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June 16th 2010
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By Melisse. Every year friends look forward, and set their summer plans, to spending a fun-filled weekend at The Teachers’ Party (Libby, Chris, Dan and Laura’s) on 40 beautiful, Missouri acres. The gathering traditionally is held on the full moon in June, but broke with tradition this year to be held on the new moon. Interesting people flock from all over the central part of Missouri. We came in from California. Some folks see each other frequently throughout the year while others catch up only this once a year.
The days and night are spent visiting, cooling off in the luscious clear waters of the three-acre lake, playing bocci ball, and eating an abundance of delicious dishes everyone brings. One of the big highlights of the party is the opportunity to play, sing along or just listen to the music of the many accomplished musicians who gather there!!

On Sunday afternoon The Leasburg Open, a golf tournament for those who don’t play golf, captures the imagination of many. The goal of the game, besides having heaps of fun, is to be in search of the perfect bow-down moment. A wide range of criteria constitute such a moment: a resounding thwack
Chris, this years winner of the Green JacketChris, this years winner of the Green JacketChris, this years winner of the Green Jacket

Chris will adorn the jacket and bring it to to next year's Leasburg Open.
of a ball hitting the mini-golf windmill, or a player keeping composure as the beer-carrying, baby llama tries to suckle a golfer during T-off. With a single club and a pocket of old golf balls, players usually whack, slug or otherwise move a ball around the brush-hogged upper field. Other creative methods are welcomed such as use of a large, powerful PVC potato launcher and a wrist rocket. The winner is awarded The Green Jacket, which stays in their guardianship for the entire next year while the winner is blessed with the honor and responsibility of festooning the jacket with some handmade adornment. Through the years the jacket grows into an amazing conglomeration of fabulous group art. Each year the newly emblazoned jacket is celebrated and passed on to the new Leasburg Open winner with festive, ceremonial hoopla.

When the party winds down, the few lingering die-hards sit down together to record in The Book the names of all who attended the party and a long list of awards we dream up and grant to recipients who probably never get wind of the honor bestowed them.

All in all, a fabulous time is had by all. It’s a
I Have Seen the Future and It Is SASSY!I Have Seen the Future and It Is SASSY!I Have Seen the Future and It Is SASSY!

(Quote from Trina.) Meredith dresses for golf. Winner of the Best Dressed Award.
grand way to kick off the summer and something we all look forward the next year.

Additional photos below
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Dave, Quito and LibbyDave, Quito and Libby
Dave, Quito and Libby

Quito can barely keep her eyes open.
Motorcycle Mama TrinaMotorcycle Mama Trina
Motorcycle Mama Trina

Dressed for the Leasburg Open

17th June 2010

I'm missing the party again????
From Blog: New Moon In June
17th June 2010

Wish we were there!
Oh--That looked like so much fun! Man, Jordan would have loved that. xoxoxox
From Blog: New Moon In June

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