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Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Vardzia November 6th 2012

Resumo: tirando milhões de fotos; viajando nas idéias; estou bem! Sabe aqueles lugares que você não pára de dizer "Uaw!"? Que você não para de tirar fotos? Pois é, este lugar foi Vardzia, ao sul da Geórgia. Visitei este lugar não esperando muita coisa... Bom, este é o segredo para deixar muita coisa melhor: não esperar muito. Mas escrevo este post não para falar do lugar em si (não que não mereça), mas sim para descrever aqui alguns questionamentos que tive ao visitar este complexo de cavernas. Será que eu também não vivo através das sombras projetadas? Aqui muitos poderiam pensar que eu sou o prisioneiro que consegue se libertar, escalar o muro e ver o Mundo, a Natureza. Mas ainda tenho dúvidas se tudo o que eu vejo, tudo que eu estou vivenciando não são ... read more
A place call Vardzia

Asia » Georgia » Eastern Georgia » Shilda October 1st 2012

Returning to Georgia after four months of being here, there and everywhere was like returning home. The airport was crazy when we arrived at 3:20 am as this is the busiest time for flights in and out of Tbilisi (I guess it is a lovely hour to be flying). We were exhausted after a big final day at Octoberfest, a four am wake up call, flight to Barcelona then to Turkey and finally Georgia. Driving through the city at night put a smile on both our faces, Tbilsi is quite a beautiful city at night with its looming fortresses lit up. After making our way up the street which was a mission with the road works and nearly falling into the ditch left from repairs to the piping system we were definitely ready for bed. After ... read more
Making wine
Nuts ready for tutchela
Two buckets down a million to go

Asia » Georgia » Eastern Georgia » Telavi October 1st 2012

Resumo: Eleições presidenciais; Interior da Georgia; fazenda orgânica; 100% natureza; Estou super bem! 0 0 1 14 81 amy 1 1 94 14.0 Estou em um momento muito importante para a Georgia, as eleições parlamentares. A oposição acabou de vencer e tirar Mikheil Saakashvili do poder apó... read more

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District » Tbilisi September 30th 2012

The cheering car sped by, car after car, flags waving high and young men hanging from the windows shouting with pride. The lead car held a megaphone out the window to ensure his voice could be heard by each resident in the apartment block. Each apartment block showed crumbling walls, women leaning over the seemingly fragile balconies looking onto the streets below before returning inside to resume cooking over gossip with their sisters, mothers and cousins. Men sat in the shade smoking cigarettes playing cards, drafts or dice; the children nearby screamed with laughter as they climbed over the decrepitating play set. The air is lined with dust and each outing I feel my skin gently suffocate in the heat. In the city centre you are transformed into another world. Cobbled walkways, high street stores with ... read more
Georgian cheese
Bread baking

Asia » Georgia » Eastern Georgia » Telavi September 14th 2012

Thru Georgia and Armenia with the bike... read more
Photo 2
Photo 4
Photo 5


Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District » Tbilisi August 18th 2012

I visited Tbilisi with my friend Felix, concentrating on the Old Town district. Our hostel was right up a tall, steep slope, on the top of which lay ancient city fortifications. Early in the morning, we walked up to visit them. The ruins themselves were very nice, and made for a fun climb), but the city view was the biggest draw. One thing to note is that the ruins make for an actually quite adventurous climb: they raise sharply, the steps are very inegal, there is no protection whatsoever to prevent a person from falling off... and a fall, in some areas, could mean severe injuries or worse. If this site had been located in the US or Canada for instance, most of it would have been off limit to climbing, or would have needed to ... read more
Tbilisi 042
Tbilisi 021
Tbilisi 001

Asia » Georgia » Adjara » Batumi August 16th 2012

We crossed over from Turkey to Georgia through the Sarp frontier entry point. This meant taking the bus from Kars to Hopa, and then a dolmush (communal taxi/minibus) to the Turkish customs, crossing the customs by foot and, upon entering Georgian territory, taking a dolmush to Batumi. We decided to spend two days in Batumi. When we crossed the border and during nearly all of our time in Batumi, it was raining, and we were cold. Still, Batumi had enough restaurants and pretty sights to entertain. We found a decent little Ukrainian restaurant close to the sea (Ukraina, I believe it is called). There's a statue of Medea near the theater, in the central section of town, a piazza, a botanical garden and some lush parks, the beachside, and some nice architecture (classic and modern). Batumi ... read more
Batumi 075
Batumi 079
Batumi 076

Asia » Georgia August 11th 2012

In continuing with my Stalin Soviet Tour, it was only natural that I visited Joe's hometown of Gori, Georgia, a former republic of the USSR, where there is a museum that recounts Stalin's life with scant mention of any atrocities committed under his reign. Still very interesting... What was also interesting is that I was not that enamoured with Georgia on the whole and I believe I was vicitmized by my overly high expectations. This does not happen very often because I have learned to temper my expectations since there is a lot of lameness out there including today's visit to an overly hyped monastery in Eastern Turkey which I visited today and will describe in the next blog entry. Looking back, I really did not plan well enough my visit to the 2 Caucasus countries ... read more
Tbilisi Old Town
Metekhi Church, Tbilisi
King Vakhtang Gorgasali

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Kutaisi August 2nd 2012

Melinda and Mirella - Two Italian beautiful, Inteligent, Pleasent ladies Came in Georgia as Tourists, left as a Friends. . .... read more
Melinda an Mirella in Safara
In Sataflia National Resort

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