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Africa » Namibia » Etosha National Park April 1st 2013

And somehow trying not to be eaten by a hungry lion in the process or disturb the large group of elephants passing along our car… Welcome to Etosha national park, a jewel when it comes to wildlife diversity and abundance set in a middle of a quite atypical landscape. 20’000 sq km in the center of which lies an immense salt desert, the Etosha pan, that gives the name to the park “the great white place of dry water”. Around it, grassland, woodland and bush home to so many species that you quickly stop counting and simply enjoy the easiness with which you can spot them. Map on hand ready to explore! Driving in the wild… The first day in the reserve was filled with anticipation, read about Etosha, chatted the night before with some South ... read more
yes this is the road...
Giraffe strolling around
Impala after the rain...

Africa » Namibia » Rundu March 23rd 2013

Hello, everyone, It's been more like two weeks, I realize, but what a two weeks! (Not necessarily good, just exhausting.) Mr. Lee's wireless was out for a while, so I had to use someone else's computer that can take the cable in order to do anything. That was depressing. Then I just went in to a down period, so I was reading a lot and not getting much done, which led to a ton of papers to grade (or rather "mark"). Many of you can sympathise (how do you like my British spelling?). It was never my favorite part of teaching. And then I apparently did it wrong. Both my co-teachers told me five points for content, five for language, and the composition I was reading was for 10 points. Wouldn't you assume you add them ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Rundu March 10th 2013

Hello, All, I just discovered that my Feb. 20th blog had not been published, as far as I could tell. I called it the exorcism. However, it seemed some of you commented, so I may have just put it up a second time. If so, there are no changes and you don't have to read it again. I think it has been longer than I thought since I blogged. It is now 7 1/2 weeks and still no refrigerator. I am going to call the Inspector tomorrow. But we did get paid--TWICE. We got an automatic deposit for January, 1/2 a month. There was no information about it, so we didn't know. But when Rachel went to get some money, she discovered it in her account. So I checked and sure enough, I had some too. ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Rundu March 10th 2013

I'm going to try a photo! I think you have to click on photos. The first is the main street in Windhoek, the second a classroom in Omugwelume where we practiced, and the third a bug that lived in the sink in Omugwelume. Needless to say, I used a different sink. I hope this worked.... read more

Africa » Namibia » Rundu February 28th 2013

Hello all my dear friends, It is Thursday, the 28th in the evening. Tomorrow is March already. Six weeks without a refrigerator, but we did get paid! I don't know how much, but the machine gave me the money I asked for. It was out of ink so not printing receipts. I have been having a busy week or so. First, school. I have done two very fun lessons, very cooperative learning. I get so jazzed when the kids are really working and enjoying it. We had been studying poetry a bit, so I decided we should have them write some poetry. So I remembered this format for a tiny little poem called a cinquain. It has five lines, one syllable in the first line, 2 in the second, 3 in the third, 4 in the ... read more


Africa » Namibia » Rundu February 20th 2013

Hello, my dears, That is a very Namibian greeting. Even the kids say it all the time. "My dear, have you done your homework?" "Well, my dears, we must work harder." It's is pretty pervasive once you start noticing. But it does make things slightly less harsh. A teacher can seemingly very angrily scold a student, then say, "My dear, what were you thinking?" And everyone smiles. It reminds me to the first time we were in Germany. We thought Urte and Wolf were having a rip roaring fight at supper, then they both burst out laughing! I feel like I am doing really well getting another blog written in less than a week, but there is a good story to tell you all. I call it "The Day of the Exorcism." On Saturday at 9:00 ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Rundu February 15th 2013

Hello, Everyone, Now that I have access to Mr. Lee's wireless, I'm feeling reckless. Ours is all installed now, but somehow not yet turned on or something. We'll have to go to the school to use it, however, because the booster is way down on their list. Some bigwigs from Windhoek were here yesterday. About three or four of them have heard about our refrigerator, but no one seems to actually do anything about it. We are hoping to have it before St. Patrick's Day, because we want to corn our own beef and have corned beef and cabbage. Rachel's dad's family is very Irish (living in Wiscosin!) Rachel is my roommate, if you haven't kept up. We are both on WorldTeach. A VERY interesting thing is taking place tomorrow. Some history first: the first day ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Rundu February 13th 2013

Dear Friends, I have not blogged since we arrived at this school (Rukonga Vision School in Divundu) because we got here to find that many of the supplies were not here yet, including much of the furniture and all the computers and the wireless stuff. Still we have no more furniture, only enough desks and chairs for the classes. Our flat has only what is built in and no refrigerator. We are supposed to have one and keep requesting one, and they keep saying they will get right on it. A few days ago we found plastic chairs at the little store where we shop, and we got all excited and bought two. It was pretty funny. I never thought I’d treasure a little plastic chair! It has been a difficult few days. Things are going ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Rundu February 13th 2013

Hello again, everyone, Again I apologize for so long in between. It is now Feb. 12, and we still have no wireless. Again, I am going to use the netman to post this. I posted one on Feb. 6th, but Robin said nothing came up. I tried checking and it looked like it was there. Anyway, today feels like a holiday because this morning all the teachers had to turn in their “files.” This is one of the more bizarre things I have ever seen. All teachers have to keep three files: an administrative file (all the stuff you are given about anything the principal or the circuit inspector or the regional director or the ministry want to give us; a preparation file, basically lesson plans, but they have to include the national syllabus, a school ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Windhoek January 12th 2013

Hello, again, all my friends, Sorry to have already missed my once a week deadline. I'm toward the end of three weeks of orientation, mostly in Windhoek; but last week we spent in Imungwelume, up north, near the city of Oshakati. We didn't have wireless available, and I have not bought a Netman which lets you do internet through the phone lines, because I am pretty sure my school will have wireless access. The week in Omungwelume was at a school called Eengedjo where we were doing a practicum. They had put out the word (it was still their summer vacation) that we would be there and I think we probablly had 60 - 80 students from grades 5-11. It was great fun. We worked in pairs or threes to plan and to teach lessons. The ... read more

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