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Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi January 17th 2014

Last blog, I spoke of all the things I loved about Hanoi. What I want to do now is just go through why, even though I like the place, it's not my absolute number one place in the world. One thing that I loved about the Philippines, and Filipinos themselves may not even like this, is that it's kind of "loose". I don't mean that in a bad way, otherwise I wouldn't have said I loved it. What I mean is, at least where I was staying in Taguig, you could just kind of walk around the street with your shirt off, have a beer on the roadside, and it would be perfectly normal. Now I'm not even saying I like doing things like that, but I like places that feel free. Vietnam, as much as ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi January 14th 2014

Well I’m officially one month into my trip. That being the case I thought I’d reflect a little on the trip so far, in relation to my goals at the start of it. Philippines volunteering I always thought Philippines would be difficult yet rewarding. Not just difficult because of the conditions and what I was doing, but because of the random factor. I’d spend a lot of time “tagging along” with others, often with people who I’d never met. It really was just as I thought it’d be – random, difficult, yet rewarding. I won’t go in too much detail as I’ve covered a fair bit in previous blogs. Study When people would ask me whether I’d get bored during my time away, I’d unswervingly answer that the study will keep me from being bored. As ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi January 12th 2014

I’ve been in Hanoi 5 days now. I could see myself staying here much longer. I’m comfortable here and I can’t pinpoint why, but I’ll try: The people. They’re not noticeable extroverted, so I feel I can keep to myself more unlike other more extroverted places. One problem with friendly is that it sometimes crosses into nosy, and this doesn’t seem to be a problem in Hanoi. In general the culture is a good balance between friendly and reserved. The weather. At the end of the day I’m an organism, and I need a good climate. For this particular organism, I like cooler weather. In hot weather I got stifled and lazy, not to mention sweaty. Here it’s about 15 degrees © every day which is just about perfect. It means I can walk long distances ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi December 30th 2013

After a 4am wake up call we left the Limetree in their car (MYR46 for the 4 of us to the airport) with a packed breakfast which sadly didn't live up to the standard set there so far. Kuching to Kuala Lumper was quick and easy. The stopover in KL meant Starbucks for Nic, Tasha and Sonia and after a slight delay, we were on to Hanoi. On arrival at Hanoi airport we completed the applications for visas and handed across the letter sent by Steven from AsiaEyes along with passport sized photos and our passports. The applications were processed immediately. We waited mere moments then were asked for the USD45 for each visa in cash. Unfortunately I had forgotten that part of the process. Wayne asked for an ATM and the officials gestured to the ... read more
Hanoi cyclo tour
Hanoi cyclo tour
Hanoi cyclo tour

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi December 13th 2013

Our last few days in Vietnam were spent in Ha Long Bay and the capital city, Hanoi. Due to our extreme hatred for buses, we decided to get the train to Hanoi (I think I mentioned about the old lady prodding me in the line!) Well, the train journey wasn't too bad. We were on a night train which meant we could sleep for most of the journey...well that's what I thought! I woke up in the middle of the night rocking in my bed, thinking that the train was possibly going too fast and was about to de-rail! I think I always think the worst when I am half asleep! This thought in my head made it really difficult for me to sleep so I laid there, not enjoying the occasional strong smell of cigarette ... read more
Me and Stu on our way to Monkey Island
Hot Pot


Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi November 24th 2013

Ah, Hanoi. Or rather, Ha Noi (with some tone markings), as it would be spelled in Vietnamese. Yes I've been spending the better part of the last six weeks or so here in the northern capital of Vietnam. I'd remembered thinking during my brief stay here last year that this seemed like a place I would like to experience living for a slightly more extended period, so here I was! And since I was going to be here for a while, I thought I might as well sign up for some Vietnamese language classes. For some reason I had the impression that the Vietnamese language was closely linked to Chinese, so I thought this should be easy. And while it's true that some words are obviously Chinese in origin, many more seem to have nothing to ... read more
Boat Ride to Perfume Pagoda
Lao Cai - Hanoi
Cable Car Ride @ Perfume Pagoda

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hai Phong » Cat Ba Island November 24th 2013

Arrived in Hanoi, so far so good. A touch pollluted but have enjoyed getting lost and consequently found again. Keeping up with tradition of trips that have preceeded this one i have been trying to get my hands on a relatively/very cheap bike. Think i have succeeded but time will be a good judge on that point! I paid 3,000,000 dong for the bike but you can pay about halfish for a bike with one gear (as in go) Anyhow one dosent seem quite enough. Also a by product of the cheapness is the size of the bike, definately asian size frame. To get anything bigger than that would take you into the realms of professional cycle shops in Hanoi and no doubt multiples of the price i paid. So yes the bike i am riding ... read more
Cat Ba bay
and thee off
entrepreneurial  spirit!

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi » Thuy An November 14th 2013

After a short flight out of Vientiane we were once again moving through border control.....which seemed a lot easier than i thought it would seeing how we were now in a Communist country, and within 10 minutes of landing we were in a taxi heading for the bustling Old Quarter of Hanoi. So far we thought we were getting it too easy, with the Vietnamese visa being a lot easier to get than we thought and then getting through the airport with no problems what so ever we thought Vietnam was going to be an easy place to travel through......that soon changed as soon as we had our first meeting with the North Vietnamese people! Before coming here we had been told by so many people that the people in the North were not very friendly ... read more
The Military History Museum
Womans museum in Hanoi
The Donut Lady

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi November 13th 2013

Zajtra sa presuvame tak treba trosku zrekapitulovat posledne dva dni. Kedze na dnes sme mali zajednany vylet do Halong Bay tak vcerajsok sme este cely stravili behanim po Hanoi. Hned na obed (nechcelo sa nam vstavat) sme vyrazili smerom k Literature Temple. Je to najstarsia vyse tisic rocna skola v meste. Tvori ju subor budov a chramov obklopenych malym ale krasnym parkom. Nie ze by tam nebolo co obzerat, ale najkrajsie na nej nakoniec bolo ako sa tam chodili fotit studenti po promociach. Vcera vseobecne musel byt nejaky den ked koncia Vietnamske skoly lebo aj o kus dalej pri inom chrame sa zase fotili stredoskolaci v uniformach. Vydrzali sme tam polhodinu len sediet, zut keksy a pozorovat ich. Fascinujuce.. Pokracovali sme dalsim utokom na vojenske muzeum. Tentoraz uz bolo otvorene takze sme slavili vitazstvo. Bola tam ... read more
Promocie ako maju byt
V3S hadr.. :-D
Stara pevnost pri vojenskom muzeu

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi November 10th 2013

Prvy den v Hanoi je za nami. Najskor kopa lietania a potom kopa chodenia. Uz samotna cesta bola pre niektorych z nas zazitok. Beh hore schodmi spat na check-in v Dohe - 50 kcal, Evkin vyraz ked jej teta s usmevom roztrhala letenku - na nezaplatenie. Az na drobne incidenty to ale bola celkom prijemna cesta a par scenerii pocas letu naozaj bralo dych. Hlavne burka nad Irakom kde blesky pod nami neskutocne osvetlovali oblaky. A nie len blesky: - "Dole je obrovsky poziar, kde sme?" - "Hmm.. Nad Baghdadom.." Skoda ze to neslo odfotit. A skoda ze niektori z nas nesedeli pri okienku, ze? :-) Aj srandy cosi malo bolo. Hlavnym zabavacom sa nechcene stal najmladsi clen vypravy. Najskor ked jej na kontrole vysypali obsah kabelky skoro aj s podsivkou alebo ked vytriasla z ruk ... read more
Vecerny Hanoi
Jazero pri hoteli..
Stara katedrala

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