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February 18th 2008
Published: February 18th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

To David Skinner, the road from Tarapoto to Yurimaguas really is not bad, yes there were land slides, mud, rain, all that good stuff that makes the old saying "its the journey not the destination" true to the core. I can only highly recommend it, some say its for the adventurist, but when you see old men like me in a taxi going through the mud, etc. anyone can do it. Now to qualify this, I must say that I am traveling with my friend from Iquitos, he met me in Lima 2.14.08 and we are putting the last few pieces together for forming a tour company, the name is Curuhuinsi Eco Adventure Tours & Expeditions located in Iquitos, you can contact Gerson Pizango, my partner, at (51) (065) 9940011, email: alexander.pizango@gmail.com. Yes, this is a blantant ad, however I am not receiving any money from this venture just trying to support his village of 600 people, Puerto Miguel 263 Km from Iquitos. This not a tourist lodge like the others in the Iquitos area we are talking camping, etc.. Gerson was born and raised in Puerto Miguel, speaks english y espanol. Anyway on to the adventure I am enjoying.

This morning went to the Bank and my ATM card was returned after transaction, YES, have spoken to serval travellers that have said goodby to theirs. From there headed to the port, La Boca, and talked to Capitan of Eduardo 6, it arrived at 7:00am this morning, will leave tomorrow 2.19.08 (so the capitan says). Showed him Lonely Planet section on Yurimaguas and Eduardo boats. He asked for a photocopy of the book pages, which I now have, and taking with us to the boat, for this little favor, he said I can drive, steer the boat, whatever you do with a boat while it's traveling down the Amazon River. He also guaranteed that the meat I get with the meals WILL NOT have hairs still attached. This may be to much like the Queen Mary, Carnival Cruise Lines. I was looking for some exotic food. But, he did say that the water purification system was not working so it was river water. Yeah, if you all believe that there is water purification on these boats have I got a deal for you on some river front land in Yurimaguas. Remember, water fluctuation can be 40 feet at different times of the year so I'll give you a good deal.

Bought some canned food today in Yurimaguas, for the boat, I shall not go into the items purchased because I'm not sure myself. I was told no hair in any of the cans, foiled again, so things should be just fine. Have tried to find just a plain old hunting knife, you know the kind you carry in one of those things attached to your belt, I (I remembered the word, scabard), but they are non-existant in the stores. Plenty of machetes, no knifes I'm serious. I would add observations as in the last blog, but they are the same as the last blog. Spoke to Mac today he's heading for Los Angeles tomorrow as the writers strike is over, and says not sure of arrival time in Iquitos, do not let him read this part, but I think he's going to jam out on me. MAC WHERE ARE YOU (can't find the dang question mark on this keyboard)

Well friends and family, I am off to dinner, will make another entry upon arrival in Iquitos on Thursday or whatever day the boat gets there.


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