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March 15th 2012
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Welcome to HeavenWelcome to HeavenWelcome to Heaven

Surfer's Point of View
Prevelly is the unrivaled surf mecca of Western Australia; a village community on the coast at the half-way point on the Cape-to-Cape hiking trail. While we were in Prevelly, preparations were in gear to host the International meet of the World Surf Championship.

Several kilometers of our hike on the Cape-to-Cape Track went through the area which suffered a bush fire in late-November, 2011. A faint scorched smell lingered over the blackened vegetation and we passed the burnt remains of the wood trail markers. Numerous families were evacuated from their homes and our host's home was one of those under immediate threat ...the fire came within meters of their home. Several families lost their homes a month before Christmas- and in a community of only 100 families this is significant loss. We were very grateful the trail had recently re-opened and we were able to experience the serenity and solitude of the Cape-to-Cape. Prior to planning our trip, we never heard of this trail; it is ranked in "The Top 10 walks in Australia."

"Welcome to Heaven" is the surfer's dream wave but I found mine in a liter of "Mascarpone and Fig" ice cream at Simmo's. Ken chose a liter of "Tiramisu". Simmo's knows true ice cream is made with cream and whole milk. The mini-fridge in our campervan was barely large enough to hold 2 liters of ice cream so we were obligated to eat it by the next day. When we returned to Simmo's to replenish our supply I noticed the sign of the front door.

Senior Ice Cream Server Needed - Apply Within

"Am I senior enough to qualify?" I asked the owner who was behind the counter. Mr. Simpson looked me up and down and in his serious Aussie accent said: "absolutely yes, I want my ice cream to be sold by slim servers."

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Soot - Colored Ankles  Soot - Colored Ankles
Soot - Colored Ankles

A faint scorched smell lingered over the burnt vegetation.
Soot and Charcoal  Soot and Charcoal
Soot and Charcoal

Our feet picked up soot from the charcoal vegetation.
Reserved Seats for 50Reserved Seats for 50
Reserved Seats for 50

So who's gonna check ID?
Trail  Re-opened after Bush Fire   (Nov. 2011)  Trail  Re-opened after Bush Fire   (Nov. 2011)
Trail Re-opened after Bush Fire (Nov. 2011)

Finding the path through burnt vegetation.

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