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January 10th 2007
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So it's all over. I've got the photo's to sort out properly (they are online at I've got the bills to pay (my credit card bill online just keeps growing, which isn't great), I've got some of the presents to give out, the foreign chocolate to eat and the slight tan to try and eek out.

The second flight home I felt pretty terrible. I just was so uncomfortable and wanted desperately to get off the plane. I just kept thinking to myself, "Only six hours to go... only five hours 40 minutes to go... only five hours to go...". Despite the doctor assuring me that the prescribed sleeping tablets would easily knock me out I took two and was still awake. Damn. I should also have worn my anti-DVT socks as I had on the way there as that night and for the next few days my legs were very swollen. In the future I would book an overnight stay or two in the stop over country if at all possible. I don't think I ever want to go through that flight again. Maybe Star Trek style particle travel will be a reality in my life time..?

The jet lag is cripalling. You just can't seem to think properly and the most simple things are suddenly incrediably difficult. You are tired yet can't sleep, you want to sleep at the wrong hours, and physically you are exhausted. My first day back at work I was two hours late as I was awake at 3am, bright as a button, but managed to have set my alarm for 6.30 that night. I recall waking up, noting the daylight outside and looking at my clock telling me it was 9.39pm. I just couldn't work out what time zone I was in. In the end I had to phone my mother to find out the time... Luckily work were very cool and at least I turned up, unlike a colleague of mine some time ago who just didn't bother.

And now it's nearly a week since I landed back in the UK. I'm still suffering from the effects of the jet lag. The friday night I didn't get to sleep till 3am, the saturday night was ok and the sunday night I woke at 3am. This morning I woke at 4am and went for a swim at 6am. I am, of course, now exhausted come the evening. So I'm not sure just how successful those Jet Lag tablets were. I didn't notice things being this bad in New Zealand, but, then, I wasn't at work.

Would I go again? Definitely. What was the best bit? That day horse trekking and quad biking in Waitomo. Would I move out there? Possibly.

What did I learn in New Zealand?

- Camomile shampoo really does make your hair shiny
- That some of the things your parents tried to teach you will help you in life and that parents are often right (but don't tell them that you know that, it will only make them big headed)
- That it doesn't matter how bad it seems, a good nights sleep will help you see things better
- That friends and family really are some of the most important things in life and keep you going
- That stubbing your toes on doors really hurts
- That some of the greatest pleasures in life come in some of the smallest and most unusual ways

Thank you to every body who helped me and my nan get out to New Zealand, have a fabulous time, and get back again in one (tired) piece.

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11th January 2007

Glad you had fun, and sorry about having to return to work!!!
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