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Malaga rediscovered, Roanoke takes over 2

Malaga rediscovered, Roanoke takes over

March 19th 2008
Alix and I took the journey from Madrid to Malaga on Monday March 3rd. We were both very tired form traveling, and Alix from the time change so we were very excited to hit land. While in the city that week Alix and I saw some touristy things that I haven't gotten a chance to see, and some others thats I loved so much I had to show her. Alix stayed on my blowup mattress in my apartment and while I ... read more
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Spanish Flag Spain's powerful world empire of the 16th and 17th centuries ultimately yielded command of the seas to England. Subsequent failure to embrace the mercantile and industrial revolutions caused the country to fall behind Britain, France, and Germany in ... ... read more
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