Day Four Of The Journey

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April 11th 2011
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Hi there friends and Aloha kakahiaka (Good Morning).......well here we are with day four's travels now behind us .....we headed out early Sunday morning for Waikiki Beach area where we planned a walk along Kalakaua Avenue which I guess could be called the Strip of the beach area where you will find everything from the homeless curled up in their cardboard hotels to those staying in the most luxurious of hotels.....a long lazy walkabout rekindled memories of past visits to this somewhat mesmerizing and enchanting spot........we then made our way to the midway point of Diamond Head to view the surroundings from a better vantage point and also see Hanauma Bay(In addition to the turtles, Hanauma Bay snorkelers can take a peek at the Humuhumunukunukuapuaa (the Hawaiian state fish), trumpet fish, angel fish, and many more. ).......after satisfying our curiosity and lust for more sights and sounds we then headed to the mission houses (It is here where Hiram Bingham and the rest of his company including a farmer, printer, two teachers, wives and children were given land to build thatched houses for their stay in Hawaii. Years later, King Kamehameha III allowed the missionaries to build more permanent, western style houses)....and we then visited the KawaiahaŹ»o Church and finally made our way back to prepare a feed of Ahi Tuna Poke...(Tuna Poke (pronounced POH-Kay) is a fresh, yummy, and easy to make appetizer! If you love tuna sashimi (raw fish), you'll love popular and tasty Ahi Tuna Poke.)and it goes without saying a bottle of Merlot and today's choice was LITTLE ROO from Australia
Well folks I hope you have enjoyed today's adventures and that you also enjoy the photos
Mahalo for joining us and till we meet again Aloha
R & L

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11th April 2011

Mahalo Roger and Lorieta for this incredible journey today! I loved our travels and what amazing debth there is to this place - more than ever I realied. Your photos are exceptional but I also love your description and tale of travel. Thanks for my "virtual" guided tour yet again. I am quite enjoying "my" trip and tours and now have a sudden urge for Tuna Poke (POH- Kay) and a lie down. My legs feel tired and I am sleepy is from all that virtual walking ! lol Mahalo and Aloha my friends. Joanie :)

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