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October 26th 2008
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Dave doing the strutDave doing the strutDave doing the strut

What you all wanted to see, the Giza Pyramids.
Well hi there again guys,

Well, what can we say about Egypt? It’s totally different to anywhere else we’ve ever been before and it’s probably one of the best places we’ve been too. We started off with the Pyramids and Sphinx, weaving our way through the traffic in our van quite amazingly. Two lanes become four and there’s only ever centimeters between cars.

We took the overnight train down to Aswan which, to say the least, was an experience. Having never done an overnight train before we didn’t really know what to expect and Egypt probably wasn’t the best place to try this for the first time. Second class consisted of people, chickens, you know the normal stuff but thankfully we were in first class, so we had really big, comfy seats with plenty of room. The toilet on the other hand was interesting - it consisted of a toilet seat with a pipe to the tracks. Yep, feel the breeze. Oh, let’s not forget the water (well we hope it was water) covering the floor and the Aussie chick who went in with her socks on even after seeing this…ewwww! Zoe did not move from her seat the
Giddy upGiddy upGiddy up

Stock standard camel ride through the desert. Dave's was painted in tattoos and kept threatening to bite Zoe all the time.
entire train ride, hence the sore stomach the next day. We discovered that Egyptian trains don’t exactly run to schedule either. Not only was the train an hour late, but it arrived four hours late at its destination. Nice one!

We had plenty of early starts on our trip. Our earliest start was having to be out of our hotel at 3:30am to catch the convoy of buses heading down to Abu Simbel. There can be up to 75 buses travelling in the convoy at a time. And talk about the craziest driving you have ever seen - 130kmh in the minibus on the wrong side of the road, eyes closing coz he’s so tired and then still being overtaken by buses all over the place. Madness but part of the trip.

After Abu Simbel and a few different temples, we were off for our Felucca ride down the Nile. Basically it was a traditional sailing boat with no engine or bathroom facilities that we were on for two days and nights. The food we had was amazing, the beer was cheap, we had bonfires each night and we got to swim in the Nile and basically just
My true loveMy true loveMy true love

Getting up close and personal with the Sphinx.
relax on board in the beautiful warm Egyptian air for two days. It went so quickly and was definitely the best part of the trip, even considering the fact that we had to use the bush as our toilet facilities. Zoe needed Dave to hold her hand the first time (not literally though - that’s disgusting) but you just got used to it after a bit and actually preferred to do that rather than use some of the other filthy toilets we had to pay for.

For Dave’s birthday, the tour guide organized a cake and we had drinks in the Irish pub in Luxor. Dave was made to dance with the Egyptian barman which he did so well and we had a really good group of people which helped us enjoy the trip even more.

Well, that’s probably all from us. The photos show you what we did best I reckon.
Hope all is well and Dave says thanks heaps for the all the ‘happy birthdays’. See ya!

Dave and Zoe

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Abu SimbelAbu Simbel
Abu Simbel

It was a crazy trip there but it was worth it. Such huge statues!
Freaky Egyptian boatFreaky Egyptian boat
Freaky Egyptian boat

We reckon something was going on - check out our candle light on the Felucca!
Campfire dancingCampfire dancing
Campfire dancing

Busting a move to a bit of Egyptian drumming.
Snake CharmerSnake Charmer
Snake Charmer

This bloke put the snake's head right in his mouth - mad!!
Dave's birthday cakeDave's birthday cake
Dave's birthday cake

And our tour group, minus 2.
Felucca boundFelucca bound
Felucca bound

Pretty sweet views hey.

27th October 2008

homeward bound soon?
great snaps again, look pretty awesome some of these places & very different, a real eye opener no doubt. Guess your trip is rapping up now - can't believe you are getting to the end of it, but we are happy though!

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