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April 1st 2012
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Off to Beijing

All my bags are packedAll my bags are packedAll my bags are packed

I'm ready to go!
After 2 failed attempts, I am finally doing it. I'm off to fulfill my childhood dream to STEP on THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA!

I want to accomplish this feat so I can move on with scheming new things.

It's like a whirlwind since I decided to quit my job. Even before I tendered my resignation I already bought my air ticket to Beijing. It was like a motivation or a deadline that I should leave before then. I know I have the tendency to drag on things even if it is futile in keeping the same. I won't discuss my work-related issues, I have chosen to let go of whatever it was. Another thing that has made me really take this leap of faith now is that I was getting sick a lot since December - headaches, migraine, fainting and muscle injuries. It does give you a scare a bit. I know that the only thing certain in this world, is that we all die. But faced with such a constant reminder, it makes me make a more urgent decision. Although on hindsight, maybe it was just stress(not necessary caused by work, but how my mind and heart is processing all the recent events in my life). I caused so much drama in my head.

Back to present. I slept at past 5am today as I am still hyper from last nights fun. Such kindreds spirits we are. I'm still hyper from earlier, also excited and anxious for my trip. Being consistent to myself, when I will start this vacation I'll have a couple more pimples from my lack of sleep. Everything went by fast and easy today. Except for the fact that I left my coat and scarf. I was already at the bus stop when I realized so I have to go back lugging all my stuff. It's an absolute necessity or else by now I would have freeze to death. My brother meet up with me in the airport as I have to give to him the tripod or maybe I was just making an excuse because his presence seems to calm all my nerves. I was worried about the immigration thing but really it was all a breeze which makes those stories about the difficulty getting into China seems like fiction. I was also lucky to be seated beside a gentleman lifting my bag for me. So much for independent woman mode, I cannot lift over 10 kilos on the overhead compartment.

Now, I'm typing it here at the Capital Airport at 3am. The 1st trip of the train is at 6:30. So I have to wait. Airports are full of drama but I guess those stories are part of my Day 1 already.

Thank you Lord for keeping me safe and sound.


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