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October 26th 2008
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Today was my friend name day and we were just walking aimlessly without any clue ( or actually we had some) which we should do. That took us past Prinsep Street and we chanced upon this : MANGA KISSa, Japanese Style Comic Cafe. My friend went crazy when seeing it so there was no doubt should we go in or not.
The Cafe was adorable and really different from those where we have been visiting this far. MANGA KISSa was full of manga books, actually there was more than 16,000 comics packed within the 180 sq meter space. There’s around 13,000 Japanese manga and the rest are either Chinese or English translated manga. There was also free drinks and other magazines too, which suited us more than fine.
Like my friend enthusiastically explained to me, this location next to a LAN shop (e-games) - it’s found itself near an active otaku ( we can name it nerd) hive.
It was also possible to pay couple dollars for an anime DVD or even Internet TV and watch Japanese broadcasts. We were almost paying for those massage chairs too. Half an hour for 2 SGD is not a much!
When we left from
The Merlion signThe Merlion signThe Merlion sign

We thought that use of the Merlion as a mascot in the cafe's name sign is a Japanese way of saying “this has something to do with Singapore”.
this cafe, about ten meters later there was a sign " Free WLAN zone ends".
This is the MANGA KISSa's homepage I found from the Internet,
and it really makes sure that the owner of this cafe is Japanese I would say..We will definitely check this place out later too.

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25th November 2008

Yay Manga Cafe
I'm on holiday in singapore at the moment and was googling for the whereabouts of a manga cafe here. Found your blog. Awesome. Thanks!

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