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Middle East » Oman » Muscat September 27th 2010

Hi All, here are some pictures of Oman. It took me a while to find a fast enough internet connection to upload them. I will write a bit more when I have a bit more time. Everything is good so far and I'm enjoying the sushine. Sometimes it's a little too hot though.. :-) Take care and all the best! Monia... read more

Middle East » Oman » Muscat July 13th 2010

Le tresor du Sultan ! Avant d'organiser ce voyage nous aurions surement ete incapable de situer le sultanat d'Oman sur une map-monde. Autant Dubaï est connu pour ces reccords mondiaux en tous genres, autant le Yemen defraye regulierement l'actualite terrorisante de nos medias, autant l'immense pays qui les separe nous est meconnu ! Mais aujourd'hui, notre passage dans ce paradis d'hospitalité restera gravé dans nos mémoires comme un des plus beaux souvenirs de l'emsemble de nos voyages. Certes ce pays ne brille pas de multiples splendeurs touristiques, encore que les wadis qui entaillent son desert meritent a eux seuls qu'on fasse le detour, certes sa capitale n'a pas le charme d'une vieille ville arabe debordante de vie et de pagaille, mais le tresor du Sultan c'est le coeur de ses habitants... (quelle poésie!) Paradoxe? Nous commencons ... read more
Signe d unite
Petite partie de pêche :)
Le repas traditionel

Middle East » Oman » Muscat February 12th 2010

From Dubai we did a short sidetrip of one week to Oman. Short, but enough to see some highlights and get a taste of a country we probably would never visit otherwise. Oman is a wealthy country with a high living standard, and is still a very traditional muslim country: all men wear white jalabah's with traditional hats and the woman are dressed in black clothes with veils or burka's. Small mosks can be found on virtually every corner of the street. We can honestly say that Omani people are some of the most welcoming people we met on our trip. Locals are extremely happy to see you and are very helpful. They all want to have a chat with you to practise their English. Tourism in Oman is still in its infancy and most tourists ... read more
jebel shams4

Middle East » Oman » Muscat January 12th 2010

Oman has a great infrastructure these days, but it has somehow failed to give adequate funds to the road department involved with putting up the signs that lead the casual non-resident to where he wants to go. Yes road signs indicating towns, villages and cities are rather lacklustre and often missing, as my parents and I found out to our detriment as we cruised along the smooth paved roads of this Arab nation. If there are signs, they can be either long before the turn-off, say 3 to 6 kilometres before, but not actually at the turn-off itself, or they are right after the turn-off, so one misses it, thinking it is the next one, or they give you the name of some little hamlet of such insignificant proportion that it isn't mentioned on any maps, ... read more

Middle East » Oman » Muscat December 18th 2009

Hi! I finally returned to Austria... I'm still tired, but it was really nice. Here are some selected diving pictures from Muscat (Oman). All the best, Stefan... read more
Torpedo Ray


Middle East » Oman » Muscat December 14th 2009

Hi! I finally arrived in Muscat after a quite adventurous journey. I took the A380(!!) from Auckland to Sydney and it was supposed to fly to Dubai after this stop. But unfortunately there was some kind of gas lack at the terminal we were supposed to departure. So they evacuated 900 people and 12 people were even treated medically at the airport. After a few hours of waiting they finally canceled the flight and we were transfered to different hotels in Sydney, where we finally arrived at 3 am. The next morning we were transfered back to the airport at 8 am, where we finally restarted the journey after some delay... So I arrived in Dubai at 9 pm and then two friends (Fahad and Badr) picked me up at the airport and we traveled to ... read more

Middle East » Oman » Muscat December 3rd 2009

Today we had to get ourselves from Luxor to Muscat, surviving a 6 hour layover in Doha (Qatar). Our flight was not until late in the morning, so we basically doodled around the hotel and a local market while waiting. There was not enough time to see anything interesting, so we just sort of messed around. We drove to the airport, cleared security and check in, hung around a bit, and hopped on the plane. There were very few people, apparently, flying from Luxor to Doha. We arrived in Doha and basically then spent 6 hours walking around and talking about various things, and I read an article in Newsweek that essentially said that America is in decline, and we had better get back on the innovative track. We then boarded our next flight, from Doha ... read more

Middle East » Oman » Muscat December 3rd 2009

Following breakfast, the car rental rep showed up with the car delivered right to the hotel. After filling out the paperwork, we hopped in the car for a bit of an adventure. I had never driven in an Arab country before, could not read most signs, and generally hoped for no problems. None were had. We first drove a few miles through the middle of Muscat, skirting the Souk, to the Omen Dive Centre. We just wanted to be sure that we were all ready to go diving with them the next day. Everything was in order. . . e-mail and the internet are wonderful things! We then decided to drive to Seeb which is, if one knows where he is going, a relatively short drive north of Muscat, past the airport. A guide book to ... read more

Middle East » Oman » Muscat December 3rd 2009

Today was quite amazing. We started out the morning early, and did not even have time for breakfast before whisking ourselves away to the Oman Dive Centre. We were supposed to be there by 8:00 am, so we thought we would leave by 7:00 am. Well, Dad’s watch was an hour off, so what we thought was 7:00 am was really 8:00 am. Luckily, we left a few minutes early, and did not encounter any traffic, so we arrived there only a few minutes late, and in time to get all our gear and get on the boat. We made 3 dives today, 2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. The first dive was Novice Bay, then Cave Site, then Mermaid Bay. On all of the dives, there were rock reefs, as well as ... read more

Middle East » Oman » Muscat April 25th 2009

It took us five days to get to the United Arab Emirates cruising on one engine at about 12 knots. We had plenty to do on board. The ship’s staff came up with a number of interesting parties and events such as an Indian Ocean sundowner party, the officer talent show and the annual Jimbo’s truck stop café dinner. We had a party for our group on the aft deck on a beautiful evening with warm breezes and calm seas. The Captain made an announcement that the two week cruise from Singapore to Dubai was going to be refunded in full to all passengers since we were not able to call in all of the scheduled ports. This seems extremely generous of Regent and it certainly made many passengers not feel so bad about missing Bombay ... read more
Sultan Qaboos and Sheikh Tinkle

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