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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaipur May 8th 2013

Yesterday was a very long day. We had breakfast early in Udaipur and then got on our bus for what turned out to be an almost 8 hour trip to Jaipur. Temperature was very hot (as per usual) but it is the only way to get between the two cities. We really got to know our guide Vishtal quite well while traveling. I think that he is the best guide that I have ever had in any of our trips. He is extraordinarily intelligent and clear and has a passion about India which just feels good to us. He has told us a great deal about Hinduism and the many different gods that Hindus worship... i guess we call them sects. There are so many stories about the different temples that we have seen and the ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaipur May 5th 2013

The next day we headed to the Pink City. Upon arrival we were informed by Mr Singh that our 2.5 hour elephant ride the next day was actually a ten minute ride up to Amber Fort. Andrew and I went livid and demanded we speak to the tour agency. After much argument, he said that there had been a misunderstanding and that he would pay for us to have dinner at one of the old Havellis in town. We lazed the afternoon by calling the Wilsons, and then donned our glad rags for dinner. The roof top restaurant was better laid out than most places we had eaten at but in terms of menu and price was almost the same as the one in our hotel. From the look of the photos on the wall it ... read more
Elephants at Amber
On board the elephant
Amber Palace Gardens

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaipur May 4th 2013

The bus journey between Pushkar and Jaipur was an easy 3.5 hour trip. The bus pulled in to the front of the hotel, loaded our luggage, and we were underway. It was fairly modern and clean and we were the only passengers on board at first, although we did the usual pick up/drop off along the way. Much to my surprise, we used an expressway for the entire trip, except for a couple of dusty diversions into towns to pick up passengers. So, I reached Hotel Palms in Jaipur not feeling too shattered. The bus dropped us right outside the hotel, which was a bonus. Things were looking up, I thought, when we entered the foyer. Air conditioning, comfortable leather look seating and a lift! No extra charges for air conditioning or wifi, a definate improvement. ... read more
Jartar Mantar
The Palace of the Winds
The Palace of the Winds

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaipur April 23rd 2013

Greetings from the beautiful, gentle world of elephants! We spent approximately five hours today interacting with these peaceful and magnificent creatures. On arrival, we were introduced to our elephant, Callibelly, who we would be spending the next five hours with. We were told that elephants are very sensitive animals and pick up on our energy (similar to dogs) and so we must remain very calm when near them. Their eyesight is not particularly good, so they depend mainly on smell to navigate their way through life. So we were also asked to stand close to the elephants, speak to them reassuringly, calmly and not convey any anxiety. Again, so similar to interactions with dogs(!) Elephants are pack/herding animals and are thus very sociable creatures, so dont like to be alone... We were also surprised to find ... read more
Jungle trek

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaipur April 23rd 2013

We were a little apprehensive initially about our five hour train journey... We had heard some horror stories: delayed trains for hours and hours on end and complete chaos at the stations. But, us usual, we were pleasantly surprised at the (eventual) simplicity of it all. Firstly, the sheer size of the place alone was enough to make anyone a little nervous. Crowded? Yes - but chaotic? Not particularly. Once again we appeared to be the only white people amongst a sea of Indian faces, hence understandably a lot of stares. But we're quite accustomed to this now. Jen had a little encounter with a squat toilet, after accidently wondering into the men's toilets. "NO NO NO MA'AM!!!" ... Good start. Fortunately we were able to find an English speaking man to ask which platform we ... read more
Tal on a spacious carriage!
Arriving in Jodhpur
Desert views


Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaipur April 22nd 2013

Good evening! We are pleased to announce a hassle free/vom free night last night, we both slept through until 04.30am before the call for morning prayer began. Who needs an alarm clock when you live near a mosque... Thank you so much everyone by the way for all your lovely comments - it's soooo nice to receive them, especially when feeling so far away from home. By the way, don't send any private messages on here, for some reason they're not coming through. But we love hearing from you all, thank you :) Back to today, feeling decidedly better although still not eating - terrified of having a repeat performance of the last 48 hours. Gulp. After skipping breakfast, we made our way on a comparatively luxurious tuk tuk (compared to Delhi)... Oh yes, we're privileged ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaipur April 21st 2013

Greetings from Jaipur! The journey back to Delhi airport was as manic and crazy as ever... Trucks, rickshaws, people, cows and buses weaving in and out of each other as usual. 'Honking' and barging their way through towards their final destination. In Delhi, there is no 'right of way' - it's more a case of 'MY way'... We've learnt quickly not to make eye contact with anyone whilst in the car. Big mistake - the second you do, people will see that as an invitation to beg. We stopped at one set of traffic lights and made eye contact with a very unfortunate looking lady cradling her baby on the side of the road. Immediately, she ran to my side of the window and tapped her knuckles repeatedly, pleading something we couldn't understand. Its an agonising ... read more
Market place

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaipur April 21st 2013

Hello all! As you will know from the previous post Tals has unfortunately been very ill. I woke up our first night here to find her violently shivering despite the fact she was burning up. Then the vom started... Poor old Tals was then being violently sick for the next 24 hours as well as having a high fever and couldn't even keep water down! Luckily I have experience of looking after Plops in a similar condition(!) so I was on hand to be nursemaid! After many cool soothing flannels on her forehead and then some dyorolite she was starting to improve by the evening and is much better today and well on the road to recovery! Luckily the people at the Homestay have been very kind and thoughtful and have helped us re-schedule our activities ... read more
Gate to the Pink City
Me and the Amber Palace in the background
View of Jaipur

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaipur March 23rd 2013

Tuesday 12th Jimmy was at the doctors today so Lak drove us to the touristy bits. We also went to see a Guru, I was skeptical but when we walked in he told us both where we are from and told Marlies she must be in something like nursing or social work; she does both. He said I have healing hands and should do something involving massage - I'm doing sports therapy at uni. We both had a small sesh with him, in the US and Oz he charges thousands but at his home he doesn't charge. Hard to believe but it is like a sixth sense- he knew so many personal thins, also, he asked how old my mum is.. I said 41 and he corrected me to 42, he was right! (Sorry Mum). That ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaipur March 16th 2013

After our complimentary toast and a luke warm shower we met our chauffeur who took us tp the train station. We were advised to arrive an hour early due to the 'commotion' at the train station and not to show anyone but the officials our train ticket; although I found the station not busy and not even the officials wanted to see our tickets. Things were running suspiciously smoothly! We were in one of the sleeper carriages but each had three bunks to ourselves it was so quiet. There's no chance of going hungry either, every 10 mins someone walks through shouting 'chi!' (tea) - we also had a cheeky samosa. When we arrived at Jaipur Jimmy, another rickshaw driver, greeted us off the train and took us to our next hotel, giving us his guestbook ... read more

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