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Asia » Singapore » Changi November 20th 2013

Mam niewiele czasu bo samolot niestety musi odlecieć o wyznaczonej porze, więc będę się dziś streszczał i nie zanudzę towarzystwa tak jak co dzień. Właśnie, samolot, lotnisko. Dziś mieliśmy nieco więcej czasu na pochodzenie po Changi Airport w Singapurze i ilość atrakcji jaką za darmo oferują na lotnisku jest... nie do wypróbowania podczas paru godzin. Darmowe kino, sale gier komputerowych, wygodne loże dla dłużej oczekujących, nie wspomnę już o niesamowitych ogrodach i darmowym, na każdym kroku internecie, z którego zresztą właśnie korzystam. Żyć nie odlatywać. Lotnisko stworzone dla oczekujących, a nie tylko po to aby ich wyrzucić z samolotu, lub do niego wrzucić. Tajowie muszą się jeszcze wiele nauczyć w kwestii podejścia do klienta. Nie wiem tylko czy wyraziliby ochotę. To co napisałem o lotnisku było doświadczeniem dziś ... read more
Pole Position to może nie jest ale zawsze miejsce w pierwszej 30tce...
Singapore Flyer.
Gardens By The Bay.

Asia » Singapore » Changi November 17th 2013

Just a quick update. Flight to Singapore was good. Changi airport is huge. It makes Tulla look like a bush terminal, albiet the shops and outrageous prices are the same. I suppose that's the case with all airports. It is such a guilty pleasure to fly up the pointy end. You could almost fit 4 people in the same space ( and they probably do down the back). The seat folds down into a bed ( photos to follow ) and you can tell the frequent travelers in that class because as soon as the seat belt sign goes off they jump up, convert the seat to bed format, press the "do not disturb" sign and sleep for the entire flight. I had to get the hostess to make my bed up. I think I managed ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Changi September 1st 2013

Just shy of two years ago I packed my bags and headed out on the most wonderful adventure......and right now I’m heading back to the country and people that stole my heart !! A very short trip this time though...but no less anticipated. I always knew that my 2011 trip would be a life-changing experience and I can say without reservation that it certainly was. I experienced so much during that trip and learnt a lot about myself, as well as feeling a great sense of achievement with the knowledge that I had in fact made a positive impact on the lives a quite a few people....not everyone gets that opportunity in their lifetime. Now my life is segregated into “pre-Cambodia”; “when I was in Cambodia” and “since I got back from Cambodia”....there’s not a day ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Changi August 27th 2013

Here it is day 3 - sitting at Changi Airport waiting for onward flight to Dubai. Flight time is about 2 hours away so I am wiling away the time in the Kris Business Class Lounge. Arrived in Singapore on Sunday afternoon and proceeded by taxi to my friend Peter's place for a couple of nights. Peter's son Ryan was also staying with him. We went out to a local food place (Chinese) and had a very pleasant dinner. THe food, although from a "fast Food" establishment was tasty. I thought the other guys had ordered too much (seven dishes) but when they came I saw local knowledge helps. The dishes were smallish. Yesterday (Monday) I did the tourist thing. Went up to Orchard Road and jumped on the Singapore Airlines Hop-on Hop-off bus. Traveled around ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Changi April 30th 2013

Had a 4 hour stopover at Singapore. Changi International Airport has not been voted best in the world 4 times for no reason - after having a little nap in theír 'Sleep Zone' I had a wander around the butterfly garden and then got my first dose of Asian sun for quite some time in the Cactus Garden - all for free public use without leaving the confines of the airport. I then made use of the Terminal 1 roof terrace pool ($13USD) - it was wonderful, and there is a bar too!! I'd have happily paid twice the price I found myself thinking as I swam my widths in the cool clear water with the sun beating down on me. There are worse ways to wait for ones connecting flight! With the shops, restaurants, gardens, ... read more


Asia » Singapore » Changi April 22nd 2013

Dear all, When I wrote last we were waiting for the rain to stop. Sadly it didn't stop enough for us to explore Chinatown but that only means we will have to visit again soon!! We went to Orchard road for shopping and then eventually headed back to the hotel. After that it was time for a swim and then more amazing Asian food! We honestly haven't had a single bad meal since we arrived. Singaporean food is influenced by so many cultures that its all really interesting. This morning we checked out and headed off to explore more of Sentosa for the day. We went to a museum called Images of Singapore which was a really good exhibition about the history of Singapore. Then we walked a nature trail through the forest. Ash had never ... read more
Ash only wears Asian clothes now!!!
The beach

Asia » Singapore » Changi February 27th 2013

Hop 1 has brought the wanderer to the sunny, familiar, pleasantly efficient, impressively hygienic, and surprisingly bleep-ridden environs of Changi airport, Singapore. Not much sleep had on first flight despite the 5 am start yesterday. Shame really as that flight was the right one to sleep through in order to wake in the morning here and then be in approximately the right time zone when landing in Melbourne. Oh well, as is often the case, the wanderer's body is making it up as it goes along. Exhausted when it woke, caffeine fuelled on the busy drive to Heathrow, exhausted again as it boarded the plane, and yet it still decided about an hour or so of sleep would be enough and its owner should spend the rest of the flight in the company of films and ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Changi February 3rd 2013

So far so good. Landed at Changi about twenty minutes ago. Flight was a breeze ......... Singapore sling en route! and good food by Singapore Airlines, went native for breakfast with noodles, chicken and veg. Bu t also served with a very British bread roll butter and maramalde. Bit of turbulence on descent into Changi but managed not to whimper or gasp like the big girls blouse that I am. Only another ten hours.... read more

Asia » Singapore » Changi February 3rd 2013

Damn, it turns out that our optimism was woefully misplaced!!! As we neared Indonesia the Captain announced that the plane had a technical problem and we would be diverting to Singapore to have it investigated. So we pretty much made a 90° turn to the left to start heading north to Singapore. We had to dump fuel to lighten the plane for our unscheduled landing. That was sort of interesting seeing thousands of litres of fuel purged from a spout in the wing. What a waste though and does it all vapourise in the upper atmosphere or does it have an environmental impact? We landed at Changi just before noon, but because our landing was unscheduled we had to remain on board while the ground staff checked the plane. Thank goodness we were allowed to turn ... read more
Dumping fuel

Asia » Singapore » Changi January 16th 2013

Surprisingly we have come through this vacation without even the need of a plaster. But never talk too soon. We were just putting our bags into the taxi and I went to put my handbag (which almost weighs as much as my roll-on) on my shoulder at the same time as Don bent down. The result: near concussion. He survived with head intact and without bruising. A good job too as he got a little wind burn on his head on Monday. We were driving down the motorway behind a van with the words "Blind Man Driving" (see photo). The three of us found it quite amusing. We were at the airport very early and after we got to the lounge I took some time to reflect on our time in Australia and New Zealand: 1. ... read more

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