojave Desert National Preserve

North America » United States » California » Barstow June 25th 2012

We started out this morning with the top down - there's no point having the convertible if we don't feel the wind in our hair (or, in Bernie's case, over the scalp!) sometimes. It has been so very, very hot though that we have been wimping out and driving with the top up and the A/C on HIGH. We drove all the way back through Kingman and then headed for McConnico on Historic Route 66. From there we picked up the Oatman Highway and drove through Cool Springs across the drainage of Sacramento Wash, which is bone dry at the moment, before starting to climb the Black Mountains up to Sitgreave's Pass. We didn't see any wild burros or bighorn sheep, but we did find Shaffer's Fish Bowl Springs, a man-made basin that collects water from ... read more
On the way up the Black Mountains
View from Shaffer's Fish Bowl
Shaffer's Fish Bowl

North America » United States » Arizona » Kingman June 24th 2012

We don't know if we have slight colds, hay fever of if our nasal passages and sinuses are just completely desiccated due to the very low humidity here?? Not to worry, apart from having sore noses and sinuses, we feel OK. Yay, this morning we had the Mustang's nose heading west right from the get go - no doubling back to catch up on what we missed yesterday today! We set off on the I-40 for a short while until we reached the exit for Bellemont and headed off on a very scenic stretch through Brannigan Park and and over Fortynine Hill, the highest point of Historic Route 66 in Arizona. We were quite excited to see some more prairie dogs along the Wagonwheel Road/Old 66 section of the drive. There were several prairie dogs scampering ... read more
Spot the Prairie Dog
Rod's Steakhouse

North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff June 23rd 2012

Ho, hum ... another day, another crater, but this morning we set out to visit a volcanic crater at Sunset Crater National Monument which is located within the Coconino National Forest just 15 miles from Flagstaff. Our annual passes saved us the US$5.00/person entry fee. You used to be able to hike to the rim of Sunset Crater, but that path has been closed to protect the fragile environment of the cone. However, you are able to hike to the rim of nearby Lennox Crater so, once again, undeterred by the extreme heat, altitude, etc we set off. It was a steep and difficult climb over loose, volcanic ash. Very much a case of two steps forward, half a step back! I don't know how I found the breath to talk as I climbed but, as ... read more
San Francisco Peaks from Coconino Forest
Lennox Crater Conquered
View from Lennox Crater

North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff June 22nd 2012

This morning we started off heading east, doubling back to the south end of Petrified Forest so that we could walk the Giant Logs Trail and the Long Logs Trail. Would you believe it, the ranger that we encountered twice yesterday at the Painted Desert entrance station was on the Petrified Forest entrance station this morning. She must really think we are obsessed now??! We don't know how early you need to start to take advantage of the cool of the morning because it was already stinking hot again by 9.00am. So we sweated our way around the Giant Logs Trail, which features some of the largest and most colourful logs in the park. 'Old Faithful', at the top of the trail, is almost ten feet across the base. Impressive. The Long Logs Trail has one ... read more
Petrified Stump
Shy Lizard
Petrified Jumble

North America » United States » Arizona » Holbrook June 21st 2012

After our big day yesterday we started a bit later this morning not venturing down to breakfast until 9.00am. Once we did head off it was east into town to photograph the giant muffler-man cowboy at John's Used Cars at the corner of Coal and 5th Streets!! As we left Gallup we zigzagged to the north and south of Interstate 40 as we made our way through Defiance and Manuelito where the road climbs and clings to the sheer side of Devil's Cliff. As we rounded the cliff where boulders balanced precariously above us (with just a mesh fence to hold back any potential rockslide) we were treated to a grand panorama towards Arizona that took in Route 66, the railroad and the dry bed of the Rio Puerco squeezed between the rugged mesas. After the ... read more
Yellowhorse Trading Post
Fort Courage
Querino Canyon Bridge

North America » United States » New Mexico » Gallup June 20th 2012

We decided yesterday afternoon to make an early start today so that we could visit Petroglyph National Monument, just west of Albuquerque on Interstate 40, before it got too hot. It was a good plan and we were at Rinconada Canyon by just after 9.00am but ... it was already stinking hot!! Not to be deterred, we made sure our water bottles were full and set off on the 21/2-mile round trip on an unpaved trail. The outward bound trail along the base of the escarpment was pretty heavy going in loose sand. There were petroglyphs (Native American and Spanish) all the way along the escarpment with an impressive concentration of petroglyphs at the furthest point of the walk. On our outward bound walk we talked to a couple who advised us that we could have ... read more
Petroglyph National Monument
Petroglyph National Monument (2)
Giant Roadrunner, Albuquerque

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