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Friends and family, So, we are back in Bariloche after three days of fishing in some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen. Sorry there will not be too many pictures this time, we don't have a way to load them from the camera to the ipad, but Mauro, our guide will be sending some soon. We began the trip about 30 kilometers outside of Bariloche where we launched Mauro's wooden drift boat into some of the biggest water I have ever fished. The Rio Limay at this point was a good 70 yards across and flowing at over 24,000 cfg! The water was gin clear, you could count the pebbles as we flew downstream. No sooner had w launched than the famous Patagonia winds kicked up. John was drifting a nymph and i ... read more
Rio Traful
Mauro and George
Rio traful

After John went for a 10K run to work off that steak, we hit the town again. John bought himself a knife (see shop owner and knife in photo) and we scouted out our trip for next week. Once the local mountaineering club figured out that John knew what he was doing we got the green light on a pass we are going to tackle. Since he missed any veggies at lunch John had a salad at dinner (I had beef). But we could not resist the chocolate shop for desert! (See photos) This is a very friendly town, probably because John works so hard to speak and learn Spanish. We leave tomorrow for three days of fishing and will be staying on the river, so do't look for any updates until Sunday night.... read more
Main park, Bariloche
Salad for dinner
Mmmm, chocolate

Good morning. We finished off last night with a great asado (beef, it is what's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner here) sandwiches and El Bolson beers, $16 US, and then 10 hours of great sleep. Up this morning for some grocery shopping. Note in the photos that the milk is packaged in plastic bags and check out the meat counter! Coffee with Mauro Ocho who is floating us two days on the Rio Limay and one on Rio Traful--two of the great fishing rivers in the world. No surprise to me, we met two of John's friends from OB while walking down the street!... read more

This is lunch...John had the steak. Also met yet another friend if his on the street, see photo.... read more

After 43 hours on the road, we have made it to Bariloche and the Hostel Patanuk. I have attached a photo to this post that is taken from the common/dining room of the can see it was worth the journey. We landed at Buneos Aires around 7:15 this morning and, after it took a pretty easy hour to clear immigration and customs we were me by Maurio who was to drive us from the international airport to the domestic airport for our next flight. I can see why they recommed 4 hours for this transfer of airports as the road from one to the other goes right through the middle of this giant city of over 7 million. John kept up a friendly banter with Maurio IN SPANISH. Who knew? Maurio was very encouraging of ... read more


So, we are off. Sort of. We are now in Miami and, courtesy of American Airlines being early on the flights from CMH to ORD and ORD to MIA, we have the full and total seven hour layover experience. It was made a bit easier by the lunch Marcia packed and we did some serious people watching....John said it was like being in LA again except the beautiful people here have found the color wheel to add to the always fashionable black. Oh, here is a shot of John killing time... When it started to rain here, actually a downpour with thunderstorms predicted for later tonight, John decided to burn off some energy ....... read more

My friend, Tara and I are interested in renting a car for a couple of weeks to travel down the west side of Patagonia. Any 1-3 travelers interested in renting with us? We want to leave from Bariloche around the 22nd of November.... read more

Arrivés à Bariloche, nous allons tous les 4 nous installer dans un appartement. Deux amies de Yiannis viennent nous rendre visite le soir : session chicha / guitare avant d'être à court d'alcool et de continuer la soirée dans un bar du coin. Le lendemain, nous allons faire un tour dans le centre ville sous un ciel bien dégueulasse : ce n'est pas aujourd'hui que nous allons faire grand chose, mais la journée n'est malgré tout pas perdue ! Nous trouvons de superbes bonnets, plus ridicules les uns que les autres, qui nous accompagnerons jusqu'à la fin du voyage. Ce soir encore, après une bonne préchauffe à l'appart, nous allons retrouver du monde dans des bars à proximité. Réveil à nouveau un peu pâteux. La météo semble un peu plus clémente que la veille, nous décidons ... read more
Soirée à l'appart

Left the hotel at 9am andtook a tour to got out to the national park. Unfortunately it was still raining. We went to the Cerro campanario. A chair lift up the mountain. It was so windy at the top that the rain hurt your face when it hit it. The clouds were quite low so we didn´t have any good views. We then wen onto Punto Panoramico and Llao Llao hotel. Stopped at a place that made rose hip products. Got back about 1pm. It cleared slightly during the afternoon however the wind didn´t drop. I walked around the town.... read more
Looking down on Llao LLao
Llao Llao hotel

Left the hotel at 11am for the airport. The flight to bariloche took 2 hours 15 mins. when we arrived it was sleeting and very cold. Arrived at the hotel and then went for a short walk. It was so cold we ended up at a chocolate place. The hot chocolate was very good!! That about all the excitement we had for the day... read more

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