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Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Vellore July 12th 2014

It has now been 5 weeks since I left the UK and started my summer of volunteer work in India with ICS and Restless Development. So far there have been ups and downs, frustrations and challenges but I am pleased with the work we have achieved within the local communities and hope to build on this over the coming months. Life in India this time around is very different to my holiday in the North four years ago. For a start the Tamil Nadu region feels like I'm in a different country especially with the different language. While we had a few Tamil lessons during training I have only managed to master a few basic words and sentences and being understood is a real effort. Sign language and mime help but the difficulty is exacerbated by ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Vellore October 22nd 2011

Project Amirthi Hi guys this vivek … I planned to visit the amirthi forest which is about 25 km away from vellore city so this is how the plan when  It was an early morning at vellore got out of my hostel by 5.45am and reached the vellore old busstand by 6.10am… the ride to vellore bus stand was pretty nice I had never seen the city such early morning the streets were filled with thin layer of fog which was passing through the street lamps it is nice to know it can be chilly in such a hot place like vellore that 2 min ride on the bridge to vellore haven’t seen it in an entirely new way….. 6.12am I was at the enquiry room to know the bus number and timings and found ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Vellore October 16th 2011

:My tirp to vallimalay and vatenary ponni…….: I decided to go to vallimalai on 16 early morning I had decided to go explore in and around of vellore duing my stay at vellore for 2 years . so I did a small search on the net which is the nearest place to visit near vellore and found vallimalai was on the top of the list..... so after visiting my cous sis I had my lunch opp to cmc a hotel named as Arati hotel i met an waiter who seem to be knowledgable was kind of old he told me the bus timings and also suggested few places near by vellore to visit one of them is the amiriti forest which is about 25 km from vellore the way he explained about the place excited me.. ... read more
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Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Vellore June 9th 2009

For almost two months we were contemplating on visiting Maha Lakshmi Golden Temple at Sripuram near Vellore and finally the plans seemed to materialize during last week of May 2009. My brother-in-law Siva wanted to take his new Swift Dezire to Golden Temple and we decided to go there on a two day trip. We decided on taking two cars - My Santro and Siva’s Dezire as Siva’s friend Ravindran also joined in with his family. Family 1 : PraveenKumar(Myself), Vathsalya Lakshmi (My Wife), Dad & Mom Family 2 : Siva Subba Rao, Dr.Suman, Chaitanya & Narasimha Bai Family 3 : Siva’s Friend Ravindran, his Wife and two kids Ranjit & Ranjan As usual we did some research on the net and found two possible routes for Vellore. Route-I Bangalore Hosur Krishnagiri Bargur ... read more
Vathsalya Lakshmi Driving

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Vellore January 31st 2008 its been an eventful few days and I have not been able to get online. First because I just didn't have time and now because the internet at the hospital is down. The computer lab has a sign saying that it is because of road construction between Vellore and Chennai (3 hrs), however rumor has it that it is because it is the end of the month and the hospital is only allowed to have a certain amount of gigabytes or whatever per month. strange. anyway-i found an internet cafe and here i am. I think I last wrote after I had gone to the rehab hospital. Yesterday I went on a village trip with CHAD (community health and development). it was amazing! they do such great things for so many people. my expertise was ... read more
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Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Vellore January 29th 2008 correction from yesterday's blog. apparently Tamil movies are called Kollywood-not Tollywood. I knew I had read somewhere that there was some ollywood here and assumed it was with a T because I am in Tamil Nadu, however I was wrong. Never assume anything. So, therefore, I am a Kollywood star. That seems quite appropriate since my name is Kim. I think i may have a future career. After teaching last night (we did a review of the first 1/2 of what I have taught and it went really well-people actually remembered most things!), I got picked up by my friend's friend, Ruby who runs an orphanage. My German friend Anna also came along for the trip. The orphange is great! It is called The Hope House (Helping Orphans Prevail in Everything) and has 14 girls ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Vellore January 28th 2008

So-its been a few days. sorry for that. I stayed in town for the weekend. Saturday was Republic Day. what is that you ask? well...I did ask and here is the answer. duh-it's the day India became a republic. I definitely felt like a genius after that one. sorry that as an ambassodor for the US, we may now be thought of as stupid (although I think certain political figures may have already taken care of that for us). oops. So Saturday we took a trip to the Vellore Fort-it is the one and only tourist attraction mentioned in lonely planet for vellore (the only other thing being CMC hospital). It was so cool. i guess i really like forts. they even had a moat with a dragon! ok, no dragon, but really a moat! there ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Vellore January 25th 2008

Ok so first things first...I am on my way to the computer lab and a guy stops me. He is speaking perfect English but I am just looking at him not understanding what he was saying. He kept repeating, but because of his tone of voice, I couldn't grasp what it was he was trying to tell me (I thought he was trying to ask me directions and couldn't understand why someone would stop the only very obviously foreign person). Turns out he was saying "there is an insect on your head". ok if i stopped someone to tell them that, it may have been more like "THERE IS AN INSECT ON YOUR HEAD" while squatting it away. He was so cool, calm and collected that I just didn't quite get it. He then very nicely ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Vellore January 23rd 2008

Ok so...things have been continuing to go well. A lot of the students have left and that has been a bit sad, but I am sure some new ones will be coming. Some interesting things...yesterday I taught my hip class. It turns out that they don't see a lot of hip injuries or arthritis of the hip. I was this because we are way more active in the US and more likely to wear out our hips? or is it because we have machines or people to do everything for us and we are no longer squatting like our ancestors did? or is it just becuase our life expectancy is higher so we are outliving our hips? The latter wouldn't explain why people (aka my mama) are having hip replacements at relatively young ages (i ... read more
Ha ha!
I heart Pondicherry!

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Vellore January 21st 2008 bring you all back to my wardrobe dysfunction of Friday-it got worse!! Not only did I have a hair elastic holding up my pants, right before I was about to start teaching, I was squatting on the ground and completely split my pants down one leg starting at the knee! yikes! Luckily these tops are super long, but becuase of the splits down the side, I had to be super careful. I had to modify some techniques that I was teaching as to not scandalize the staff! I am just bummed I ruined my pants but i will get them fixed if I am not too lazy. Ok so Friday night was just spent hanging out and being silly because one of the girls in my building is heading back to australia today. we had ... read more

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