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Africa » Burkina Faso » Hauts-Bassins » Bobo-Dioulasso May 18th 2007

So I went into Ouaga last weekend and I had written out a whole blog update, then I forgot it in the village. So sorry for the delay and the back-dated entry. CDP got the most votes in the elections and now have a majority in the national assembly. Not sure what that means for the country exactly. Still hot here. People keep telling me that the rainy season starts in mid-May and then it gets cooler. It’s mid-May. I’m still waiting for rain. I biked in to Bobo this morning with my neighbor, and a little section of the road has been paved. That little piece was wonderfully smooth and not dusty to ride on. A couple weekends ago in the village was the dance of the masques. It is almost planting season, and ... read more

For the last month I’ve been back in Satiri teaching. It’s still hot, but it must be getting a little better because I’ve been able to sleep at night. We’ve even gotten a little rain! After just a couple of showers, everything became instantly greener. The harmattan dust was rinsed from green leaves, mangoes ripened to yellow-orange fruit, and the flamboyant tree on the corner bloomed with hundreds of small red flowers. The villagers call these the “mango rains:” a little drizzle every week or two, just to rinse the dust off the mangoes. In a few more weeks, the real rains will come. In the meantime, mangoes are in season. The tree branches are weighed down with the fruit, which reaches softball-to-football size. People tie long poles together, reach high up on the tree ... read more

Africa » Burkina Faso » Hauts-Bassins » Bobo-Dioulasso August 9th 2006

We have continued south west and after some fruitless searching for elepants near a small town called Boromo we have arrived in Burkinas second city, Bobo. The biggest change is how the land looks. In what seems a ridiculously small distance the savannah which appeared around Ouaga has been replaced with lush forests and vegetation so thich you can barely see a few metres off the side of the road. The rainy season has really kicked in now too which is great for us as it means long respites from the heat and the chance to sleep without sweating. Another huge benefit for us is the return of relatively plentiful and varied food. Bananas are back and so are women carrying huge baskets of vegetables instead of the sad looking, half rotten tomatos we had become ... read more
Apartment living
The Hood
Bread feast

Africa » Burkina Faso » Hauts-Bassins » Bobo-Dioulasso June 1st 2006

In addition to Belize, Bhutan, Brunei and Burundi any list of countries you don't know anything about should include Burkina Faso. In the centre of West Africa with close to no natural resources, annual famines and a corrupt pseudo-democracy jerking the rudder of this landlocked sinking country - it doesn't promote itself as paradise. On our initial itinerary, five days were set aside to transit the country, but after eight days in the anti-picturesque capital; Ouagadougou and eight more days in the second-largest city; Bobo-Dioulasso, we had made some small amendments to our schedule. In terms of sights or activity there's not much to neither see nor do. We rented motorbikes and went to the Kou forest park, swam in a waterfall and rented a canoe for a tranquil lake trip to see some hippos. Other ... read more
Down by the river
Evening snack salesmen
Flexing his jaws

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