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Africa » Namibia September 3rd 2012

As we wake up in the morning we are surprised to see two balloons in the distance just starting to rise towards the sky. For one we can see how it is filled with hot air before being launched. Our deck appears to be a magnet for various birds singing or just preening. As we finish packing we enjoy a nice sunrise, this time from our cabin and not from the road as the day before before going to breakfast. As usual the breakfast consists of eggs and a buffet of various cheeses and hams and fruit juices and is quite good. Afterwards we try to get a porter to carry our bags to the shuttle as we were instructed to do but in the end we decide to carry them as it is easy on ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Rundu September 2nd 2012

This entry will be quiet short due to the fact that it was a very relaxed day. We woke up quiet late and started with a healthy breakfast of egg and left over braai meat. We went on a short game drive and saw the usual animal except for seeing an ostrich with 6 little babies which look like balls of wool with legs and necks. We came back and spent the rest of the day around the pool chatting with people and for dinner, Adrian treated us to a amazing meal at the restaurant. Alex... read more

Africa » Namibia » Sossusvlei September 2nd 2012

Today we wake up early, at what has been previously 5 AM, but unfortunately in Namibia it was the night of the daylight savings change and it is actually 6 AM according to the new time. Luckily both our kayaking guide and the receptionist at the lodge mentioned this else we would have been surprised by the change. We get our breakfast pack and start driving towards Sossusvlei, first on the private road of the lodge and then on the paved road. As a background the road between the gate and the end of the paved road is about 50km long and you are not allowed on it until after sunrise unless you stay inside the park as we did. In that case you can leave early and drive stress free and catch the sunrise over ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Rundu September 1st 2012

During the nite we were visited by elephants again, but this time the whole herd was walking through the camp, and around the tents it was brilliant. but this time alex and myself just slept through it.We spent the morning on the river which was spectacular. We say many different types of birds and managed to watch 2 hippo fighting for territory. Man that was something else. Blood flying everywhere but their sheer size and strength and speed!!! After we got back we packed up and left for Ngepi. But a unanimous decision was announced that Nambwa has been the best camp site we have stayed at so far in terms of beauty and things to see. When we arrived at Ngepi, we were very surprised! There are funny signs while driving to the camp, the ... read more

Africa » Namibia September 1st 2012

Today there is no hurry so we wake up later and eat the regular breakfast out on the terrace. There are lots of birds singing in the trees around us which is quite enjoyable. Again we eat eggs but at least we had a break the previous day. After that we pack and start south towards Walvis Bay and then SE towards Sesriem our next stop where there is a huge accesible field of sand dunes which is well known in Namibia. Passing through Swakopmund we take a few more photos of the town including of the lighthouse as we have to pass through the entire city again. Right after leaving Swakopmund in the direction of Walvis Bay we notice a row of camels close to the road, probably a tour of the dunes in the ... read more


Africa » Namibia » Rundu August 31st 2012

None of us got out of bed in an rush because we all had a restless night. After a very nice breakfast, we decided to go on a game drive and i wanted to stay behind due to being sick of driving and i really wanted to catch a fish. On the game drive they saw elephants but the sheer amount of elephant was amazing and extremely frighting and due to there being so many elephants, the game drive was cut short because of the road being blocked for to long. After a slow morning i had finally managed to catch a 3kg barbel ( its similar to a catfish). We made friends with the family staying next to us and we enjoyed a beer around the braai while we exchanged stories of our adventures on ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Swakopmund August 31st 2012

We wake up early to leave at about 7:15AM and after eating the breakfast we ordered the previous day we pack the car and start the drive to Walvis Bay which is about 1/2h away. Unfortunately it is rush hour on the road between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay which mostly means large trucks behind which we are stuck for long periods of time so we arrive a bit late. On the way we are pleasantly surprised by the palm trees that line the road at the entrance to Walvis Bay and by the nice houses in some neighborhoods. There are however still areas typical of Namibia with unmarked crossings where people cross the busy highway from one (possibly) government built housing area to another. When we arrive at the meeting point we find out that another ... read more

Africa » Namibia August 30th 2012

Today we have a long way ahead of us so we wake up early and walk to the breakfast area which is quite far away from our room. Along the way we see and especially hear lots of birds including some local sparrows. The lodge has quite a few interesting sculptures that we examine before going upstairs to the open air breakfast area and eating our daily eggs. We try hard to find cell phone reception and finally get it in the parking lot and call our kayaking guide for the next day to confirm the reservation. Then we load the car and drive to the lodge's work station that is 6 km from the lodge and is supposed to have gas so we can top up. Unfortunately they have only diesel and leaded gas and ... read more

Africa » Namibia August 29th 2012

We wake up early so we are able to get to our destination, Twyfelfontein, during daylight as well as exit Etosha before 10 AM after which we have to pay an additional day in fees. Outside the dawn is breaking with only Venus and Jupiter still visible. Whenever we take a break from packing we go to the patio to see the sunrise and examine a close by tree full of guinea fowl and their behavior as they start leaving. After some time we notice the source of the sounds the previous evening, a giraffe, which after examining us for some time finally decides to leave and goes towards the waterhole. We walk to the restaurant for breakfast on the interesting boardwalks that connect our cabin wi... read more

Africa » Namibia » Katima Mulilo August 28th 2012

Woke up early on the 28th August as we wanted to get the day going because we had a lot to do. We had to do shopping and pack the boat with things from the trailer. So Sean missioned into town to do shopping and get more cooking gas. The rest of us sorted out the boat we were going to be staying on. Ok so the boat isn't that big. If you know the size of a roof top tent when it is open, it is 2 of those in length and about 2 meters wide. It is double story, 2 roof top tents for sleeping in on top and a kitchen, table/ beds and benches, toilet and shower on the bottom. It has a 60 HP engine to power it and it comes with ... read more

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