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27th June 2013

Wonderful pictures!
I thought I'd posted but I guess not! I just wanted to say how touching the photos are, and how proud I am of you. Love, Kathi
25th June 2013

Wonderful Pics!
Natanya...your email started with the darkness, and ended in light! The pictures of the children imagining their futures are so heartwarming. Well done, good work! And stay safe, as it sounds like you are doing. love, Kathi
25th June 2013

Greetings Natanya!
So good to know you are enjoying yourself and teaching too! Guatemala has been good to and for you. People who know the beauty of life and share it with others what a magical thing. Natanya it seems we communicate once a year and last I was in Florida and you in Texas. This year I am in Lawrence and enjoying the summer here getting settled into a new home and help in various ways around the community. A lot of my time is spent helping Perry with the school garden which he is the coordinator of. The garden is looking healthy and beautiful. Just yesterday we planted about 100 plus plants this is only a fraction of the garden. Natanya I remember you telling me of your garden experience and it was not "The War of Roses" but weeds. I am glad to hear from you! You have really given your good soul to your Guatemalan friends and family. Take care, Kathy
25th June 2013

dress up costumes
where did they get all those costumes and props? how cute? they are about 4? just think of all the gang violence here in our inner cities...but we are pretty safe, like you say because we ourselves don't have anything to do with gangs
25th June 2013

Hey Natanya
Stay safe! I had no idea that there was a lot of violence where you are. That's very sad about the young boy getting shot. Career day looks like a lot of fun! chickens are all good. Fiomi (spelling?) is now the broody one. I had to take her out of the coop three times yesterday. I haven't put her in isolation just yet. did some netting over some stuff in the garden- Dora has been taking out all the low laying tomatoes! And she found the strawberries too. Dang it! Its 100 degrees at least every day this week. HOT! thank god for barton springs! xxooxxoo! Fran
25th June 2013

This is a nice medium. Thanks for sharing. I heard shots one night while we were there in 2011. I asked Barb about them the next day and she said, 'there was no ambulance so probably no one got hurt.' What a sort system. UPAVIM is a piece of strong relativity on life. It is amazing that they exist and keep on. A real testimont on fortitude and love.
23rd June 2013

Natanya I am really happy for you and so proud of the work you are doing. How long will you be training teachers this time? would love to share notes on the details of your sessions.
21st June 2013

Hi, I am so glad you received a great reception. It is so loving and a wonderful start. I'm sure there is plenty of work to be done and I know you will do well. I am alsp glad I could help you out and that you stayed here with Kathleen for a couple of nights. xxoo
21st June 2013

It's because of you I'm here, Tomas. Your help has been invaluable. I appreciate that you brought that extra bag and saved me $100 in transport. Staying with Kathleen was so very helpful as well.
20th June 2013
They are a lot of fun!

So good to see you made it down. i didn't know when you were going. Glad to see you had a super reception! see you soon.
20th June 2013

neato, how great that they are still using methods and materials that you did last time you were there, sounds fun so far
20th June 2013

So happy
This sounds like such a wonderful experience! Enjoying your blog. Can't wait for the next one.
20th June 2013

How wonderful!! The children are so cute! You've really made a difference there! God bless you, Natanya! You've really put a lot into helping there! Looks like you've lost a bit of weight!
20th June 2013

So nice to read...
Reading this just makes me smile! So happy that things are going so well! : )
20th June 2013

Hey Natanya
I'm enjoying your blog so far. You look great - all smiling and happy. Keep taking photos! I'm looking forward to the next episode of "Natanya Goes to School in Guatamala". The chickens are doing good. I've started putting the water jugs in the freezer overnight so the water stays cold way longer. I tried hosing them down with water, but they didn't like that so much. Hahaha! Dora is pecking the hell out of all the low laying tomatoes. I've got some mesh to put up this weekend! Hugs, Fran
18th June 2013

On your way
And our hopes and best wishes travel with you...Good work that you are doing, Natanya!
18th June 2013

wow, you go girl!
Thanks for including me in your updates, since I don't do FB etc. Will enjoy following your adventures, wherever you are. When you're in Austin next, lunch is on me. Hugs and hopes, j9
18th October 2012

I invite you to visit our beautiful country, Guatemala.
In Guatemala, Panajachel is a small town located in the department of Sololá; very nice on the shores of Lake Atitlán, although very touristic ... You can buy everything! If you have the patience to look, you will find good prices. Guatemala a great place to vacation. I invite you to visit and celebrate 13 Baktún Mayan celebrations.
18th October 2012

I invite you to visit our beautiful country, Guatemala.
Guatemala City is one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America, when you ask for a price for anything you want to buy, do not pay the price they tell you about offering less, that way you can save good money. You have to haggle over the price. Guatemala City is the greenest to find, warm and friendly people; I invite you to visit our beautiful country, Guatemala.
21st May 2013

Thanks for the invitation....
It really is a beautiful country! I'm going in June 2013!
27th September 2012

from Yongsan to Guatemala!
Hey! I can't believe you're now traveling in Guatemala...I've been there 15 times in the last 9 years. Shoot me an email when you can and let's catch up (this is Scott from Yongsan--we went to SAMS together back in the early '70s). Have fun!
12th January 2013

When will you be there?
I'm hoping to head back to Guatemala in June. Will you be there?
7th September 2012

Your travels
Loved the pictures and reading your blog. Where to next? I didn't know you were an army brat? Love GG
3rd September 2012

thanks for showing your pictures and writing of your experience in Guatemala city.
21st August 2012

Nice blog, loved reading about the trip so far.

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