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August 14th 2007
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Eight months after landing at Heathrow airport, here I still am. Who would have thought I would have been enjoying it so much over here? Really feels like home though.

Just an update on what I have been doing over the past few months.

After working for six months at La Rascasse, the bar in Beckenham, I decided to call it quits. The long hours were absolutely killing me. I would spend my days of sleeping in the end. Needless to say I also had no life and was not able to spend much time with friends who had ‘normal’ jobs. I am however grateful for my time there and glad that I did it because it was loads of fun. Oh the parties, the friends, ……..and the occasional nasty customer……….but so many good times and loads of memories.

I accepted a job at Fortis Bank to work for the European Head & Global Coordinator of Loan Syndications. I absolutely love my job. The company is great and my boss is such a lovely person. I really feel that this is a great opportunity and will open up lots of doors for me in the future. I was also approached by HR some weeks ago. The asked me if I would work for the global CEO for a few weeks which of course I said yes to so have been really busy also working for him.

After a horrendous six weeks of frantically looking for a house, I moved into a new place in Canada Water. It’s a brand new six bedroom house which is just a stone’s throw from Canary Wharf……pity I don’t work there and I work in the city! It’s a gorgeous suburb that has a mix of old and new. It’s not a huge party suburb either which encourages me to get out of the house more and explore. It was all worth the wait.

Finally getting to live the famous London life………..and all that goes with it. I had my handbag stolen recently in a bar which has been a total s**t!!!! With all the theft in this country it has been a nightmare dealing with my bank here! That is life though.

I have been going out, having friends over for dinner, going on picnics and getting to know people at work. We have had terrible weather here for summer. The past few weekends have been gorgeous so have been outdoors making the most of it. Have been planning my next trip, which is to Barcelona on 25th August for 10 days. So so excited! Mmmmm………culture……..sun…………history……..bars…….here I come!

So some long awaited photos anyway………….especially for you Dad!

Love to all


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HMS BelfastHMS Belfast
HMS Belfast

My department at Fortis will be having their annual Syndications Reception on the back of this in September
The Amazing Tower of LondonThe Amazing Tower of London
The Amazing Tower of London

Definitely my favourite tourist attraction in London

15th August 2007

Happy Vanessita
My Dearest Vane, How wonderful to read your latest stories and seeing your adventure in colour....... Keep up the Aussie 'Spirit'.......Hic! HK Life is great for me, down to 60Kg....swim everyday, however, time is passing by and no job yet, after 8weeks at it. I am determined to succeed here and this is paramount to keeping me at it. I miss Daichi n Isa n MeMum..... Heaps! Will send u latest photos. All My Love Always, U.R.
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