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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Hong Son September 10th 2013

After a few days getting stoned, I mean, chilling out in Pai, I continued on my way on the north-west loop towards one of the highland towns closest to Myanmar -- Mae Hong Son. It was a four hour winding bus ride through some stunning highland scenery, but I arrived there soon enough. And what greeted me was a slight surprise. I had somehow expected a relatively bustling city, but Mae Hong Son turned out to be a rather quiet town. It was quite a stark contrast to the farang-filled little streets of Pai. Mae Hong Son certainly seemed much more genuinely local. And yet the vibe certainly wasn't just Thai. The town's proximity to the Shan highlands of neighbouring Myanmar certainly showed in the composition of the local people. Several of the temples in town ... read more
No Yingluck!
Circle of Life
Lake Jong Kham

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Hong Son July 21st 2013

Back to Thailand :-) We were so glad to get off the bus in Bangkok and headed straight to Khao San Road to meet Scott (Katharine’s boyfriend) and find somewhere to stay. Scott had checked into a hotel on the main road so we went there to try to check in. We were met by an incredibly rude woman who tried to tell us Scott hadn’t stayed there unless he was ‘that English man who walked in off the street with a Thai girlfriend’ and that ‘we could stay there if we wanted but it was very noisy’. We were then told off for spending too long looking at the room before showing her our passports to check in properly, and we ended up in absolute hysterics at her attitude and decided to stay there despite ... read more
Katharine loved the shiny gold!
Ugly statues
A small model of the Grand Palace....

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Hong Son January 25th 2013

Remek dzsungel turak indulnak Mae Hong Son-bol, minden guest house tud szervezni 1-3 napos utakat, kulonbozo "fenypontokkal", mint pl. Mae Hong Son kornyeken elo hegyi torzsek (hilltribes- Karen, Lahu, Meo, Lisu, Hmong kisebbsegek) meglatogatasa, kulturajuk tobbe-kevesbe autentikus kornyezetben torteno megismerese - itt a leghiresebb "farang latvanyossag" az aranykarikakkal valoszinutlenul hosszura nyujtott nyaku nok meglatogatasa a Karen falvakban - de vannak itt dzsungel turak, bambusz hajokazas, elefantolas, stb... Engem kifejezetten taszit a falvak turistalatvanyossagkent torteno meglatogatasa, inkabb baratsagos jottmentkent vagyok ilyen helyeken, kevesbe erositi azt a mintat, hogy a helyiek halljak a turistabusz erkezeset, leveszik a farmert es a polot, feloltik a torzsi hacukat meg az orrkarikakat, pozolgatnak egy orat, eladnak nemi kezmuvesseget, aztan amikor elment a busz, vissza... read more
2 - sepru cirok
33 -3 -dzsungel legkondi
4 - hangya var

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Hong Son January 25th 2013

Normally, I would have been very happy to reach my destination 1 hour early - especially on these night busses. But this time, I had some mixed feelings about it. Instead of 6.30 am I arrived in Mae Hong Son by 5 am in a bus terminal far away from the center. It was dark, cold, foggy and I felt miserable. The bus had been quite uncomfortable. I could hardly get some minutes of sleep that night. I quickly decided to go to the Panorama Hotel - the biggest of the cheapish hotels in MHS. The chances of getting a room were better at bigger places and may be, there was someone at the reception. I looked around and finally found someone who took me to town on the back of his motorcycle. Wow, that was ... read more
Wat Doi Kong Moo
Pai river south of MHS
my bike

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Hong Son January 24th 2013

Mae Hong Son, eszak thaifold, Jan 2013 Kis keszulodes, bicajvisszavitel es zabvasarlas utan elkoszontunk Chiang Maitol, ki baratsagos, de kicsit zuros-buzos, zavaros hazigazdank volt az utolso honapban, es elindultunk Mae Hong Son-ba. Lehetett valasztani - gyorsabb, (6 oras) ut Pai fele, de kanyargos es tele szaguldozokkal, wc nelkul, vagy nagyobb buszos, kenyelmesebb, 2 orankent megallos nagy kerulo lefele, Mea Seriang fele (9 ora). A lazabb hosszabb utat valasztottuk, de hat itt se kell valami VIP buszt elkepzelni - matyo himzes muanyagbol az uleseken emlekeztetett a busz fenykorara (1960-as evek), szemet, csikorgo ekszij, 35 km/o vegsebesseg, tele sorozgeto thai cserkeszekkel akik percenkent megallitottak a buszt pisilni. 2 szerzetes mogott foglaltunk helyet, es lazan figyelgettuk az esemenyeket, menetrendszerinti indulasi ido utan masfel oraval, 3 pisiszunet utan meg mindig Hang D... read more
MHS - Wat Jong Kham
MHS felulrol
MHS - a to napfelkeltekor


Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Hong Son January 9th 2013

We arrived in Pai after leaving the quick mountain biking from the day. We showered, then went into town for a massage, drinks and dinner. We also did a bit of shoping. Pai is small but has an active downtown. We had to walk into town but got a tuk tuk to get us back to the hotel. The next morning we were met at the hotel to start our rafting. We rafted the Pai river for 2 days. Unfortunately the water level was very low so there wasn't a lot of big rapids. we still had a good time, especially Shelly. The food was interesting - we tried some new fruits and lunch was a rice dish wrapped in a bananna leave. After about 5.5 hours of rafting we arrived at camp. ok, Thai people ... read more
rags - bathroom
riches - sitting area
riches- view

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Hong Son December 13th 2012

So after a few days in Chiang Mai we booked to got on an over night stay with a tribal village in the jungle! It started off with a major upward hiking session through the forest-and a LOT of grumbling from Gillian lol.. A few hours later we reached the first waterfall which was beautiful.. perfect place to shower underneath it! Some of the boys also went through a passage under the rocks through the water and pitch black.. reckoned I could give this a go! Didn't figure on the not being able to see and all the rocks and the water from the waterfall pushing you through! Came out the other side coughing, spluttering and bleeding from where I hit the rocks.. but it was a bit of an adventure.. Then we sat and had ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Hong Son October 30th 2012

V noci som nemohol spat.Najskor volake dieta vedla hucalo,potom zas dalsi susedia mali naplno pustenu tv a od polnoci az do rana volado furt buchal piratov. Dnes asi volaco oslavuju bo vidim roznu vyzdobu po meste. Klucik od izby som hodil do kosika , kedze tam recepcna nebola. Na ranajky som siel tam kde vcera na veceru. Dal som si ryzu s kuracim masom, Este pumpa,natankoval som lacnejsi benzin a mohol som vyrazit. Opat prechadzam nadhernou prirodou,ryzove policka,super vyhlady.Neda sa to proste opisat to treba vidiet. Cestou som robil par fotozastaviek. Isiel som kuknnut vodopad MAE SUIA,ha lenze nikde nebola napisana kilometraz,palivo som mal max. na 40km. Behol som na pumpu,ale mali len drahsi beznin,tak som si dal 2litre a siel nazad k vodopadu. Cesta genialna,minal som uplne zasite dedinky, len par domcekov. Zastavil som sa ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Hong Son October 4th 2012

This blog has 27 photos --please scroll down and turn page to view all of them.Unfortunately I have noted that when using my iPad to upload photos none of my crops or other edits show, so forgive the occasional finger, dark picture etc. I came across Mae Aw while researching my trip to Thailand and instantly decided it was a must see place. It might not be the most spectacular spot in the country, but I find it really unique and cool. The village was settled by Chinese peoples who were members of the Kuomintang Party.The village for all intent and purpose is "Chinese" which gives it an uniqueness. Here is a great synopsis of the village's history found on Legal Nomads: To trace back to original inhabitants of Mae Aw (or as the Thais call ... read more
Mae Aw seen from across the reservoir
Tea Shop
Tea Tasting

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Hong Son October 3rd 2012

This blog has 32 photos. please scroll down and turn page to view all of them. Bright and early start after a big breakfast....I was really anticipating this North Mountain trip thanks to my obsession with seeing Mae Aw (which I will feature in it's own section.) The road was fun-- the infamous Mae Hong Son loop is said to have some sixty hair pin turns per hour. It's legendary in motorcycle circles. I wish I could have done a better job capturing the scenery along the journey, but if I stopped at every photo op, I'd never get anywhere. Our first stop was the Burmese style Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu which overlooks the city of Mae Hong Son. I enjoyed the panorama for a while and then peeked in on a Buddhist mother's ... read more
Pha Sua Waterfall
Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu
Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu

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