Hunting Anacondas

Published: June 28th 2006EDIT THIS ENTRY

9.30am in the Amazon basin. I am knee deep in muddy water walking through the middle of a swamp. The parts of my body not covered in muddy water are soaking wet from the sweat dripping off me, because of the oppressive humidity. It feels like it is building up to a massive storm; the sun is hidden behind the clouds. So, what sort of self inflicted torture am I describing. I was on a Pampas ... Read Full Entry

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Museo Kenneth Lee, TrinidadMuseo Kenneth Lee, Trinidad
Museo Kenneth Lee, Trinidad

The museum is very good. There was a high civilization in the Amazon basin that dates as far back as ancient Rome. They built lakes, and irrigated raised fields.
El Fuerte, SamaipataEl Fuerte, Samaipata
El Fuerte, Samaipata

Templo de las Cinco Hornacinas
Santa CruzSanta Cruz
Santa Cruz

The huge banners on the building say Autonomia Si! You just can't get away from politics in Bolivia.

30th June 2006

Good memories!!
Hi Stuart, just came across your blog. Am so jealous...we left South America at the end of May and we miss it so much! Looking at your photos is bringing back some amazing memories. You can see our photos on our blog (search for Rich & Zoe under bloggers). In Australia now and back to the working life strange being back in the Western world. Our highlights from our trip: Salar de Uyuni, Pampas and Selva tours, Mines in Potosi, Torres del Paine in Chile and Machu Pichu. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Rich & Zoƫ
16th July 2006

The Ridge
Stuart, stop griping about that room in Ridge Terrace, you got good money off first Stig and then me illegally sub-letting that room!
18th July 2006

Ridge Terrace
You mean I took money off you for that dump? Now, that is shocking!
20th July 2006

Pampas Tour was great
hi stuart, glad you included our photo in your journal. I started traveling myself, its funny you are in my continent and im in yours. Yes, im in England now, London. Im not sure but if i was the one who told you no tourists go to Paraguay, you proved me wrong. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and dont forget to get in touch when youre back in England so we can meet up. The pampas tour was definetely a hightlight, see you back in England. oh, and im a blogger too now, (benjo2) thats it..take care.

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