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Asia » Kyrgyzstan » Bishkek December 23rd 2013 The only thing that survived from my trip to Bishkek is a small movie of fire dancers, all my pictures are gone, because my camera was stolen, and i was to stupid to upload them every day. But one day I return to that city and than I will also visit the mountain area.... read more

Asia » Kyrgyzstan » Bishkek December 6th 2013

Here are a few pictures of Bishkek and the surroundings of the capital of Kyrgyzstan at the end of October. As you can see on the photos, the weather was nice ( I was wearing short sleeves to cycle) but it also snowed for a few days. The contrasts between the jammed city center and the silent hills around Bishkek are remarkable. You don’t want to be driving in Bishkek. The down-town area is small and it’s much faster and convenient to ride a bike (if you’re not scared) or walk. After a month spent with Becky in China, it was obviously very hard to leave her. On the other hand, I missed my bike (I had left it in Bishkek) and I was happy to get back on the saddle and explore new places in ... read more
following some traditions
Outside Bishkek
Salam, Kid!

Asia » Kyrgyzstan » Bishkek September 21st 2013

Kashgar to Bishkek Tuesday 17 September: Not much to report today. We left Kashgar early (07:30) for the long drive back to Tash Rabat (Yurt Camp) where we arrived at about 16:00 sans one bus and half the group. Olga and our driver Oleg just left to see if the others were in difficulty. At the camp we met up with a group of five Australians and New Zealanders. Based on information received at the border it’s going to be cold tonight. Last night at Tash Rabat it was minus 50 C. The trip back was generally a reverse of last Friday with the exception of less traffic, including buses. There were only two or three that we saw and one of them was empty. The major change to the scenery was ... read more
Kashgar to Biskek
Kashgar to Biskek
Kashgar to Biskek

Asia » Kyrgyzstan » Bishkek June 14th 2013

My dream of travelling by road from Dushanbe in Tajikistan to Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan looked increasingly unlikely. Protestors in Jalal-abad in Kyrgyzstan had blocked the highway linking Osh to Bishkek, and the government threatened to declare a state of emergency in the area so my passage was problematic. After advice from my guide, Saidali, and my hotel host in Bishkek, I reluctantly made the decision to terminate my road journey in Osh. After two weeks of a most incredible road trip, the end now lay only two days away. I have been blessed by the weather this entire journey, and under cloudless skies we left Murgab bound for the expansive mountain lake of Kara-Kul in Tajikistan. We travelled along generally good roads that included the highest point of the Pamir Highway, the 4655 metre Ak-Baital pass. ... read more
Pamir Highway near Kara-Kul - Tajikistan
View of the Pamirs from Kyrgyzstan
Friendly boy at Dordoy Bazaar - Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Asia » Kyrgyzstan » Bishkek January 26th 2013

Osh Bazaar was Bishkek’s largest market place. It was a hive of activity with endless arrays of fruit and vegetables, clothes and mops, and everything else the people of Bishkek could possibly want. It also had a contingent of policemen, two of whom were watching me, though I didn’t know it at the time. Suddenly I spotted what I was looking for - a stand peddling kumis,fermented mare’s milk. Even though I’d tried the hideous stuff in Almaty, I was eager to give it a second chance. Perhaps the Kazakh kumis I’d drank had been from a bad batch. Peering into the large urn, I mimed to the lady in charge that I’d like a cup of Kyrgyzstan’s national drink. After the usual confusion, she produced a bowl and ladled the white liquid in ... read more
Colourful Krygyz Som
Massive statue of Lenin
Kumis - tasty!


Asia » Kyrgyzstan » Bishkek August 15th 2012

Het begon op zo'n avond in november, dat ik nietsvermoedend naar "3 op reis" zat te kijken en mijn reizigersbloed sneller ging stromen van de aflevering waarin Floortje dwars door Kirgizie reist. Veel plannen en geregel later, stapte ik op 25 juli in het vliegtuig met Baukje, Martine en Karin naar de hoofdstad Bishkek. Wij organiseerden alles via CBT (community based tourism). Echt toerisme in de vorm van hotels en tourbureautjes bestaat namelijk niet in Kirgizie, maar deze organisatie heeft allerlei adresjes, gidsen, chauffeurs en het lijkt erop, dat de gelden ook daadwerkelijk daar terecht komen, waar ze horen terecht te komen. Op het moment dat wij aankwamen, was het betalen voor een visum ook afgeschaft, dus zo ongeveer niks praktisch belet je nog om naar dit land te reizen. En Kirgizie, wat moet je je ... read more

Asia » Kyrgyzstan » Bishkek August 13th 2012

Well as the title of the blog should tell you, I had a bit of trouble at the border of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Turns out I was supposed to "register" within five days of being in Kazakhstan and do some other crap that tourists have to do when visiting places like this. I didn't so I had a bit of a problem. After riding for about 5 hours from Shymkent we arrived at the Kyrgyz border. My new Dutch friend and I departed ways at the bus terminal that morning. He was bound for Tashkent, I for Bishkek. Kinda neat. Anyway, at the border I was stopped by immigration for not properly having filled out my registration card. The registration card, by the way, is this 1" by 2" scrap of paper that they uncounciously give ... read more

Asia » Kyrgyzstan » Bishkek August 13th 2012

So, after a day of wandering Bishkeks green parks, quiet streets, and colorful markets, I decided to get the hell out! This was August 11, 2012. I left my new Kyrgyz friend's house and headed to Osh Market where there were supposed to be buses to Ala Archa National Park waiting for meeeee! I was loaded up with all my hiking gear in my bright red Deuter 42L pack and not speaking any language common to the area and basically screaming, "TOURIST HERE! ANYONE WANNA SEE A TOURIST? TOURIST!" I was also at the busiest market in all Kyrgyzstan on SATURDAY. Great idea. So after waiting for my bus to show up (it never did) I worked up an appetite so I wandered around trying to find some bread and jam. Soon some "toughs" found me ... read more
A Generous Host
On Top

Asia » Kyrgyzstan » Bishkek July 27th 2012

Stop #11 July 27th 2012 Teplye Kluchy After finishing the wedding preparations fairly early today we decided to head out to Alamedid Vally to relax at Teplye Kluchy (natural hot springs with mineral water) for the evening and maybe spend the night there. It was a beautiful day to be out driving, not to hot but warm enough to be comfortable. After leaving Bishkek we headed south to Koytash and beyond. After Koytash the road began to wind alongside the Alamedid River and I saw more yurts and shepherd tents set up in this valley then anywhere in Kyrgyzstan before. There were herds of sheep and goats everywhere, with some shepherds on horses and some on foot. Most of the yurts had signs out selling a local drink called Kumyz made from sour horse milk with ... read more
Local Family Home
Mountain Resort

Asia » Kyrgyzstan » Bishkek July 27th 2012

Stop #12 July 27th 2012 Issuk-Ata Resort After striking out at Teplye Kluchy we decided to see if we could find a shortcut over to the next valley, which was named Issuk-Ata as there were supposedly some hot springs there as well at a resort. I was hoping we could find a shortcut without going all the way back to Bishkek then heading east and south up the valley again. After arriving back in Koytash we started asking around and indeed found a road heading to Karagay-Bulak and was supposedly only about 45 minutes away. At the beginning the road seemed fairly nice although it wound around the hills with some steep switchbacks. The further we drove the more remote it became though with long distances between any signs of habitation. It also turned from cracked ... read more
Resort Building
Hot Springs
Watermelon Party

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