Manamo River Trip - What a Treat! November 22 - December 12, 2011

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December 23rd 2011
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The whole time we lived in Africa and every time we travel and we find ourselves some place uniquely interesting we refer to it as a “National Geographic moment”. This trip down the Manamo River was a continuous National Geographic moment. Every time we turned around there was another incredible view, amazing sound or unexpected moment. Whether it was waking up at sunrise having our coffee in ... Read Full Entry

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Traders on both sidesTraders on both sides
Traders on both sides

Trading could get busy at times such as this shows with traders on both sides of the boat. They were very patient and waited their turn to trade their wares.
Father and childFather and child
Father and child

It was always great to see the fathers taking care of the kids – family is definitely and kids are well looked after.
Trying on her new headbandTrying on her new headband
Trying on her new headband

One of the items she traded for was this headband – she was excited to try it on.
A lone fishermanA lone fisherman
A lone fisherman

It was common to see lone fisherman paddling their dugouts down the river.
Is this the 1000 islands?Is this the 1000 islands?
Is this the 1000 islands?

There are a few islands ahead – are we in the 1000 Islands? Guess not, the vegetation is definitely different.
One of many river homesOne of many river homes
One of many river homes

One of the many river homes we saw along the way. The kids were curious about us, just like we were curious about them.
Some of the crowdSome of the crowd
Some of the crowd

Just a few of the boats that visited us while on the river. Most of the boats were constantly filling with water so bailing was as important as paddling.
2 for 1 paddle2 for 1 paddle
2 for 1 paddle

It worked out that these traders were able to hit up both of our buddy boats at the same time to trade. What a deal as they didn’t have to paddle to both!
A busy trading spotA busy trading spot
A busy trading spot

This was a busy trading area on the river. We all got quite a few pieces of handiwork at this location.
Another view of a homeAnother view of a home
Another view of a home

We enjoyed motoring past the villages along the water’s edge. Whenever we did the kids paddled out to see us.
The Boca Tigre LodgeThe Boca Tigre Lodge
The Boca Tigre Lodge

There were a couple of eco-tourism lodges along the river. This is a view of the Boca Lodge.
Sky blue is clearly a colorSky blue is clearly a color
Sky blue is clearly a color

Sky-blue pink – I couldn’t resist!
There is still life in these carsThere is still life in these cars
There is still life in these cars

They are still using many older models of cars here. They had some great food vendors here as well.
A swamp areaA swamp area
A swamp area

Beyond the river at Boca there was quite a large swampy area.
A great inventionA great invention
A great invention

These were clever modes of transportation. They don’t have any brakes except for putting your feet on the ground.
An exercise classAn exercise class
An exercise class

There was an aerobics exercise class going on and they were happy to have some newcomers join in.
Scarlet IbisScarlet Ibis
Scarlet Ibis

The scarlet ibis are a brilliant red – they are in the same family as storks and herons.
Dinghy explorationDinghy exploration
Dinghy exploration

Another dinghy exploration – we felt like real explorers!
Ibis RoostingIbis Roosting
Ibis Roosting

The red in the trees are the scarlet ibis roosting. They are quite a sight to see.
Scarlet Ibis in flightScarlet Ibis in flight
Scarlet Ibis in flight

The air is filled with red when they fly – we really were lucky to see these magnificient birds.
Kids TradingKids Trading
Kids Trading

The kids really know how to handle their boats and were careful to hold themselves off from the boats – everyone made sure to use all the fenders they had on the boat.

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