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August 25th 2011
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Found two gems last night. First of all as we were coming home we saw a mobile food stall that had parked up at the bottom of our street. They were selling fried noodles for 5rmb/ 50p, so naturally we couldn't resist. Don't believe anyone that says street food will make you ill, we are alive and kicking and they tasted just as good as the noodles we've ordered in restaurants here. We also stopped by a small food shop on our road which we had been meaning to go in for a while now. It's easy to order as you just pick up a plastic box, fill it with ingredients from the fridges and then pass it to the shop owner. They then cook it for you in a big barrel of boiling water and season it according to your taste (I just agreed to everything!) So in the end it was noodles, tons of coriander, unidentified meat on a stick, Chinese cabbage, spinach and bean-sprouts. They then added chilli, garlic, and I think either vinegar or soy sauce. 9rmb / 90p in total, but it depends on the size of your box. Anyway, there's similar places all over town,
Fridges Fridges Fridges

They are filled with loads of meat and veg for you to choose from
but as far as I can tell they are usually in smaller streets or residential areas.

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Shop owner

They have small pots within the big pot so they can cook more than one box at a time.

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