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January 17th 2008
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La Boca neighborhoodLa Boca neighborhoodLa Boca neighborhood

These heads are all around the La Boca neighborhood near the famous Boca Jrs. soccer stadium.
The transformation process is complete and Boberto y Andrea are now Buenosaireans! - well sort of.......
We are doing well in the big city and making the most of it, and all hours too! The pattern here is get up later-late breakfast, then mid-late afternoon lunch-meal, and then the tough one- dinner at anywhere from 8 to 11 in el noche! A few surprises so far and some confirmed "thumbs-up!!" First, I really heard that safety was a big issue here maybe worst than Lima, but we have felt extremely safe so far, very free to walk most areas during the day and we know those areas that we shouldn´t walk in after night. The weather has been wonderfull mid to high 80´s, shorts and short sleeve shirts a must, nice break to warm up that mountain couple!! And the mas grande preguntar-- "Were´s the Beef?" Yep- its dang good, tons of flavor and unfortunately for the Argentinians- cheap for us 3-1. Audie and I found a pool at a club just 10 blocks from the hostel and its been great to get out the kinks and as Andrea said- trabajo ?off? carne largo!! Tomorrow we go to the Gaucho ranch
Tango ShowTango ShowTango Show

Bob and I had a great time. The dance and the music was wonderful.
and it will be fun to venture out of the city and see a cattle operation and learn about the Gaucho history. Maybe even this hombre will get on a cabbalero for a short ride or moves!! Then we cruise across the bay on Saturday to Uraguay-Montevideo for a day visit there. Should be facinating as I have heard a lot of good things about Montevideo. So stay tuned. Hoping to connect for dinner tonight with our friends from Santa Cruz who we were with in our last visit to Peru two years ago.

Oh did I forget?¿?!! That tango show two nights ago and la senora de mas bonita- Andrea! and her Dress!! She looked fabulous and I would never be bias in my assessment but she was the best mujer in the building. The show and our seats were the BOMB- great food, great waiter, side and elevated view of the stage and the show- well years ago we saw a tango show troupe from Argentina in SF which was unbelievable and this one went beyond that!! The Music was dramatic and resonated throughout our bones, and the dances were both art and athleticism melded together for an eyeboggling experience!! Check out our picture and yes THE DRESS and then we´ll share more when we get home.
Buenas Tardes, and care to all back home, soon to be will all of you again!!


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