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Asia » Pakistan » Islamabad October 28th 2008

MONDAY 27th OCTOBER Hello from sunny Pakistan! Made it here at last after many months waiting and planning. We are in Islamabad for 2 weeks having our in-country training which involves 2hours of Urdu each day, As-salam alaikum to all, then briefings on security, cultural adaptation and etiquette etc,etc. There are 7 of us new vols and a very mixed bunch we are, which makes for interesting conversations. It is good to be making friends with people who will be based in different areas of Pakistan as we will be able to visit and see different aspects of this country. We are staying in a guest house in a very new suburb of Islambad far away from any suspect areas. It is in a street full of very large posh looking houses with varandas,pillars,gates infact it ... read more
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Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas October 19th 2008

The bus to Pakistan was due to leave at 11am; which 11am was a moot point! There is a constant dilemma about times. 'Official' activities, such as bus and train times run on Beijing time, whereas most of the Kashgar population run on local time - 2 hours earlier -so it was difficult to know quite when the bus would take off, and when we should start to queue. In the event, we waited around for a couple of hours. The bus left half empty, which meant we had the unusual experience of having plenty of space. Most of the native passengers seemed to be taking a fair amount of Kashgar market with them! Cardboard boxes, tarpaulins gathered and sewn up, all containing god knows what, to sell at home for a nice profit. The landscape ... read more
Hunza Valley

Asia » Pakistan » Lahore October 15th 2008

The first night in Lahore was fun. We went to Pizza hut for Sinead's birthday and after Happy Birthday and For She's A Jolly Good Fellow (Australians seem to love this song) we sang Jibey Pakistan (the speeling is pure guesswork), which translates as Long Live Pakistan. The locals loved it; the waiters and a lot of the diners joined in, which I can't imagine happening to a bunch of foreigners singing Rule Britania in an English Pizza Hut. On the second day we visited the Lahore Fort and Red Mosque, which were both beautiful. The mosque had an interesting room, where the roof was built so you could have a private conversation which someone tanding in the opposite corner. After that we went to see the border closing ceremony at Wagha (the border with India). ... read more

Asia » Pakistan October 13th 2008

Sukkur was fun. We had armed guards following the bus and guarding the hotel and, after some people had had a few drinks, two or three people got their photos taken holding AK47s (can you imagine that happening back home!). One of the girls I was sitting with was half convinced that she saw a sniper on the roof next door. It turned out to be a man with a chair, but, as someone pointed out, the chair coud be so he could shoot us all in comfort. The second day was brilliant; we went to an old ruined city called Moenjodaro, which was apparently the birthplace of IndoEuropean languages. It was unimaginably hot, but still managd to interest us. The name translates as City of the Dead, so I'm guessing it was named after it ... read more

Asia » Pakistan October 13th 2008

Multan was not good. Not good at all. To be fair the hotel was amazing; they gave us some really nice drinks and flower garland necklaces as we got in, which everyone loved, but it was soon to go downhill. We were setting off for a football match against the local team and all excited when Kim, our tour leader came in and told us that the match had been cancelld by the cheif of police. It took us a while to realise she wasn't joking. With an escourt of more armed guards than there were people we set off to see the town's mosque and fort instead, which was not fun, because the guards literally shoved people out of the way in their town and their temple so we could look round. The worst part ... read more


Asia » Pakistan » Quetta October 12th 2008

We left a terrible guide in Pakistan (he rejected our tip in the hope of getting a bigger one and then took it back when he didn't) to meet two wonderful ones in Pakistan. Pakistan is amazing; we literally crossed the border, stripped off our mantors (I do NOT recomend wearing a t shirt under a mantor in the middle of the desert btw but at least we got out of them sooner), got onto two small and wonderfully air conditioned buses, met our two lovely guides Bilal and Amjad, stopped for samosas and soft drinks before we had gone five minutes and basically completely failed to get bored for the eleven hour drive. There was a slight downpoint when I woke up without realising I'd been asleep to find all the curtains closed (so that ... read more

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore October 5th 2008

This time Iwould like to post only the route that I follow since Katmandu... read more

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore October 2nd 2008

This tense was written on the board of the Regale internett Inn Hotel in Lahore two months ago. I'll come back in Pakistan for sure one day, especially in Rumbur valley.... read more
Chitral tea shop

Asia » Pakistan » Lahore August 28th 2008

Still in the throws of packing and sorting between this life and the next. Feel very odd. Good luck to those of you going back to Coundon!!! Just to let you know that hopefully this will be the beginning of an interesting blog! ... read more

Asia » Pakistan » North West Frontier Province » Peshawar August 13th 2008

19 August Amritsar, Punjab, India Except for arriving from and departing back to the United States, I usually do not take too many flights when traveling. Yes, I know they cut distances and save time. But I need to be lodged against a window and see what I would be missing, impossible at 35,000 feet. If a train goes, I’ll be on it. Otherwise I’ll settle for a bus, minivan, outside panel of a jeep, or bed of a pickup truck. Ameen asked me back in Gilgit where I would go after we parted company in Chitral. “Peshawar”, I said. “Are you sure you want to go there?” I was. “Yes.” I would be fielding that question very often. “How will you go?” “Well, from what I gather, it is a ten-hour ride with a change ... read more
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