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South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago December 29th 2013

Thursday, the 26th- fly from Rio to Santiago, Chile We had a bit of a bumpy flight and we looked down out the window several times to see the cause--the deep snow-covered Andes. We arrived about 7:30 pm after a 5 hour flight. We think there was a two hour time difference. Got our luggage and then walked across the street, literally to the modern Holiday Inn to spend a couple of nights. We were using points for the room rate. After checking in and getting settled, we went downstairs for dinner in their restaurant. Expensive and neither of us felt the light meal was worth the price. From that point on, we bought our food across the street at the airport or in town. The next morning, we walked back across the street to catch ... read more
1312-524 Hop-On Hop-Off in the Central Market
1312-525 Man hawking Chilean snow crabs
1312-526 Everyone eating in the central market

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago December 27th 2013

Santiago de Chile - overraskende så skøn - pladser, skyggefulde parker - (hvorfor er de bare så gode til parker syd for alperne?). 2 høje midt i byen, den ene Sant Christopal med den enorme statue af Jomfru Marie (som i Rio) og med kabelcar og offentlig udendørs svimming pool. Den anden Santa Lucia med fæstning og udsigt og ikke mindst det lille renaessance slot med det smukke springvand, vogtet af havguden Neptun. Chilenerne er meget imødekommende og vil rigtig gerne snakke, det er hyggeligt. Her er skønne spisesteder, sjove barer, "krøllede" kreative, og sjove kvarterer, her er så meget shopping af sko, tasker, tøj, makeup o.s.v. - Super kvalitet og mærkevarer til "ingen penge"! Faktisk så billigt at vi i dag har hjemsendt et stk pakke med diverse indkøb ! På en varm dag med ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago December 20th 2013

Kære alle Fra Cape Town til Santiago de Chile med glædelig jul fra os til alle jer............merry Christmas! Juleknus Niels og Mette... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago December 14th 2013

Friday 13th December (Odyssey Day 35) We left our beautiful riverside camp today at 0600 because we all wanted to get in to Santiago at a decent time. It was still dark when we got up and had to use our head torches to pack away our tents for the first time on this trip. A combination of the rather early start, and being so much further north. My ankles and feet are really swollen today, a reaction to the sunburn from yesterday. I believe I was also suffering a bit from the heat after falling asleep in the tent yesterday afternoon. At any rate, I was rather cold on the truck and spent the morning wrapped in my duma sleeping and trying not to bump my legs into anything. Ellie, sitting next to me, was ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region December 4th 2013

Arrived today morning in Santiago after long flights. Luckily all legs of both our flights, me from SFO and Rahul from ZRH, worked out. We were able to take public transport, bus and then metro to reach our hostel Providencia. Its a nice hostel with good amenities. First order of business - get Bolivian visa. This turned out to be as easy as people say. We left the hostel at about 12:30, and embassy closes at 1:30. We reached there just in time, and it literally took 20min to get the visa stamped. Fee - none Questions asked - none. We have already had a change of plan and decided to take more time in Bolivia, skip stargazing in San Pedro. It just does not seem to fit the plan with Christmas time being hard to ... read more


South America » Chile » Santiago Region November 30th 2013

Saturday, November 30th Santiago, Chile the start of our South American Cruise Before we left home, since we arrived in Santiago at 7:30 am and didn’t have to be on board the ship until 5:00 pm, we connected with two other couples taking this same Holland American cruise on the MS Zaandam from Valparaiso, Chile and booked a tour that went from the airport to the dock. We had to get there some way and this was actually cheaper than the Holland American airport to ship “transfer” cost. Our tour guide was right there when we exited the airport terminal and the other 4 people were waiting in the van. We quickly settled in the van and our guide drove toward Valparaiso which is about 90 km away. I was surprised to find the landscape to ... read more
1312-02 One of many mansions in the Vina del Mar section of Valparaiso
1312-03 Another of many mansions repurposed as offices
1312-04 Quinta Vergara Park -A

South America » Chile » Santiago Region November 14th 2013

Die Tage habe ich nur vertroedelt, Berta von BMW abgeholt, zum Reifenhaendler gefahren, auf neuen Reifen gewartet, einen anderen Laden gesucht - Nahkampf in Santiago Zentrum... Waesche waschen, trocknen, rumsandln, nix tun, ins Einkaufszentrum am Ende der Strasse gehen... So geht´s natuerlich nicht, heute befahl ich mir, in die Innenstadt zu fahren. U Bahn, man kommt direkt an der Plaza raus. Kathedrale (muss geweisselt werden), Museum von Santiago (das Erdgeschoss ist geschlossen weil es umgestaltet wird) - draussen war eine Demonstration, andere Museum waren deshalb geschlossen, ich war voellig lustlos und nahm die ueberwaeltigende Polizeipraesenz zum Anlass, wieder ins Hotel zu fahren. Ich habe so den Eindruck, dass man in Santiago nicht allzuviel versaeumt.... Charles: Sein MR ist klinisch tot, jedenfalls in Santiago und innerhalb von 4 Tagen nicht wiederzubeleben. Es wird von S... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region November 11th 2013

Ab 6.30 gab´s Fruehstueck, es gab keine Abfahrtszeiten, sondern nur die Aufforderung dann sofort zu fahren. Und natuerlich war es so um 6.45 noch saukalt, die Sonne war zwar schon irgendwo hinter den Bergen, erreicht aber eben nur die Spitzen und nicht den Talboden, auf dem wir aufwaerts krochen. Der Anblicvk von weissen, hohen Bergen war umwerfend, aber als wir immer weiter das Tal aufwaerts fuhren wurde es halt auch immer kaelter. Angeblich war es nur -2°, aber ich glaube kein Wort. Als ich bei einer Baustelle anhielt, waren meine Fingerspitzel so leblos, dass ich sie kaum und nur unter grossen Schmerzen wiederbeleben konnte. Natuerlich erreichten wir bald die temporaere Schneegrenze, um uns rum war´s weiss. Weiterhin gab es die aufgelassene Schmalspurbahn, samt kleinen Haltestationen und Lawinenverbauungen und Bruecken. Waere sicher eine der tollen Bahnstrecken der ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago September 27th 2013

After an overnight stop in Lima we headed back to the airport for our 8:30 flight from Lima to Santiago. Breakfast was a delicious feast of McDonalds (hmm) before passing through security and settling into the chairs at our gate. After an uneventful flight (just the way you want them to be!) we arrived in Santiago. We weren’t originally planning on visiting Santiago, however as our original flight home had been cancelled and we’d been moved to the flight the following day we now had a 33hour stop over. On arrival we headed to the information desk for our airline to organise for them to pay the 95USD per person reciprocity fee Australians have to pay to enter the country. After that was taken care of we had to wait for them to fetch our bags ... read more
Plaza de Armas
Presidents house
Building alongside the Plaza

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia September 23rd 2013

Having trouble getting the time to start the blogs for my trip, so have decided to post photos first and republish with text later as so many people are hanging out to see some pics! So here they are for your perusal. Clicking on each photo will produce a larger image, so I strongly recommend you do this to fully appreciate them!!... read more
Another perspective from Cerro San Cristobal
A closer look
Virgen de la Inmaculada Concepción

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