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March 16th 2008
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Kata TjutaKata TjutaKata Tjuta

at sunrise
Kata Tjuta and Uluru walk

5:30 comes early but we don't feel too bad. The backpack gets loaded with fruit, granola bars and water that we picked up at the grocery store as well as the camera. We get picked up at 6:30 and head out towards Kata Tjuta. 25km into the trip we get to stop at a sunrise viewing area. We're treated to both Uluru and Kata Tjuta at sunrise. Pretty amazing again to see the colour change on Kata Tjuta and the sun creep over the desert to the right of Uluru. Continuing on to Kata Tjuta, we're told we've got roughly 3 hours to meet the van again. Another couple is in the same van so we just have to keep up with them.

Trish and I strike out and hike to the first viewing spot, about 1.6 kms. It's pretty rocky and steep. I'm a little concerend if we can do 8km of this. But it's the only time we'll be here so we best make the most of it.

As we hit the first viewing point we understand why they call it the Valley of the Winds. Winds must be gusting at

Sunrise from 50km away
least 50km/hr. We head down the rock now and decide whether to go left or right on the walking track. We pick right and head through some pretty rocky steep conditions. The views are fantastic as the sun has only been up now for about 90 minutes. I'm also surprised how there's no one else out here. It's not too hot yet and we expected +35C today.

The hike is awesome. We pass a german couple and our other pair meets up with us at the second lookout. We chat for abit but continue on alone.

As we hit the junction, we meet up again with the German couple who went the opposite way we did. and we tied this 'fit' looking couple who now appear wiped out!! Go our team!!

We walk out and pass 30 or 40 people now just hiking in. Some with their shirts off already, one even in flip flops. I can't understand why they're doing it at 10am. It surprises me that they will hike through noon when it will be so hot.

We reach the parking lot in 2 hours 15 minutes from our start time and take the backpack off. I swear I lost 1 litre of water!! I welcome the fresh fruit and granola bars. Our other couple meets up with us and we're able to learn they're from California. Nice couple. We exchange some traveling stories and learn they even like hockey. Of course it's the Ducks! HA!

We head back to the hotel to crash for a nap as we're going to hike around Uluru at 4:30pm

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Kata Tjuta Kata Tjuta
Kata Tjuta

Valley of the Winds Walk
Kata TjutaKata Tjuta
Kata Tjuta

changing colour
More walkMore walk
More walk

Trish adds some perspective
more walkmore walk
more walk

there was some challenging climbs

it was hot and quite the hike
Flowers in the DesertFlowers in the Desert
Flowers in the Desert

Amazing these can grow with such little water

Signs we saw at the fork in the road

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