Photos from Bokèo Nature Reserve, West, Laos, Asia - page 12

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Can't help it - have to incude this one ;-)
That's the way to do it - Leeno was born to zip :-)
Matt from England is on his way
Morning view from the house
View from our treehouse
One of our beds in the treehouse
David from the U.K., me and Frank from Holland
Sunset from our tree house
View from our tree house
Leeno is getting ready for zipping
Karly in the air
Men in action :-)
Chis and Natalie - sweaty T-shirts after trecking through the jungle
Karly from the Jersey Island
Sweaty and tired after tracking in the jungle - very demanding...
The men in our team
Gorgeous Adam from London
Almost landing
Seconds from "take off"
Ready to fly
Leeno has burned his forehead on the wire while zipping - ouch!!!
Tree house No. 2 - the love nest - only for 2 people
Frank from Holland was my tree-mate
Dinner time - not enough food for everybody - too many hungry people on board
This is how they built it
Our guides had to be pulled in the house - a small technical problem...
Our guides needed help pulling back to the house
Bloody leg after a leech bite - poor Chris :-)
Tree house No. 1
Everybody's sweaty and exhausted after climbing up hill
Palm trees in the jungle
Tracy before a jump
Leeno zipping through the jungle
Waiting for my turn to zip
Roller and a security rope
Adam seconds before jumping of the tree house
Our guide in the jungle
Evening in our tree house No. 3 - listening to the loud sounds of jungle
Cute little bear
Adam and Leeno - great guys!
Tracy zipping from the house
Tree House No. 1 - to take this picture I had to stop in the middle of the line and them pull myself in the house - not fun without gloves!
A new game!
Mist on the jungle
The view from the big zip line
Still hungry
Cute sicky bear
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