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South America » Guyana » Annai March 15th 2007

Today is our last day in Annai so we ate and headed to the clinic early as possible. Patients kept showing up as we were trying to close down. Bill and Christine had to catch a flight back to Georgetown so that they could finish the surgeries that didn’t get done last week. We were getting worried that we would have to turn patients away but they finished just in the nick of time and headed to the “airport.” The airport in Annai is actually the bar a Rock View and a dirt runway. David, Dad, and I got everything packed up and loaded on the vehicle with the assistance of one of the other team’s drivers, Shorty. We went to the lodge, which just happens to be the “airport” as well, and met up ... read more
Stan and Terrence

South America » Guyana » Annai March 14th 2007

Every morning in Guyana seems to be basically the same. Get up early, eat breakfast, and head to the clinic. We saw around 30 patients today with nothing too exciting happening. There were busy times, when David brought in patients from distant villages, and slow times when he was out picking up more patients. During one of the breaks Dad and I roamed around town for a bit looking at a store and searching for a telephone. Along the way I made a friend and he followed us back to the hospital. I saw him roaming the halls so I had to send him back outside. I got back to work and Dad started the long walk to Rock View to pick up our lunches. While Dad and I were eating lunch the team who ... read more
Most of the Group
We Do Work!
Dinner with the Germans

South America » Guyana » Annai March 13th 2007

Lethem To Annai Becky We are leaving for Annai today, but not until we see more patients in Lethem. After our French toast breakfast, we arrived at the hospital around 8:30 a.m. I got started checking in patients again and dropped off several stacks of results with Terrence. When all the patients had been seen we headed to Mrs. Foo’s to pack up our stuff and load it on the truck. We met our driver, David, and hit the road with some box lunches. There are no paved roads in the interior so for the entire 2 hour trip we were driving on a dirt road with questionable bridges over the streams. It was a little bumpy at times but for the most part it really wasn’t that bad. The scenery got better as we ... read more
Guyanese Billboard
Snorkel on the Open Road
Questionable Bridge

South America » Guyana » Lethem March 12th 2007

Today was pretty much the same as yesterday. Mrs. Foo cooked breakfast and we headed to the hospital. Because it is a normal working day here I lost my desk by all the windows and got stuck in a little room with half a desk and few windows. It was a little stuffy, but bearable overall. I saw about 30 people. Some were just picking up the results from their last test and some were new patients, which is always good. One thing I had to do today that I didn’t do yesterday was fold and staple result sheets. It took a good chunk of my day to get those done even with some help from Dad, Bill, and Christine. They had to be separated into the different sub-regions of region 9, the region we ... read more

South America » Guyana » Lethem March 11th 2007

Mrs. Foo cooked an excellent breakfast for us this morning: oatmeal, eggs, sausage (hot dogs), and toast with guava jam. I wasn’t so sure about the jam since I don’t eat many fruits but it was excellent! I am going to try to find a couple jars in town before I leave. The whole team headed to the hospital to start work. I spent a little less than 4 hours registering patients. I get all their information like medical background and current problems so that the doctors don’t have to take time doing that. RAM has a huge database of all the women they have seen so far and the results from their tests. It also has their birth date, patient ID number, and their home village. Many of the women we saw today were ... read more


South America » Guyana » Lethem March 10th 2007

Georgetown to Lethem Georgetown to Lethem Georgetown To Lethem Becky We took a taxi to Ogle Airport to leave for Lethem. We checked in at 9 a.m. and our flight left a little after 10. It was the smallest plane I have ever flown in. There were 4 rows of 3 seats and only 1 pilot whom we could see the entire time. From the air we saw only rainforest until we were eventually over the savannahs and landed in Lethem. Lethem is completely different from Georgetown. It is a lot cleaner, trash wise, but all the roads are sand and dirt. It has the feel of an old western town. John Wayne riding in on horseback to catch the outlaws or stop at the saloon… something like that. Terrence picked us up at the ... read more
Air Traffic Control "Tower"
Plane from Georgetown to Lethem
Plane Cockpit

South America » Guyana » Georgetown March 9th 2007

At 8:00 a.m. we met the doctors at Ward E of the Public Hospital where the patients are staying and discussed solutions to yesterday’s problems. One problem that I forgot to mention was how we are getting our stuff to Lethem. We are taking a TGA, Trans Guyana Airways, flight from Georgetown to Lethem and they only allow 25 pounds of luggage per person. Dad and I have around 250 pounds together. Someone was supposed to drive down all our bags, but he is working with Wings of Hope right now. We talked to Sheldon and he suggested putting it on the bus that will leave Friday night. Dad and I left the doctors to start their work and drove to Bounty Farms Supermarket to find Sheldon. One of the ladies told us that he ... read more

South America » Guyana » Georgetown March 8th 2007

Jenny picked Dad and I up at 8:30 and they dropped me off at the Public Hospital. I hurried up to the theater, which is the operating suite basically, expecting to find the doctors already in surgery. I got some scrubs on and my little hat and booties and went to the operating room. No doctors. I went back to the lobby area and someone told me the doctors had not arrived. They showed up after 10 minutes, they were visiting our patients, and we sat around until the first patient was ready for surgery. I didn’t help with this one but it was definitely the most interesting. She had a very large abdominal mass that looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. I half expected it hatch and some “Independence Day”-looking alien to ... read more

South America » Guyana » Georgetown March 7th 2007

Today began early with breakfast and taxi ride to the Public Hospital. We met Dr. Bill Irvin, Dr. Christine Wamhoff, and Laura LaBore, an American nurse/pilot who lives here in Georgetown. All three are the type of people you would expect to find volunteering for RAM: friendly, dedicated, and hard working. A nurse at the hospital hunted down some scrubs for me, and the first surgery began around 10 a.m. It lasted until noon. I made it through without getting sick or fainting and we grabbed a quick lunch at a little shop across the street. The second surgery was considerably more interesting. They were doing a radical hysterectomy on a woman with cancer. Laura showed me how to “scrub in” and for an hour or so I actually got to help by holding retractors. ... read more
Laura and Christine
Ready to Operate
Me on the Left!

South America » Guyana » Georgetown March 6th 2007

One of the doctors I will be working with, Christine Wamhoff, was supposed to arrive late last night, but she missed her flight in Miami. She and Dr. Bill Irvin, the other doctor I will be working with, should arrive late tonight. Today was scheduled as a day for Christine to go to the Public Hospital and do exams on all our patients before the surgeries start tomorrow. There are also three CT scans scheduled for today that plans have not been finalized for. We waited around the hotel after breakfast for a call from Terrence to find out what we needed to do about arranging the scans. After awhile, Dad called Public Hospital and found arrangements had been made by Patrick Degroot. Jenny picked us up and we headed to Mercy Hospital so they could ... read more

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