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December 9th 2010
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we caught an afternoon train to kanchanaburi where we're staying for 3 nights. we got to our guest house which is lush- literally rows of wooden huts built up on stilts right on the river- our room is basic but it's cheap and perfect for all we need it for- sleeping!!! it's so relaxing and typically thai- I could quite happily just sit on the wooden chairs doin nothing all day...I love it!!! so we went out for tea on our first night found a bar where we drank more Chang (seems to be all we do) played pool (again) and listened to mint music we are actually in heaven!!!
today we hired 2 bikes for £2 and rode around town for 4 hours....we went to THE bridge and walked across it- I know it's not the original original bridge but it's quite moving thinking of the thousands of prisoners of war that built this during world war 2....we also visited 2 war cemeteries in town that again was moving....I know my dad would love it so I took loads of's nice to see how honoured all of these men are and they're graves are kept so pristine- they are after all true heroes!!! I know I'm getting soppy but it's just good to a tribute to the people that fought for everything we have today!! we also visited a war museum that had guns and memorabilia from the war- and also the remains of 104 bodies- skulls and bones with a sign saying war is sinful behaviour!! again you realise just what these people done for us to have our life the way it is- people like my grandad that fought in Burma where the bridge was built to link Thailand....and only 65/66 year ago!!!! very touching!!!

so we rode around more waving and saying sawadee kah to the locals- I bluddy love it!!! this is easily the best decision I have ever made in my life - we're having the times of our lives!!
now, again we're in the hotel drinking Chang......tomorrow we're going to the tiger temple which is a conservation park ran by Buddhist monks to house tigers- massively controversial as many say the tigers are drugged or they run an illegal breeding programme I have total mixed feelings but I love tigers so much I want to see them tho I think I'll be sad if they seem to be being badly treat- we can also get our photo taken with them which is making me definatley want to go- but I still can't help feeling it's just not right!!!!
I'll post again with photos and news from the tigers after we've been!!!

but as you can tell so far we're fine and we're loving it!!!! xxx


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