It's amazing what you can do with a needle and thread, a Swiss army knife...

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November 27th 2011
Published: November 27th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

... and a whole lot of time on your hands.

We’ve had a four day weekend this week thanks to the presidential elections. Duncan went off to do his bike ride from Basse to Banjul, all 370k of it, Sam is enjoying herself and of course working down in Kombos for the week and Lilli is back in the UK for a two week holiday. So what does one do when one has four days off work, no one to play with and is advised due to political events to pretty much stay put in your compound? The answer is sewing by the looks of things.

Last weekend I made myself two cushion covers. This week I’ve gone crazy and made two pillow covers, a whole mattress cover and, most amazingly of all, a skirt. All by hand I might add. I consider my skirt to be one of my greatest achievements to date way surpassing the pair of curtains I managed to make last year. Four days in a bubble of thread and material and I now have a sofa and a new outfit. I’m well chuffed!

Meanwhile, back in the
... and my skirt... and my skirt... and my skirt

the best thing is when I wear it I'm going to match my sofa! Stylish!
real world, Jammeh has managed to retain his presidential seat. Not much surprise there. People young and old here love Jammeh like we love Kate and Wills. The other week when he paid a trip to Basse on his campaign trail the whole town went crazy. I kept well out of the way. They’re not known for their crowd control skills here. Jammeh likes to win his people’s hearts by driving through towns in an open top car throwing packets of biscuits to his adoring fans. This is despite the fact that people, mainly children, seem to be regularly killed in the desperate crush for their shortbread fingers. The girls on my compound were straight down to Basse to catch a glimpse of the president but fortunately had the sense to stand well back from the biscuit madness. Esther reassured me saying ‘It is very silly to risk getting killed for biscuits. If I want biscuits I will just come and get them from you’. I think I’d better make sure I’m always well stocked up.

So everyone seems happy that Jammeh is here to stay for another 5 years, I could hear the cheering, whistling and druming in celebration well into the night on Friday, and I’m thinking about what I can sew for my next project. In my house no surface will be safe from being covered in fabric by the end of this year.


27th November 2011

nice cushions
Well you seem to be keeping yourself busy or are you getting your place looking good for when we come out to see you!
28th November 2011

You've made an aging seamstress very proud! xx
30th November 2011

It's amazing what you can do with a kneedle and thread and a Swiss army knife....
Love the material, very vintage. Is it all done by hand or do you have a machine?

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