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Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen August 17th 2005

Motorhome News from Europe 32. Norway 17th August 05 Around about the middle: Stjordal, Trondheim, Roros, Oppdal, Doverfjell, Dombas, Rondane Park, Vagamo and Lom. The school holidays have come to an end here and fields of buttercups have been sacrificed to the hay barns for the long winter ahead. The sun now sets at night and the martins and swallows are heading south as we prepare to travel with them for our migration across the North Sea, from Norway's beautiful Bergen, to Shetland, way to the north of Scotland, on the 23rd August. But there is still much to see and do before we leave these shores. Our campsite host at Stjordal, the local farmer and entrepreneur, had many strings to his bow; a carbon copy of our good friend Roy, back home at Little Lodge ... read more
Cabins in Norwegian sunlight

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Lofoten Islands August 9th 2005

Motorhome News from Europe 31. Norway 10th August 2005 The beautiful Lofoten Islands - and back to the mainland Above the Arctic Circle and heading south. Fiskebol, Svolvaer, Lofotr, Å, Flakstad, Bodo, Svartisen Glacier, Lovund, Trondheim The Viking Gods were against us as we arrived by ferry on the island of Lofoten. Our dreams of dazzling fjords and sunlit dramatic scenery vanished in a haze of damp mist and drizzle as soon as we landed at the dock in Fiskebol. But we have never let a small thing like rain spoil our day. The outline of grey mountains rising at 60 degrees from windswept fjords and dark clouds masking a determined sun were still dramatic and exciting. That day was also a day of magnificent rainbows; great arches of brilliant colour casting pots of gold on ... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Lofoten Islands August 4th 2005

Motorhome News from Europe 30. Sweden August 2005 Abisko in Sweden and west to Norway’s beautiful Lofoten Islands There is a chair lift in Sweden’s largest National Park at Abisko. Rising to about 3,000ft, the Linbana lift ferries skiers to the top in winter and walkers and tourists in the summer. We took the easy way up and hiked the five-hour trail across wild hill-bog rich with flowers, down to the dense birch forest and scrubby willow deep in the valley below. We went there for the walking and to see the birds of course; and we were not disappointed. Even as we ascended in the cable car a hawk owl flew across our path and perched on a tree below, and a pair of willow grouse with their young looked up as we passed. A ... read more
Abisco National park
Kungsleden Trail
Public Toilets

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Lofoten Islands July 30th 2005

Motorhome News from Europe 29 Norway July 2005 Europe - from the top down. Northern Norway Nordkapp. The most northerly point of Europe, on the island of Magoya. Picture a magnificent cliff, ragged peaks and tiny dark islands. Picture a knot of people bent into the wind at a lookout point high above a raging sea, gazing north to the distant horizon, dreaming of snow and ice, polar bears, brave explorers, and the North Pole, just 1,100Km distant. Then, dream on. As David, a young Polish hitch-hiker plucked from the roadside in the bitter arctic wind and rain described it, ‘The Visitor Centre was a bit like MacDonalds.’ We had already put the 1989 built Visitor Centre at Nordkapp in the Mickey Mouse category of Disney, but it serves its purpose well, bringing tourists and their ... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Nordkapp July 25th 2005

Motorhome News from Europe 28. Finland July 2005. Out of Finland into the wastes of Norway’s Finmark There is not a lot in Inari at first glance. It’s one of those places you could just pass through on your way to somewhere else and there are, after all, few roads from Finland through to Norway in the north. For most people Inari is on the way to, or from, Nordkapp, (North Cape) on the island that claims to be the most northerly point in Europe. We were on our way there too, but first we wanted to visit the outstanding Sami (Lapp) Museum, built since Janice’s last visit to Inari umpteen years ago. There are many such museums in Scandinavia, but this one should rank amongst the best, for not only does it truly value these ... read more
Menesjokki river
North Norway

Europe » Finland » Lapland » Rovaniemi July 23rd 2005

Motorhome News from Europe 27. Finland. 12th July 2005 Kussamo, Oulanka National Park, The Arctic Circle and the Midnight Sun, Santa at Rovaniemi, Talvascero and Inari, Lapland. A visit to Santa, north into Finnish Lapland - and snowchains It’s my birthday on Thursday and we have a wager. Janice says I’ll get 3 emails-worth of greetings and I reckon I’ll get about 15! Meanwhile, we’ve been researching the birding hereabouts. Page 77. Where to watch Birds in Scandinavia. ‘Valtavaara. This 10Km sq area of taiga is world famous as a site for red flanked bluetail’. Page 281 Lonely Planet Finland. ‘Valtavaara Hill is the best place in the region for birding: some 100 species nest here’. Now, is that tempting, or what? After a successful 6am start at the hides in Kussamo town, we set off ... read more
Rope bridge

Europe » Finland » Northern Ostrobothnia » Oulu July 13th 2005

Motorhome News from Europe 26 Sweden 5th July 2005 Across the Arctic Circle - twice; and into Finland If I asked you to paint me a picture of Lapland, it would of course have to include reindeer, wouldn’t it? It would also probably show Lapps in reindeer-skin coats, hood covered heads down, pulling a sleigh in a snow and wind-lashed landscape. Things have changed a bit. These days Sami, the indigenous people of Saapmi go about their business un-noticed and herding on foot is almost a thing of the past. The reindeer live freely in the forest and they are now only gathered together for separating and marking of new calves. Many Sami herd their beasts by snowmobile, 4 X 4 or helicopter nowadays and their traditional costume is generally reserved for special festive occasions. About ... read more
The Arctic Circle
Reindeeer and Elk stir-fry

Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten » Arvidsjaur July 3rd 2005

Motorhome News from Europe 25. Sweden 28th June 2005 Heading north along the Baltic coast The eight hotels in the small town of Tallberg (pop 400) on Lake Siljan fill up with tourists each year for the few weeks of summer. Even the Japanese come here on their four day tour of Europe we’re told! Hans Christian Andersen came here once too, in 1850 (did he come by horse-drawn carriage?). It was his record of the beautiful hilltop views across the lake and the charismatic traditional dwellings that put the village on the map - though it’s my belief that it comes nowhere near Stow-on-the Wold or Bourton-on-the-Water in the Cotswolds! Nice though, and the craft workshops were fascinating. They were busy cutting the grass and dressing the Mid-Summer pole for this weekend’s celebrations. Bright red ... read more
Dala Horses
Jarvso Zoo

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County June 26th 2005

Motorhome News from Europe 24. Sweden June 2005 Goteborg (taking the time to smell the roses), to Stockholm and beyond Gothenborg, as we know it, is one of those places you pass through when you arrive in Sweden by ferry; but we had been led to believe there is more to this western port. The city was just a fifteen minute tram ride from our camp and with the promise of a bright sunny day, we set forth to find out more. In Swedish, Goteborg is pronounced; ‘Yut-te-boy’ apparently, so you might guess that we are going to struggle just a wee bit with the language. That’s only a minor problem for seasoned travellers like us of course, particularly, as in Norway, the younger locals all speak good English! There are not a lot of ‘sights’ ... read more
Tradgardsforeningens Park by the river
Lake Farnebofjarden (have you got your teeth in mother?)

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo June 17th 2005

Motorhome News from Europe 23. Norway/Sweden June 2005 Oslo, Norway, and on into Sweden To the best of my knowledge, I have never seen a photograph of Oslo, so I had little by way of expectations when we arrived at the campsite overlooking the city, mid-morning. The E18 motorway runs straight into the City, through the tunnel under the centre and out the other side. Consequently, there is little traffic in the centre and it has a peaceful air, with wide streets and green parks everywhere. The pedestrianised main street, Carl Johans Gate, runs straight as an arrow about one and a half km from the railway station to the Palace, between smart shops, cafes and restaurants. Nothing like our chaotic Oxford Street! We left Smiley at the campsite and took the bus into town, planning ... read more
The Gothenborg

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