7/9/13 - Yellowstone National Park - Geyser Basin

Published: July 13th 2013EDIT THIS ENTRY

7/9/13 - Woke up to a beautiful day, went to see Old Faithful and many other geysers and geothermal features.

Old Faithful erupts on a pretty consistent schedule within like 10 minutes either way. I think it is like every 70 minutes. Did a lot of walking around geyser basin on the boardwalks. All the features were very interesting and brought home the realization that we were walking in the caldera of a volcano right under our feet.

Had lunch at the small store right by Old Faithful Inn. All had burgers and they were really good. For supper Aleta fixed porkchops, turnip greens, rice and gravy, and a salad. Jack fried his cornbread cakes.

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