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Oceans and Seas » Caribbean November 17th 2009

Mein Adressbuch ist weg. Bitte schickt mir ne Mail mit euren Anschriften, sonst gibt es keine Karten :)... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico November 1st 2009

Over my years working on ships, one holiday that I’d yet to experience was Halloween. My contracts have always worked out that I have either been at home or traveling on my own. Looking at photos from other crew members, it always looked so fun with everyone all dressed up. So when this contract was sorted out and I knew I’d be on a ship for Halloween, I started looking for my costume! I seemed way ahead of things, trying to find a costume in September, but I knew that the weeks leading up to Halloween would be chaos with me jumping ships and dry dock and everything else. I’m so glad I found them (yes, I got two!) before I left home because I wouldn’t have been able to get one down here with everything ... read more
Me & Chris at the Teen Party
"Mr. Halloween" we called him
Me & Jitka, My Roomie

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean October 4th 2009

I'm back at it again. It really didn't seem like it was going to happen for much of my summer at home, but I have landed another ship contract that not only employs me until next summer but I'm really excited about doing. My first month or so is going to be pretty hectic as I'm hopping around to different ships, but it's goingto be a good one. Today I signed onto the Carnival Conquest. I'm only going to be here a week, to do my return contract corporate training and get caught up on work policy changes. But it's going to be a good week! I have so many friends on this ship that I know from previous contracts so I've already had some pretty great reunions. I'm looking forward to spending time with all ... read more
Katie & Ivana
Our Table
A Chopstick Lesson

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean August 12th 2009

This is a little late but in October 2008 myself, Rhonda, and 5 of my newest and soon to be favorite friends, set out for Cuba! We stayed at Breezes Jibacoa. We travelled to Veradero and saw Al Capones house and we travelled to Havana and got a tour of this delightful city. We are off to Kaanapali Beach this weekend and I will make my first attempt at a true travel blog as it happens (instead of 10 months later!! ha ha ha, like this one!) I am posting a picture from Cuba that was taken of a neat old lady in downtown Havana!... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean June 6th 2009

I am sitting in the airport waiting to go home. And I can't believe that I am actually off the ship and finished my contract. But it was nice final cruise. Greg, my replacement director, is awesome and so much fun. So even when I was working, it was a good time. I made myself get off the ship in each port, but the weather was really not cooperating. In Grand Turk, I went with Ana and Alycia to a bar along the beach that for the most part only crew members go to. We just used the internet and I'd intended on getting some sunshine. But it was cloudly and then as we walked along the beach back towards the ship, the skies opened and we got drenched! So much for a lovely beach day. ... read more
The Beach at Half Moon Cay
Me & Ana
Ana Underwater!


Oceans and Seas » Caribbean April 26th 2009

After waiting for 6 LONG months, the time had finally come for the Shazam West Coast Swing Dance Cruise!! ( With an all-star staff of some of THE top pros: Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Mollman, Kyle Redd and Sarah Vann Drake, Parker Dearborn and Jessica Cox, Arjay Centeno and Melissa Rutz, and Ronnie Debenedetta.. it was a dream trip! The Itinerary: Sun. Tampa, FL (Depart 4pm) Mon. - At Sea Tues. Cozumel, Mexico (7am-5pm) Wed. Belize City, Belize (8am-5pm) Thurs. Roatan, Honduras (7am-3pm ) Fri. - Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (10am-6pm ) Sat. - At Sea Sun. Tampa, Fl (Arrive 8am) I won’t talk much about the ports in this entry.. they each have their own entries!!! ... read more
Emergency drill with Jason
Fruit Display
There was a medical emergency evacuation

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean March 29th 2009

Ah, the warm, sweet waters of the Caribbean Sea. It's good to be back! This is just a sum-up blog of the Atlantico Project, with random pictures from Brazil, Tobago, Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Lucia and Martinique. I finally disembarked from "Strega", the yacht I had been sailing on since Australia while on an Around-the-World sailing rally. We came in 2nd over the finish line in St. Lucia. Wish me luck - as you head this, I am sailing westward once again. This is the final passage of the adventure and the next time I see land, it will be a shore I have seen before. I'm headed to where it all began in December 2007 - the San Blas of Panama! (Remember Mola Madness?) After a short stay to stock up on ... read more
Everyone Loves Ice Cream
Clocking River Miles

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean March 20th 2009

Well on arrival in St Kitts we had a look around the Town and then decided we would negotiate with the local taxi drivers to get an open sided bus to do a short tour of the highlights of the island and then go to a beach. We found Michael, a big local who had huge elton john type glasses in yellow and a yellow wig, with a bus called the 'big banana'. We agreed a price and this included a drink of the local rum and coke and set off. Guys and gals, those of you who have kids with the big speaker syestems in the cars (Jacki you spring to mind with Michael) have nothing compared to the sub woofer and sound system on this. Joyce had to move seats as she couldn't breath ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean March 13th 2009

Castaway Cay. Now, this, this is a beautiful, beautiful island. This was actually my favorite day from the entire trip. It was relaxing, no gruelling scheduling, lots of food, and best of all....NO kids!! We had both been on a Disney cruise before and knew we'd use the adults only beach as soon as the ship docked. Once we got off the ship we went to get our yummy BBQ lunch on the island and choose a seat in a covered seating section. Boy, there was a lot of food!! Our only agenda for the day was to get the the adults only beach and lay on lawn chairs ordering pina coladas, relaxing, and listening to our I-pods. After we finished eating we caught site of a "crab race" which was kind of cute. Some kids ... read more
bathing suit

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico March 12th 2009

Wonderful day at sea. This was the most relaxing day of the trip. We slept in, had breakfast, I sat out on a lawn chair reading. It was so windy out though and my cutsie cowboy hat that I bought for $1 kept blowing away! poop. We used the hot tub and pool for a bit. of course, thoughts of "this is life" entertained my mind. And I ate. Ate ate ate. Food is available on the ship every second of the day, pretty much. Pizza, hot dogs, and hamburgers for lunch. I had my fair share of a billion cups of ice cream. And I remember we played basketball on the back of the ship. I was fortunate enough to see a nice sunset as we sat on the back of the ship looking out ... read more

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