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North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis June 9th 2012

We had a late night/early morning after Bernie watched the Richmond vs Fremantle game via the internet!! Unfortunately Richmond's winning streak was ended by the Dockers! After sleeping in a bit we ventured down to the lower lobby for our complimentary breakfast at the Hampton Inn. There was plenty of food to choose from, but we kept it simple opting for some fruit and a bit of cereal. After breakfast we took the car out of the Hampton's car park and headed off to Schiller's Camera Store. This time Bernie had called ahead to be certain that the lens was in stock before we drove right across town!! As we were driving to the store we found that we were actually travelling on one of the many roads designated as Historic Route 66. The Mother Road ... read more
The Arch
Busch Stadium
Forest Park Statue

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis June 8th 2012

After checking out of the State Capitol Inn, we left the car in their car park and walked over to the Old State Capitol to discover that they had a Civil War Medical Encampment set up in the grounds this weekend. Talking with the volunteers it seems that there is some Civil War re-enactment somewhere in the United States just about every week of the year!! We thought that we would just have a quick wander around the grounds and take a couple of photos of the volunteers in period costumes and the Old State Capitol from the outside. Just as we were about to leave, the guy on the gate asked if we had been into the Capitol building. When we said that we hadn't he encouraged us to go in before leaving. So we ... read more
Satchel & Bugle
Check out my gun
Lincoln's Desk

North America » United States » Illinois » Springfield June 7th 2012

Yesterday afternoon we kept seeing SAVE DWIGHT PRISON signs in front yards. Curious to learn what this was about we Googled 'Save Dwight Prison' and learnt that the prison employs 350 people locally, but its closure has been announced because the infrastructure upgrades that the prison needs make it unviable to keep it open. Apparently the prison guards received their notices on 23 May 2012 - a real blow to the local economy. After a self-catered breakfast of fruit and cereal in our room, we spent the morning in Pontiac. We started by photographing the Historic 1875 County Court House. We were hampered somewhat by the works that are being undertaken opposite the court house. The site building has been placed right in front of the court house which does spoil the street-scape somewhat!! Next we ... read more
Pontiac-Oakland Automobile Museum
Pontiac Hood Ornament
Number Plates at the Pontiac Route 66 Museum

North America » United States » Illinois » Pontiac June 6th 2012

WE HAVE SURVIVED our first day on the Mother Road!! But, before we started our journey on Route 66 we had to do a couple more things in Chicago. First we had to go back out to O'Hare International Airport to drop off the transponder, eTag thingy that Bernie was convinced we had to have when we picked the car up on Sunday afternoon. It's to pay the tolls on the tollways. On Sunday, the woman who processed our car hire pick-up convinced Bernie that we would need it to get around Chicago but, because we only drove to Ray's and then caught the train for two days, we really did not need it. With 20/20 hindsight we wouldn't have taken it on Sunday. Because it adds around US$40/week to our car hire we really needed ... read more
Henry's Hotdogs
Joliet 66
Gemini Giant

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago June 5th 2012

Ha, we slept better last night because we discovered that we could open the windows in our room. On Sunday night it was too noisy with the air conditioner on and too warm with it off. We opted for too warm which meant that we tossed and turned a bit! It could also have something to do with our body clocks adjusting to local time?? After breakfast this morning we headed into the city again. Having walked straight past the Chicago Cultural Centre yesterday morning without realising it we decided that we should go back and actually visit it this morning to view the stained glass domes. When we arrived it was to discover that a Quality Risk Management seminar was being conducted in the Preston Bradley Hall. How can you conduct something so dry and ... read more
Tiffany Glass Dome
Grand Army of the Republic Rotunda and Hall
Chicago Tribune Building

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago June 4th 2012

Well, we managed to sleep all night in stretches of two to three hours - not too bad considering our body clocks are trying to deal with the six hour time difference between Manchester and Chicago! We went down for breakfast at 8.00am and helped ourselves to juice and fruit before ordering what we wanted from Ray's mouthwatering breakfast menu. Bernie decided on an omelette while I decided on the stuffed cinnamon toast ... which was to die for. Goodness knows how may kilojoules??! With plenty of energy to burn we headed to the station to take the train into the city. We found the station without any trouble, but couldn't see any option at the ticket machine to purchase anything except a ticket for a one way trip. We knew that we should be able ... read more
Jay Pritzker Pavillion
The Bean
The Bean (2)

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago June 3rd 2012

Another boring day in transit today! The alarm was set for 6.00am so that we could get to the airport in good time for our 10.40am flight to Chicago. It was cold, wet and miserable again today so not all that difficult to be leaving England behind - although we will certainly miss the Stalybridge hospitality. Kath and Albert saw us off at about 7.30am in their dressing gowns. With the weather no good for gardening I think they were going to go back to bed for a while. We had a smooth run to Manchester Airport arriving there in about 20 minutes. As American Airlines Flight 55 was departing from Terminal 3 we parked the Golf on the roof of the multi-story car park at Terminal 3. That seemed like the logical thing to do, ... read more
Mustang Rear Badge
Home Depot ...Just for Julie

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire June 2nd 2012

This weekend QE II's Diamond Jubilee is being officially celebrated and the whole of the country is being encouraged to join in by having street parties and BBQs. As these celebrations coincide with our last day in the UK, Kath and Albert organised a BBQ with some of the family and friends. While we were in Turkey, Colin purchased a new barbecue in preparation for Adam's 18th Birthday celebrations in July. As it is a charcoal burning barbecue he wanted to assemble it and try it out tonight so that he could get an idea of how long it takes to have a good bed of coals to cook over. Colin, Bernie and Albert spent a fair proportion of the afternoon putting the barbecue together before Colin went home for an hour or so before the ... read more
Jubilee Bunting(2)
Jubilee Barbecue
Jubilee Barbecue (2)

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire June 1st 2012

This morning dawned grey and overcast, but at least the rain had stopped! After settling our account at the Inglenook Guest House we went in search of Hardraw Force, a waterfall on the Hardraw Beck in Hardraw Scar, a wooded ravine just outside the hamlet of Hardraw which is not far from Hawes. The waterfall is a single drop of 100 feet from a rocky overhang, which makes it (allegedly) England's highest unbroken, aboveground waterfall. Its other claim to fame is that it was used as a location in the film 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves' - in the scene where Maid Marian catches Robin Hood bathing under a waterfall. So, you would think that this waterfall would be easy to find wouldn't you???! Not so, for these two hapless Aussie tourists!! First, we had to ... read more
Hardraw Force (2)
Hardraw Force (3)
Yorkshire Dales

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire May 31st 2012

Not a good start to the day today - the weather is cold, wet and miserable and Bernie checked our emails on the iPhone first thing this morning to discover a message from our house sitter to say that the car has done the alternator AGAIN. That makes three times in 12 months!!! What a hassle for all concerned. Poor Eddie, who has been using our car and missed appointments because the Mazda broke down and poor us having to arrange payment for car repairs from o/s. Interestingly the RACV Approved repairer Eddie that has organised says that there is a problem with some wiring behind the firewall that has caused a short that has fried the alternator. Maybe this has been an underlying, but intermittent problem for a while and the root cause of all ... read more
Thorton Force
Baxenghyll Gorge
Snowy Owl

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