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North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe June 18th 2012

This morning we woke to news from home that an earthquake had rocked Victoria. Meanwhile, here in New Mexico, a wildfire rages out of control in the south-eastern part of the state. Route 66 cuts across NM much further to the north so our travel plans have not been disrupted, but with a fire in Colorado too (north of NM) the air quality is very poor. With the heat and the altitude as well it is hard to breathe! After breakfast we drove out of Santa Fe north on Highway 285/84 for our day trip to Bandelier and Los Alamos. As we headed west on 502 there were signs up saying that we would have to take a shuttle from White Rock into Bandelier National Monument. At this stage we weren't even sure what there was ... read more
Caves at Bandelier National Monument
Solstice Marker at Bandelier National Monument

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe June 17th 2012

Since we are not moving on today we slept in a little bit this morning before going over for our complimentary breakfast. We have been doing pretty well this trip for complimentary breakfasts most of which have offered a reasonable selection of food to choose from. On earlier trips to the US a complimentary breakfast has consisted of a glazed donut and coffee!! After breakfast, we drove in to the old railway station area of the city. With it being Sunday it was very quiet down there, despite there being an artisan's market in one of the buildings behind the old station. We wandered around looking at all of the beautiful art and jewelry, managing to get out of the building having only purchased some honey, calendula and passion cream for dry skin and three cards ... read more
Santa Fe Station
Hard at Work
Santa Fe Plaza

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe June 16th 2012

This morning we started out on I-40 until we were able to exit at Palomas onto Historic Route 66 running to the south of the interstate. This section was pretty boring because it had been freshly tarred. But for the zigzagging to the the north and south of the interstate and the dips, humps and cattle grids it wouldn't have had any character at all. There was very little to see in the first few abandoned towns that we passed through. It was only when we reached the south side of Cuervo that we found some picturesque ruins to photograph. From Cuervo we continued on to Santa Rosa where we visited the Route 66 Auto Museum that houses a collection of custom cars, hot rods and restored vintage cars. After Santa Rosa we had to re-join ... read more
Hot Rod at Route 66 Auto Museum
Mustang at Route 66 Auto Museum
Las Vegas, NM

North America » United States » New Mexico » Tucumcari June 15th 2012

We self-catered our breakfast this morning, re-packed the car and turned the Mustang's nose west again. We turned up Eastern to take us back to Route 66 and then followed it around to the historic SW 6th Avenue area where there are lots of antique stores. We found a painted fibreglass pony and the Natatorium with its castle-like crenellations. Originally the building housed a swimming pool - who knew that a natatorium is an indoor swimming pool? - but now it is an antique store. They had heaps of really cool stuff, but we limited ourselves to one small purchase!! Just out of Amarillo we took a slight deviation to the south of the interstate to visit Cadillac Ranch. Although this 'artwork' was never actually located on Route 66 it is still considered to be a ... read more
Cadillac Ranch
Magnolia Gas Station, Vega

North America » United States » Texas » Amarillo June 14th 2012

This morning we had coupons for a complimentary breakfast that required us to make a choice from five set breakfast options. Other complimentary breakfasts have been buffet-style which is preferable - being able to pick and choose what you would like. I opted for the bagel with cream cheese, fruit, juice and tea. Bernie went for the wheat toast, fruit and juice. When our breakfasts arrived the fruit was ... BANANA. Ugh! The bagel was good though - I do like a toasted bagel with jam and cream cheese. After breakfast we headed off towards Clinton on the north side of the I-40. At Clinton we visited the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum on Gary Boulevard. Admission to the museum was US$5.00!! We have become so accustomed to being able to visit most places of interest FOR ... read more
Diner in the Route 66 Museum at Clinton
National Route 66 Museum at Elk

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Weatherford June 13th 2012

OK, it would take a week to do Tulsa properly so we decided that we wouldn't do anything in Tulsa, apart from drive through on 11th Street (Route 66)!! There is just so much to see in the cities that it is overwhelming and somewhat distracting from the Route 66 experience of driving through 'middle America'. So, we headed back to 11th Street this morning and drove all the way through Tulsa to Southwest Boulevard which had us heading off to Red Fork on Historic Route 66. On the way we managed to photograph the neon sign at the Rancho Grande. We drove south-westerly on the northern side of I-44 through Red Fork, Oakhurst and Bowden before crossing to the southern side of the interstate and into Supulpa where we took a photo of the Happy ... read more
Happy Burger
Drving the Mother Road
Gold Geodesic Dome

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Tulsa June 12th 2012

This morning the plan was to start driving west before the middle of the day. The last two days it has been after one o'clock before we have really been underway!! So, we thought that we would have a quick drive into the Historic Square downtown take a couple of quick photos, drive past Boots Motel for a photo and then spend half an hour having one last look for Red Oak II. That was the plan! We made a good start and took a couple of quick photos in the Historic Square and then we drove around the corner to the classic art-deco Boots Motel. We took a couple of quick photos there too and we were ready to head off when Ron came out and asked if we would like a look around. Ron ... read more
Boots Motel
Interior at Boots Motel
Red Oak II

North America » United States » Missouri » Carthage June 11th 2012

Bernie got a jump start on the shopping when we we arrived yesterday afternoon, purchasing a new pair of Teva sandals when we dropped in to pick up a guide to the shops at the Osage Beach Premium Outlets. This morning we were in Osage Beach specifically to shop! It was just as well too, as our shopping coincided with a pretty intense thunderstorm. Instead of negotiating Route 66 in torrential rain, all we had to worry about was dashing between the shops in the rain!! By about 1.30pm we had pretty much done all of the clothing and footwear shops so we stowed all of our purchases in the Mustang and drove down to Lebanon to pick up Route 66. Our Osage Beach deviation resulted in us missing the section of Route 66 between Waynesville ... read more
Quarter Scale Hubble Telescope, Marshfield
Rest Haven Court, Springfield
Whitehall Mercantile, Halltown

North America » United States » Missouri » Osage Beach June 10th 2012

This morning we repacked our bags and had our breakfast and then walked quickly to the base of Gateway Arch. With no time to visit the Museum of Westward Expansion or to ride up the internal tramcar to the top of the 630-foot monument we settled for a few more photographs of the arch ... from yet another perspective! It really is an awesome structure. Standing at the base of the arch we were able to really appreciate just how huge it is. We walked back to the hotel, finished packing the Mustang and set off again on Route 66. I had been a bit stressed about how we would find our way out of the city and pick up Route 66 again, but we drove straight down Washington Street and turned onto Tucker Street which ... read more
Bernie at the Arch
The Arch (2)
The Arch (3)

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis June 9th 2012

We had a late night/early morning after Bernie watched the Richmond vs Fremantle game via the internet!! Unfortunately Richmond's winning streak was ended by the Dockers! After sleeping in a bit we ventured down to the lower lobby for our complimentary breakfast at the Hampton Inn. There was plenty of food to choose from, but we kept it simple opting for some fruit and a bit of cereal. After breakfast we took the car out of the Hampton's car park and headed off to Schiller's Camera Store. This time Bernie had called ahead to be certain that the lens was in stock before we drove right across town!! As we were driving to the store we found that we were actually travelling on one of the many roads designated as Historic Route 66. The Mother Road ... read more
The Arch
Busch Stadium
Forest Park Statue

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