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January 18th 2006
Published: January 26th 2006EDIT THIS ENTRY

We have been black water rafting today and it was fantastic, if not a little scary! It is not really rafting at all, more a cross between caving and tubing. You get kitted out in wetsuits, helmets with lights on the front and these very tasteful white boots. You then get given a big rubber ring to sit on and you are ready to go.

We started off by walking in the caves which are between ankle deep and waist deep in water. The first bit of tubing involved getting on our rings and lying right back so we could float through a section of cave with a very low roof. You had to lie horizontal or else you would not fit. I found this bit a scary!

After that it was sections of walking and floating although we did have to jump down two water falls. They were only a couple of meters high. You had to face backwards, wedge the rubber ring on your bottom and then jump back. That was also pretty scary.

The best bit was when we all formed "an eel' by linking feet through arms so we were in a long line. Then we switched off our lights and floated through the darkness. The roof of the cave was covered with hundreds of glow worms so it looked really amazing.

That left just enough time to float out of the cave before heading back to the rafting centre for some lunch.


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