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Africa » Namibia » Swakopmund August 31st 2012

We wake up early to leave at about 7:15AM and after eating the breakfast we ordered the previous day we pack the car and start the drive to Walvis Bay which is about 1/2h away. Unfortunately it is rush hour on the road between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay which mostly means large trucks behind which we are stuck for long periods of time so we arrive a bit late. On the way we are pleasantly surprised by the palm trees that line the road at the entrance to Walvis Bay and by the nice houses in some neighborhoods. There are however still areas typical of Namibia with unmarked crossings where people cross the busy highway from one (possibly) government built housing area to another. When we arrive at the meeting point we find out that another ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Rundu August 31st 2012

None of us got out of bed in an rush because we all had a restless night. After a very nice breakfast, we decided to go on a game drive and i wanted to stay behind due to being sick of driving and i really wanted to catch a fish. On the game drive they saw elephants but the sheer amount of elephant was amazing and extremely frighting and due to there being so many elephants, the game drive was cut short because of the road being blocked for to long. After a slow morning i had finally managed to catch a 3kg barbel ( its similar to a catfish). We made friends with the family staying next to us and we enjoyed a beer around the braai while we exchanged stories of our adventures on ... read more

Africa » Namibia August 30th 2012

Today we have a long way ahead of us so we wake up early and walk to the breakfast area which is quite far away from our room. Along the way we see and especially hear lots of birds including some local sparrows. The lodge has quite a few interesting sculptures that we examine before going upstairs to the open air breakfast area and eating our daily eggs. We try hard to find cell phone reception and finally get it in the parking lot and call our kayaking guide for the next day to confirm the reservation. Then we load the car and drive to the lodge's work station that is 6 km from the lodge and is supposed to have gas so we can top up. Unfortunately they have only diesel and leaded gas and ... read more

Africa » Namibia August 29th 2012

We wake up early so we are able to get to our destination, Twyfelfontein, during daylight as well as exit Etosha before 10 AM after which we have to pay an additional day in fees. Outside the dawn is breaking with only Venus and Jupiter still visible. Whenever we take a break from packing we go to the patio to see the sunrise and examine a close by tree full of guinea fowl and their behavior as they start leaving. After some time we notice the source of the sounds the previous evening, a giraffe, which after examining us for some time finally decides to leave and goes towards the waterhole. We walk to the restaurant for breakfast on the interesting boardwalks that connect our cabin wi... read more

Africa » Namibia » Windhoek August 28th 2012

Today amrked the first of a few change over days on the tour for us. Today Ali, Lino, Luis, Ana, Hans-Peter and Barbara were leaving the tour :( The upside to this was that there would be new people joining! Once we arrived in Windhoek, Anna, Brendon and I tested the pool out, and once again it was far too cold to be of any use to us. I ended up sitting around the pool and having a beer with Ray before meting some of the new people. Hiroshi and Shin (from Japan) joined us for a beer, and soon Josh also joined us. At the meeting we also got to meet Zoe (Josh's wife) and Iaia. AFter a quick breifing we headed out for a welcome/goodbye dinner. We ate at Joes Beer House, where they ... read more


Africa » Namibia » Etosha National Park August 28th 2012

At night it is difficult to sleep with the wind blowing and the thunder and lightning outside. So we are ready for the early breakfast which is again a cold buffet and eggs. The waterhole receives a lot of birds in the morning so we are able to see quite a few interesting and nicely colored birds while we are moving our luggage to the car and check out. Today we have a smaller distance to cover than in previous days however it is mostly through Etosha National Park where the speed limit is only 60 km/h compared to 100 km/h on dirt roads outside the National Park. Even though now we know that the road through Onguma up to the main road is full of animals we are again surprised by the number of animals ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Katima Mulilo August 28th 2012

Woke up early on the 28th August as we wanted to get the day going because we had a lot to do. We had to do shopping and pack the boat with things from the trailer. So Sean missioned into town to do shopping and get more cooking gas. The rest of us sorted out the boat we were going to be staying on. Ok so the boat isn't that big. If you know the size of a roof top tent when it is open, it is 2 of those in length and about 2 meters wide. It is double story, 2 roof top tents for sleeping in on top and a kitchen, table/ beds and benches, toilet and shower on the bottom. It has a 60 HP engine to power it and it comes with ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Waterberg August 27th 2012

Today continued yesterday's theme of being stinking hot. We did a quick game drive as we were leaving the park, but no one was really in the mood, it was so hot early and we had already seen a lot yesterday so we pushed on. As we got nearer and nearer to Waterberg Plateau it became noticably cooler. Once we arrived and set up camp, most people ventured off to scale the plateau, however I didn't. Along with Ray, Kim and Astrid, I went to the campsite pool. It wasnt that easy however, as it involved climbing a bit of the plateau just to get there. Once there we jumped straight in.... and back out. The pool was so cold!! I headed back to camp to have a showever before everyone else got back. I also ... read more
Truck Mural (sorry Kobus!)

Africa » Namibia August 27th 2012

While still adjusting to the time zone change it is actually easy to wake up early in the morning to be almost the first for breakfast. As almost everywhere on our trip there is a cold breakfast buffet with cheese and salami which we use to make sandwiches for the day, coffee and tea, guava and orange juice and choice of eggs prepared as desired as a warm breakfast. There is a nice view of the plains from the restaurant and a few historical photos from the German times. After breakfast we return to our cabin and enjoy the view of the Waterberg mountain under which the camp is built while packing. We have decided to first check out and then to hike the trail as the check out time is 10 AM and we are ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Katima Mulilo August 27th 2012

We were all reluctant to get out of bed after the people in the tent next to us decided to make as much noise as they could at 4am and then leave for a game drive. After a slow morning and a nice breakfast, we packet up had a hot shower and left in the direction of the Caprivi river lodge. The drive was not to bad except for the temperature which was so hot, it felt as if we were all melting. We found the lodge wit ease and all of us were shocked. The chalets were amazing with hot showers and a toilet that actually work properly. There was also a pool, a dinning room with bar that is covered by a boma and best of all there were 2 hammocks WHICH WERE EXTREMELY ... read more

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