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June 7th 2010
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As I type this I am on a train…from Zurich main going toward Bern….from Bern we go to Interlaken.
Just finished a can of peaches..and we ate em with our tiny little spoons…fun..hey we got our fruit in today! Best can of peaches I ever ate.anyway…
4 hour ride from Munich to Zurich..and I just loved how the trip began….anyway this morning:
Wake up and get some breakfast…the little burner was not cooking! Grizz took it apart and fixed it..i guess the little nipple gets clogged…I think maybe from condensation from the morning dew when we camp, anyway, pack all our stuff…..its brilliant with most of our stuff on our bikes, everything fits great and is light on my back! I keep lunch and all electronics in my pack for safety…..thank goodness I went back and got the bike bags for me…’s awesome…..a bit cumbersome..but totally doable and easily ride-able now…..getting those bikes on a train though…..ok not so easy but doable thanks to Grizz being really strong…..where you run into trouble is when you get on the train at the Munich station..and 2 rich women who think it would be fun to be like the plebs and ride their bikes somewhere cool…like say the obviously expensive lake side retried 5 stops away…..get in front of you and some jackass who has a 3 wheel bike takes up 4 spots….meaning our 2 spots….and their 2 spots….and after they get the guy to move his bike…..act like the prissy little bitches they are and cause a lot of drama when Grizz is standing right in front of them waiting to put his bike where it belongs..i am behind and we are all blocking the way and people are trying to get through….they finally get their shit together and move the hell out of the way and let us shove our bikes beside someone else’s and grab a seat…..of course all these good seats have tags, meaning they are reserved…..moving along to the next train car to find a seat……..and the next one…and the next one…and the next one WTF??!! Finally…..the last train car behind the engine…smells like diesel but JACKPOT!!! No one in here….comfy seats…and the windows open!!
So glad for the bikes though…its worth a little more hassle… we go along the mountains are looming up in the distance…ever closer……mountains gandlaf!! I want to see mountains!! I feel ever more like the travelers the fellowship was….only instead of bill the pony we have our bikes…and now we can cook..and we have a pot to cook in…and our backs and feet are getting stronger….and the camping skills are being honed….ever more like the adventure I had envisioned in my mind…it’s a wonderful feeling….with the rain gone the adventure can be a bit brighter and more relaxing and fun..the gloom of the rain saps everything….much better these past 2 days…as we go by on the train we see beautiful little swiss villages..little personal green spaces with little houses and bbq’s going..smoke wafting…vegetables growing..happy people relaxing….there goes a fruit farm..and fruit canning place……there were some deer…..look people harvesting the hay!! .so nice….cant wait to hike and bike in the mountains and get some fresh local cheese and jogurt in gimmelwald…maybe get some swimming in…

so after waiting 2 hours and watching 3 trains go by cuz they were not able to have bikes on em.....we finally got a train the last 10 minutes to 11 bus no taxi.......we rode 5 mins to balmers hostle..the guy was awesome to us...gave us 2 voucers for 6 hours of internet a piece for a cheese...but decent breakfast for free and the best damn beds weve slept in ..for weeks now......great hot showeer and a beer before this place..met some nice people too! ah catch the bus to the other place..i really wanna come back here tho....awesome..comfy....thigns are expensive tho..good thing we stocked up on food......yay switzerland!


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