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September 23rd 2008
Published: September 28th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

Ex MC teamEx MC teamEx MC team

Me, Rytis, Andrius, Deny, Rene

The summer is over. In the last month loads of things changed in my life especially the people structure around me, people coming and people leaving, meeting new people and making new friends and in the same time missing some others. In the last month people returned from different countries in the world and people left. But the most interesting thing is that most of us were out of Lithuania and at one point we managed to see each other again. So, Deny, Elin and Ieva were out in Brazil for 3 weeks, Rytis was in Bulgaria, Laura in London, I was in Romania, Rene in Belgium, Andrius was in Lithuania....but as we were not here all the time it as as he was in a different country ...But he is now leaving for Pakistan so we will not see him for one year . All the MC team from last year was out of the country...Rene is still not back and he will not be back soon...

So in the last month i was spending some time with them, having some beers with Ieva, talking to Laura, drinking with Andrius and Rytis, Living with Deny,
With AndriusWith AndriusWith Andrius

During take of
Seeing Mantas again and enjoying some good parties.

During the last weekend i was out near Kaunas in "Discover 2008", Enjoy the pictures from the last month and a few from spring

Miss u Anca and Alisa

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With RytisWith Rytis
With Rytis

Spring "Take of"
With the new MCWith the new MC
With the new MC

During the "welcome party" In August.
Party during BMMParty during BMM
Party during BMM

summer film

28th September 2008

I miss you also :)
And I will say that I miss your jokes, your randomness, your crazy ideas, having fun together and then plounging into long, serious discussions! Take care!

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